Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

We can help you identify qualified suppliers in China, Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia. In addition, we can also help you manage Request for Quotations (RFQs), product sample orders, documentation, order management and more.

  • Supplier sourcing in China, Vietnam & India
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Product sample order
  • Order management
What kind of product sourcing services do you offer?

Each product sourcing project is unique and depends on the customer’s certification and compliance requirements, and the budget. Here are a few examples:

Example A: Sourcing ISO 14001 Certified Packaging Suppliers

The customer required that we helped them identify suppliers with environmental management certification. After initial discussions, we decided to focus on packaging suppliers with ISO 14001.

We initially created a shortlist of suppliers claiming to have valid ISO 14001 certification. We contact each one to request and verify their ISO 14001 documentation. It turned out that only around half of the shortlisted suppliers did have valid and verifiable ISO 14001 certification.

Once verified, we delivered a supplier list complete with contact details and support documentation.

Example B: Vietnamese Furniture Manufacturer List

An importer in the furniture and homeware space was looking for alternative producers outside of Mainland China. This task did not involve price research or negotiation.

Example C: Electronic Component RFQ

A European company was looking for a specific component, as their former supplier had disappeared. We identified suppliers that could offer RoHS compliant components and requested the following information:

  • Prices
  • MOQ
  • Lead times
  • Sample cost

We delivered the RFQ report to the customer who then purchased samples directly from the listed suppliers.

Why should I pay you to handle Sourcing & RFQ?

Finding suppliers on or at the Canton Fair is not difficult. That said, contacting multiple suppliers to explain your product requirements and requesting information on prices, minimum order quantity requirements, production times, prototyping costs, materials, and payment terms are very time-consuming.

Including regular follow-ups, this process can easily take up to 20 hours. As such, the primary benefit of this service package is the time you can save, and the fact that the information we present is often more accurate than quotations you’d otherwise receive from a supplier.

What are your supplier selection criteria?

Our supplier selection criteria depend on the product, industry and manufacturing country. Here are a few examples of things we take into consideration:

  • Product scope
  • Test reports
  • BSCI and Sedex
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Registered capital
  • Year of registration
How much does it cost?

The service fee depends on the scope of the service. Product sourcing can be limited to creating a basic supplier shortlist, or involve product sourcing oversight and management lasting for months.

We’ve already found suppliers. Can you still help?

Yes, we can assist in the following ways:

  • RFQ
  • Supplier verification
  • Product sample orders
  • Order management
  • QC and lab testing
Do you charge a commission?

No, we don’t charge order commissions. We only quote fixed prices or by the hour.

How do I get started?

Please request a free quotation or book a consultation call as a first step. Once we have discussed the product scope we can offer a fixed price quotation and then take the first step. Notice that we will send the invoice before the process starts.

Can you help us source suppliers outside of China?

Yes, we can source suppliers in Vietnam, India, Thailand and elsewhere in Asia. That said, note that we can only reflect existing market conditions. There are limitations to what type of products can realistically be manufactured outside of Mainland China.

Do you protect our brand, designs or other IP?

You should only share files with us that we can share with the suppliers in order to request their feedback or get price quotations. We don’t act as a guarantor or offer any form of compensation in case a manufacturer – involved in the process or not – uses your brand, product design or other elements of your product.

You must obtain proper business insurance, register trademarks, and patents (if applicable) to protect your business.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

No, we don’t offer any form of insurance or compensation in case of quality issues, defects, delays or situation resulting in losses. We don’t represent the manufacturers we identify.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

No, we don’t offer a money-back guarantee as this is a service, not a product. Notice that we cannot guarantee that the suppliers or prices will match your expectations, as we can only reflect actual market conditions.