Buyers’s Guide

This is Included in The Buyer’s Guide
  • 5 Prescreened & Verified Suppliers: For each of the 5 suppliers we provide information on their Product Certificates, Design Capabilities, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), Production Time and Payment Terms. We also provide contact details to designated account managers, ready to discuss your order.
  • Specification Sheets & Customization Options: Learn how to define product quality, and the various customization options, when buying OEM (Custom Designed) or ODM (Private Label) products.
  • Unit Prices: We compare price levels for three different quality standards: Low, Medium and High. Our price data is provided by the leading manufacturers in China, and updated every 6 months.
  • Applicable Product Regulations & Standards: We provide guiding information on which regulations apply to your product (i.e., FCC Part 15 and REACH). We also provide a step-by-step process for ensuring compliance with each listed standard.
  • Applicable Labelling Requirements: We provide guiding information and graphical samples on how your product, and its packaging, must be labelled in your market.
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What Our Customers Say
United Kingdom United Kingdom

“We have worked with Chinaimportal for several years now. The team helped us to source and audit our suppliers, set up secure, fair and lasting contracts as well as handled all the logistics around our import needs. In short, a highly professional partner when it comes to importing from China.”
Kevin Ackermann,Director,
BACA Limited

United States United States

“I worked with Chinaimportal to assist me in the sourcing and auditing process for my first order from China. I was first exposed to Chinaimportal through the excellent information they put on their blog regarding the product sourcing and development process. I am excited about growing my eCommerce business and I plan to use Chinaimportal for my future sourcing efforts.”
Davidson Hepburn,Managing Director,
Gold Tiger Holdings

Sweden Sweden

“We have avoided serious supplier related risks, and been guided through each step of the procurements process. Thanks to this, we, as jewelry designers, can focus on what we do best: working on new designs and getting them out on the market.”
Robert Carlsson, Co-Founder,
RJ Design AB, Sweden

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Buyer’s Guide
Prescreened Suppliers
Why should I purchase a Buyer’s Guide when I can find suppliers online, for free?

Today, it’s easy to find suppliers online. However, what is far more complex and time consuming is filtering the thousands of suppliers you can find on the web. Our team of experts has years of experience sourcing manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Hence, all suppliers are qualified through a strict pre-screening and verification procedure.

On what basis have you selected the manufacturers?

The selection is made in two phases. First, we review publically available data of 30 to 50 suppliers, in a specific industry. During this first selection, we take a look at the following:

  • Registered Capital: Indicates the size of the company, and whether it’s likely to be manufacturer or trading company
  • Product Scope: Details the main products of the supplier, and whether it’s likely to be a manufacturer or trading company.
  • Year of Registration: A company with a longer history is likely more reliable, as compared to a recently registered entity without a verifiable history.
  • Third Party Audits: Provides an initial overview of the suppliers production capabilities, quality management system and product certificates.

Among the suppliers gathered in this initial selection, we pick out 8 to 12 suppliers, that are invited to take part in an interview and verification procedure. At this stage, we make the selection based on the following:

  • Product Certificates: The supplier’s compliance track record is a strong signal as to whether they are capable (in terms of technical expertise and experience) to ensure compliance with relevant product standards and regulations.

    As the vast majority of the suppliers lack capability to manufacture products in compliance with overseas regulations, this is the most important part of the verification process. We mainly look at EU and US product certificates and test reports.

  • Quality Management System (QMS): A QMS (i.e., ISO 9001:2008) is a process protocol detailing how quality shall be monitored during the various stages of production. A QMS certified supplier is more likely to deliver products with fewer defects and quality issues.
  • Production Capabilities: Details the supplier capability to produce ODM (Private Label) and OEM (Custom Designed) products, as well as production time and minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Payment Terms: Accepted terms for payment by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) and Letter of Credit (L/C).

Do you guarantee that we avoid quality issues and compliance related issues?

