Starter Package

Testimonial 7

The Starter Package has already paid for itself many times over

– Noel Coburn, Clarity BES, Ireland


– Noel Coburn, Clarity BES, Ireland

The Starter Package has already paid for itself many times over

Testimonial 8

Look no further, no one else offers this kind of service

– Debra Jacobson, D Jacobson Consulting, United States


– Debra Jacobson, D Jacobson Consulting, United States

Look no further, no one else offers this kind of service

Testimonial 1

Great price for all the information you receive

– Kylie Robbins, John Robbins PTY Ltd, Australia


– Kylie Robbins, John Robbins PTY Ltd, Australia

Great price for all the information you receive

Testimonial 2

A comprehensive overview of every step throughout this process

– Terra Magia, Inc., United States


– Terra Magia, Inc., United States

A comprehensive overview of every step throughout this process

Testimonial 9

I want to do it like a pro

– Viktor Otterskog, Comfy Tech Limited, United Kingdom


– Viktor Otterskog, Comfy Tech Limited, United Kingdom

I want to do it like a pro

Testimonial 3

The Starter Package is an invaluable resource

– Sofie Jansson, Sweden


– Sofie Jansson, Sweden

The Starter Package is an invaluable resource

Testimonial 4

We are now well on the way to producing the items we were looking for

– Tina Rodrigues, Faramond, United Kingdom


– Tina Rodrigues, Faramond, United Kingdom

We are now well on the way to producing the items we were looking for

Testimonial 5

It saves us tons of precious time

- Fabian Loo, TVA Fyra, Malaysia


- Fabian Loo, TVA Fyra, Malaysia

It saves us tons of precious time

Testimonial 6

The case studies and templates are a lifesaver

– Riki Solomon, General Manager, Clever Importing, Australia


– Riki Solomon, General Manager, Clever Importing, Australia

The case studies and templates are a lifesaver
Extra Services
Access all the services you need to successfully launch your product, from payments to international freight – all from one online dashboard.

Notice: The Extra services are optional and accessible only to Starter Package customers. You are not required to purchase any extra services to fully enjoy the benefits of the Starter Package.

Sourcing Report1 to 3 products Included in the Starter PackageFrom $79 / Extra ProductSupplier sourcing can be overwhelming. Save time and reduce your risks by ordering a Sourcing Report (PDF), listing 4 to 5 relevant supplier options.
Community AccessMastermind Group Included in the Starter PackageUnlimited AccessCommunity Access: Get guidance and advice from our team of experts and other members of our exclusive Mastermind Group.
PaymentsFree international transactions for 1 year IncludedSave up to US$300 / yUse our payment partner to save hundreds of dollars, and time, when paying your suppliers in China and other countries in Asia.
Book Shipping$55 discount included in the Starter PackageGet Free QuoteGet free air freight and sea freight quote via our partner platform, and a US$55 discount on your first shipment.
1 ON 1 CALLSpeak to one of our team members directly on the phoneFrom $129 / CallDo you need expert guidance or feedback, and want to speak to one of our team members directly on the phone? Order your tickets (30 min per ticket) and book a call.
Lab TestingGet an introduction to an accredited product test labFrom $99 / SupplierWant to be sure that your product doesn’t contain restricted chemicals and heavy metals? Order a lab test directly via our partner.
QUALITY CONTROLGet your products checked in the factoryFrom $299Be sure that your products are matching your design and quality requirements. Book a quality inspection via our partner.
DESIGN SERVICESGet an introduction to product designersGet Free QuoteNeed help creating a design drawing or techpack? We give you access to professional designers that can help you bring your idea to market.
Who Is This For?

Online Sellers

Our Starter Package is used by Amazon sellers, Ebay traders and online stores from all around the World.


It’s easier than ever to get your custom designed products manufactured in Asia with our Starter Package.

