Price Research

Price Research

Do you have a new product idea but need suppliers and a cost calculation to estimate your potential profit margins? We help you identify and contact potential manufacturers, to confirm unit prices, MOQ, tooling costs, and lead times. Further, we also help you calculate the total landed cost – including shipping, import duties, and other taxes.

  • Supplier list
  • Unit prices
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement
  • Product sample/tooling cost
  • Shipping cost estimation
  • Import duty/tax estimation
  • Quality control & compliance costs
  • Total unit cost
  • Total project launch cost

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How many suppliers do you include?

We contact up to 8 suppliers. Keep in mind that only 50 to 60% of the suppliers normally respond to the RFQ.

Do you guarantee that the final cost calculation is accurate?

No. We only estimate the cost based on information provided by the suppliers (e.g. unit price, estimated cargo weight/volume), service providers (e.g. freight forwarders), and other resources (e.g. customs websites). This data is never 100% accurate.

That said, we do provide our sources and present our calculation methods. But, the report should not be seen as final but an indication of your total landed cost.

Which taxes do you take into consideration?

We only take import duties into consideration. We don’t include VAT, sales taxes, port taxes, or other fees in the calculation.

Which countries do you cover?

We cover China, Vietnam, India, and Thailand.

What happens after the report is delivered?

Once the report is delivered you must engage directly with the supplier to clarify any remaining questions regarding prices, specifications, MOQs, or other related matters. Note that we don’t manage ongoing communication with the suppliers as part of this service.

Do you protect our brand, designs, or other IP?

You should only share files with us that we can share with the suppliers in order to request their feedback or get price quotations. We don’t act as a guarantor or offer any form of compensation in case a manufacturer – involved in the process or not – uses your brand, product design, or other elements of your product.

You must obtain proper business insurance, register trademarks, and patents (if applicable) to protect your business.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

No, we don’t offer any form of insurance or compensation in case of quality issues, defects, delays or situation resulting in losses. We don’t represent the manufacturers we identify.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No, we don’t offer a money-back guarantee as this is a service, not a product. Notice that we cannot guarantee that the suppliers or prices will match your expectations, as we can only reflect actual market conditions.