No. Scams, quality issues and compliance related issues may occur when buying from any supplier (even Toyota!). As such, a quality assurance and compliance process must be implemented. That said, as we only select leading manufacturers in your industries, your chances are vastly improved, but the outcome is never certain. While the pre-screening and verification procedure helps, it shall in no way be considered an insurance policy.

How many suppliers do you include in each Buyer’s Guide?

That depends on the number we deem to be qualified in a given industry. However, in most cases, this means four to six suppliers. Still, we have high standards and don’t add suppliers to our Buyer’s Guides for the sake of adding on filler materials.

Can I assume that most suppliers in China know how to ensure compliance with all applicable standards and regulations in my country?

No. It’s rather the opposite. In most industries, only a fraction of the suppliers have a so called ‘compliance track record’. The track record is a proof (i.e., previously issued test reports and certificates) showing that the supplier has previous experience manufacturing products in compliance with a certain regulation and/or standard. When we source suppliers, we always verify their compliance track record, to help you avoid issues.

Do you only feature ‘compliant suppliers’ in the Buyer’s Guides?

No, that is for now not possible. The ‘compliance rate’ varies greatly by industry. While electronics manufacturers often have rather strong compliance track records, the opposite is the case among apparel suppliers. As such, we cannot guarantee that all suppliers, in all Buyer’s Guides, are suppliers with previous compliance track records.

However, very few manufacturers have ‘ready made certified’ products. In most case, ‘compliant suppliers’ can show certification and test reports for less than 5% of the SKUs in their product catalog. As such, the purpose of checking a supplier track record is to identify suppliers with the capability (i.e., experience and technical expertise) to manufacture products in compliance with EU and US standards. This is an important dynamic that importers must be aware of when buying from Asian suppliers.

Can I download a sample of the Buyer’s Guide?

Yes, click here to download a free Buyer’s Guide (Wireless Gamepads) sample.

Specification Sheets, Customization Options & Price Examples
Why do I need to be aware of product specifications?

There is no universal definition of ‘good quality’. Instead, the buyer is expected to communicate all specifications and quality requirements to the supplier. This includes material specifications, functions, features, components and much more. In the Buyer’s Guide, we list key specifications and customization options to help you define the quality of your product.

Why do you provide reference prices?

To offer guidance on actual factory prices for a certain spec sheet. A price is of little value if the product specifications (i.e., quality standard) is unknown. As such, we always present a price comparison table for three quality standards:

  • Low cost;
  • Medium quality;
  • High quality.
How do you gather pricing data?

First, we identify the quality defining specifications, of which we draft three different spec sheets. We then submit these spec sheets to our suppliers’ network who then respond back to us with quotations. Based on this, we calculate an average unit price, that serves as a market reference price.

Applicable Product Regulations, Standards & Labelling Requirements
Why do I need to be aware of applicable product regulations?

Buyers in the United States and the European Union, and many other markets, must ensure compliance with various product safety standards, substance restrictions and other regulations. All compliance requirements must be communicated in advance to the supplier. This is true even for suppliers with experience manufacturing goods for western markets.

As such, you must first know which regulations apply to your product, and how the compliance process works. Different regulations require different levels of documentation and testing procedures. When you order a Buyer’s Guide, we provide guiding information on the following:

a. Which regulations apply to your product;
b. How you can ensure compliance with said regulation/s.

Importing non-compliant products, and products without the proper documentation (i.e., a Declaration of Conformity), is illegal and can result in a forced recall, upon or after arrival in the country of destination.

Why do I need to be aware of labelling requirements?

Labelling requirements are often part of comprehensive product standards and regulations, and are equally important. Labelling requirements depend on the product, but may include the following:

  • Compliance Marks;
  • Warning Texts;
  • Country of Origin.

We offer guiding information on how you must label your product, and its packaging, to avoid forced recalls upon arrival in your target market.

Do you provide guiding information on product regulations, standards and labelling requirements outside of the US and EU?