Procurement Professionals

Make sure you stay at the top of your game with efficient and up to date sourcing, compliance and due diligence procedures.
Frequently Asked Questions
Starter Package
I would like to speak to you on the phone. How can I get in touch with you?

You can book a phone call here.

Which Product Category (i.e., Electronics) of the Starter Package should I get?

Get the product category that is the most related to your product. Below follow a few examples:

  • Power Banks: Electronics
  • Sportswear: Apparel & Textiles
  • Fitness Equipment: All Categories

What is included in the ‘All Categories’ version?

The All Categories version can be broadly applied to any product category. It is the right choice for you, if none of the other product categories are suitable.

Which Version (i.e., Startup) of the Starter Package should I get?

We created the three versions of the Starter Package, with three different buyers in mind:

Package Customer Profile
Core If you rather go the ‘Do It Yourself’ route, this package might be for you. It includes the core content, such as the 4 Part Import Manual, the Shipping, Taxes & Customs Guide and the Document Templates.

In addition, you can also use the Partner Dashboard, to manage payments, book shipments, quality inspections and much more.

Startup This package includes everything in the Core package, but also the Product Regulations Module, and the Sourcing Report features. We are with you, every step of the way.

This is the one stop shop you’ve been looking for.

Business Want everything in Startup Package, but are willing to pay for additional personal support? The Business Package will offer you 3 Sourcing Report tickets.

Also, it gives you access to the discounts offered by our partners.

Can I change from one product to another (i.e., All Categories to Watches)

If you are not satisfied with your order, or for any other reason want to change, we will give you access to another product, without extra cost. All you need to do is to email us.

Can I upgrade from one version of the Starter Package to another?

Yes. However, you can save plenty of money by ordering the ‘right’ package from start. Upgrade prices follow below:

  • Core to Startup: US$120
  • Startup to Business: US$250

Will I be able to launch a product after applying the process?

The concept of the Starter Package is to guide you step by step, through the sourcing and product development process, to the point where you have a product, that can be legally sold in your market. While there are no guarantees for this outcome, this is the intended result.

Do you guarantee that I will succeed if we follow the manuals and guides in the Starter Package?

No, each product and situation is different. We provide a framework that simplifies a relatively complex procedure, but we don’t offer any insurance or guarantee for success. This also apply product regulations, customs processes and tax rules that can change at any given time. We cannot guarantee that the information is kept up to date in real time. As such, we advice our customers to consult local authorities, and lawyers, in addition to applying the process covered in the Starter Package.

Do I need any previous experience or skills before using the Starter Package?

No. As a beginner, you can rely on the tutorials and task lists to get through the process.

That said, we insist that you request assistance on a very frequent basis to us, if you are an absolute beginner.

We’d hate to see you fail launching a successful product.

What software or equipment do I need to use the Starter Package platform?

All you need is access to a computer, phone or tablet. Everything is managed online, from your account on

Will I get access to the content directly after placing my order?

All tutorials, downloads, videos and other features are available directly after you’ve placed your order. It works just like Netflix.

How long will I have access to the Starter Package?

You will have Lifetime access to the Starter Package.

Do you have testimonials from other customers?

click here for testimonials.

What kind of customers are you working with?

Most of our customers are small to medium sized businesses, based in Europe, USA and the Asia Pacific region. However, we are also working with startups and small businesses in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Partner Dashboard
What is the Partner Dashboard?

To launch a successful product, you need more than information and consulting. Hence, we have created a dashboard, for managing all the other aspects of your import business, including:

  • International payments (Free international transactions for 1 year, Value: US$300, for an average bank transfer of around US$20,000)
  • Book sea and air freight (US$55 discount)
  • Book quality inspections

Document Templates
What kind of Document Templates are included?
  • 1A: Product Specification Document
  • 2A: Supplier RFQ
  • 2B: RFQ Overview
  • 2C: Supplier Letter
  • 3A: Sample Order Sheet
  • 3B: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • 3C: Sample Revision Overview
  • 4A: Sales Agreement
  • 4B: Quality Control Checklist
  • Product Compliance: Label File Templates
  • Product Compliance: Document Samples

Which file formats do you provide?

