Supplier Screening

Not sure if the supplier you found online or at a trade show is legit? Let us handle the background check to verify if they are a legally registered company, check their bank accounts and verify product certification.

Within 7 to 10 days you’ll receive a complete Supplier Verification Report (PDF) and all the documentation we’ve obtained from the supplier.

Price: US$279

Delivery: 7 -10 Days

Receive: Supplier Report (PDF)

This is included in the report

  • Company information
  • Bank account details
  • Test report / certificate verification
  • ISO 9001 verification
  • BSCI / Sedex verification
  • Risk Level & Recommendation

Download Sample Report (PDF)

Additional Information

I need help launching a product from start to finish. Is this the right service package?

This is a stand-alone service package primarily designed for established businesses already importing products from Asia. If you are launching a new business and/or product, we recommend that you consider our Starter Package instead.

How many suppliers do you verify?

We verify one company per supplier verification. You can contact us to request a quotation for multiple supplier screenings.

Why do I need to verify a supplier?

Before you invest both time and money in a supplier, you need to know if they are qualified. A Supplier Verification Report gives can help you answer the following questions about a supplier:

1. Is the supplier a factory or trading company?

2. Do they have any customer references?

3. How long have they been established?

4. Do they have experience manufacturing products according to EU, US or Australian safety standards?

5. Do they have social compliance certification and/or audit reports?

6. Are they ISO 9001 certified?

7. What is the general risk level for this supplier?

While a Supplier Verification is not a substitute or replacement for quality inspections, it can help you weed out low-end suppliers, scammers or trading companies.

Which documents do you request from the supplier?

We always request the following:

1. Business license

2. Product test reports / Certificates

3. Quality management system certification (e.g. ISO 9001)

4. Social compliance audit reports (e.g. BSCI)

How do you ensure that the documents are authentic?

Once we’ve gathered the documents, we contact the issuing companies (e.g. SGS or BSCI) or use their online document databanks to verify if the files are authentic. We also save all verification records.

How do you rate each supplier?

Depending on the outcome of the screening process, we give one of the following three ratings to the supplier:

1. Supplier Qualified
2. Approach with Caution
3. Supplier Disqualified

Assuming the supplier is rated as qualified, do you guarantee that we will avoid scams, quality issues or compliance issues?

No. The report is not a guarantee, insurance or ‘approval’ in any sense. We make the assessment based on the documentation provided. This is by itself not a guarantee that you will avoid quality or compliance issues, as this can only be tested and assessed during prototype and tooling development, and the manufacturing process.

As such, the Supplier Verification is only a first step of the process to decide whether the supplier is worth to spend more time on. You must always implement a strict quality assurance process as you go forward with the supplier.

Note that we don’t act as guarantors or offer insurance in any capacity, regardless of the outcome. In case neglect on our side can be proven, we only compensate by refunding the amount paid for the Supplier Verification.

What should I do if the supplier is not rated as qualified?

Then we suggest that you look for a different supplier, or request additional documents from the supplier – which in turn can result in a better rating.

Do you share our information with the suppliers?

Yes, we share the name, company name, address, product ID/SKU and email of the customer to the suppliers you asked us to vet. This is a necessity for making the suppliers participate in the vetting process.

Do you visit each supplier?

No, we manage the entire procedure through phone calls and email.

Supplier details

We need the following information to start the supplier verification process:

a. Company name
b. Website / Alibaba page
c. Contact person (if any)
d. Product SKU (if any)


1. We contact the supplier to request documentation

2. Documents obtained and submitted for verification

3. Supplier report is filled in

4. Internal supplier report review (Approved or rejected)

5. Supplier Check Report (PDF) delivered

Important Information

1. We will only report the actual findings and can only base our assessment on the documentation provided by the supplier during the check.

2. This supplier check should not be considered as a ‘quality guarantee’ or a ‘product compliance certificate’. Even if we classify the supplier as a low risk, you must implement a strict quality assurance procedure, and follow all product safety and compliance requirements in the target market.


+ After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
+ Delivery time: 7 – 12 days
+ What you get: Supplier Verification Report (PDF) + Attachments