No. As of today, we only provide information on product regulations, standards and labelling requirements in the United States and the European Union. In addition, we only provide guiding information on product regulations, standards and labelling requirements on a Federal (US) and European Union level. Hence, we don’t provide guiding information on local US state* or EU member state regulations, standards or labelling requirements.

*Exception: California Proposition 65 is featured in our Buyer’s Guides

Extra Features & Other Questions
How often do you update the Buyer’s Guide?

The Buyer’s Guides are updated twice per year (Spring and Autumn). The following information is subject to change and therefore required to be kept up to date:

  • Supplier details;
  • Product spec sheets;
  • Unit prices;
  • Product Regulations;
  • Labelling Requirements.
Will we receive future Buyer’s Guide updates free of charge?

The 1st consecutive Buyer’s Guide update (i.e., Spring/Summer 2016) is provided without extra cost for the Startup package and first 2 consecutives guides are provided without extra cost for the Business package.

You can receive all future updates (twice per year) for a fee of $49 per calendar year, or $29 for a single update.

How is the Buyer’s Guide delivered?

The Buyer’s Guide is delivered automatically by email, within 5 minutes from the purchase. Make sure to check your spam / junk inbox, if you cannot find the delivery email.

However, for Buyer’s Guides that haven’t been created yet, there will be a delay of around 7-14 days. Such a delay will be clearly disclosed below the price table of each Buyer’s Guide specific page (you can access the Buyer’s Guide specific pages from the main menu of the website).

Can you help us with Quality Inspections?

Yes. When you order a Buyer’s Guide, we also include an introduction to a leading quality inspection agency, and a US$50 discount on your first quality inspection. A coupon, also listing step by step instructions to get started, is available for download in the ‘My Account‘ area, after your purchase.

Can you help us with Freight Forwarding?

Yes. When you order a Buyer’s Guide, we also include an introduction to a leading freight forwarder, and a US$50 discount on your first shipment. A coupon, also listing step by step instructions to get started, is available for download in the ‘My Account‘ area, after your purchase.

What kind of Document Templates are included?
  • Sales Agreement Template;
  • NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) Template;
  • RFQ (Request for Quotation) Template;
  • Sample Order Sheet & Terms Template;
  • E-mail Templates.
Do you offer Customer support after we have made our purchase?

When you order a Buyer’s Guide, you’ll also have access to our Online Customer Service system. Simply login on the ‘My Account‘ area and request further guidance on any topic related to buying from suppliers in Asia.

Do you receive any kickback or commission from Chinese suppliers?

No, we receive no kickbacks, or any other form of payment, from the suppliers we source and/or audit.

What kind of customers are you working with?

Most of our customers are small to medium sized businesses, based in Europe, USA and the Asia Pacific region. However, we are also working with startups and small businesses in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Do you have any customer references?

Yes, click here for customer references.

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Follow this link to read our Terms of Service.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

Follow this link to read our Privacy Policy.

Payment Methods
How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied, you may request a full refund within 14 days of your purchase by contacting us.

No specific reason or explanation is needed, even though we do value your feedback.

Can I pay with my Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, we offer credit card payments through PayPal. Customers based in certain countries may be required to create a PayPal account in order to make a Credit Card transaction. This is free and only takes a moment. You just need to add your email address and agree with Paypal Terms of Service.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with your balance, bank account or credit card through PayPal.

Do you offer a safe payment method?

Yes, all payments are processed by PayPal, which use an SSL certificate to encrypt your data.

Will I receive an invoice for my company?

Yes, it’s delivered together with the payment confirmation email.

My company is based in the United Kingdom, do you charge VAT? is owned and operated by Asiaimportal Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. We don’t charge VAT on orders from UK businesses, as of today. However, your company must be registered for VAT and you must enter your VAT number during the checkout in order to buy a Buyer’s Guide.

My company is based in the European Union (excluding UK), do you charge VAT?

No, at the moment we don’t charge VAT. However, if you are resident in a country belonging to the European Union, you must be registered for VAT and enter your VAT number during the checkout in order to buy a Buyer’s Guide.

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