We provide the files for Microsoft Office and Openoffice. The latter can be downloaded free of charge on

Sourcing Report
When should I order a Sourcing Report?

By ordering a Sourcing Report, we will get to work and create a shortlist of suppliers that we deem to be suitable for your products.

The supplier selection is based on publically available company information. However, we don’t offer any guarantee as to whether they will accept your order.

What kind of information is provided in the Sourcing Report?
  • Company name
  • Product scope
  • Registered capital
  • Website

Do you have a sample report available?

Yes, click here to download a sample report.

How many suppliers are listed in the report?

Normally 4 to 6 suppliers.

How long does it take to process the order?

3 working days, which excludes weekends and holidays.

Do you contact the supplier and/or negotiate our order?

No, we don’t contact any of the suppliers. We make the selection based on the assessment process explained in the 4-Part Import Manual.

Once delivered, what should I do with the report?

You shall continue the process by contacting the suppliers, and requesting quotations. You must follow the process in the 4-Part Import Manual.

Where can I order a Sourcing Report?

Directly from the Dashboard. Click on the “Sourcing Report” icon and you will be directed to an order form.

How many Sourcing Report tickets do I have?
  • Core: Not included (0 Tickets)
  • Startup: 1 Ticket
  • Business: 3 Tickets

Can I order more Sourcing Report tickets?

Yes, the following price list apply for purchasing additional tickets:

  • 1 Ticket: US$79
  • 3 Tickets: US$149
  • 5 Tickets: US$199

Supplier Check System
Why do I need the Supplier Check System?

The Supplier Check System can help you to categorize suppliers into the following categories:

  • Excellent
  • Qualified
  • Average
  • Not Qualified

The system is tweaked according to the industry. Hence, a supplier that may be classified as Excellent in one industry (or product category) may be only Average in another.

The Supplier Check System shall be used together with the sourcing process explained in the 4 Part Import Manual.

How do I use the system?

The system is based on data entered by the user, which includes, for example, the registered capital and the year of registration. This information can be found for free on various company websites.

In addition, the user is requested to answer a few questions about the supplier, and the information they present.

Based on the answers and information provided by the user, the system then makes a points assessment.

A Supplier Assessment Report is then automatically generated and delivered by email to the customer (the report will be delivered to the email address provided during the purchase of the Starter Package).

How can I access the Supplier Check System?

The Supplier Check System can be accessed by all customers from the ‘My Account’ section on Thus, you must order a Starter Package and login before it can be used.

Do I have permanent access to the Supplier Check System

At this point, we have no plan to limit the system by either access time or usage.

Can the Supplier Check Reports be saved and stored for future usage?

Yes, the reports are automatically delivered by email.

Payment Methods
Can I pay with my Visa or MasterCard?

Yes, we offer credit card payments through PayPal or Stripe. Customers based in certain countries may be required to create a PayPal account in order to make a Credit Card transaction. This is free and only takes a moment. You just need to add your email address and agree with Paypal Terms of Service. With Stripe, you don’t need to create an account.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with your balance, bank account or credit card through PayPal.

Do you offer a safe payment method?

Yes, all payments are processed by PayPal or Stripe, which use an SSL certificate to encrypt your data.

Will I receive an invoice for my company?

Yes, it’s delivered together with the payment confirmation email.

VAT (United Kingdom & EU Customer Only)
My company is based in the United Kingdom, do you charge VAT? is owned and operated by Asiaimportal Limited, based in London, United Kingdom. We don’t charge VAT on orders from UK businesses, as of today. However, your company must be registered for VAT and you must enter your VAT number during the checkout in order to buy a Starter Package.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Follow this link to read our Terms of Service.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?

Follow this link to read our Privacy Policy.

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