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Looking for qualified shoes and footwear suppliers in Vietnam? In this article, we list some of Vietnam’s leading manufacturers, while also explaining what brands must know about the following:

  • Buying custom designed or private label footwear
  • MOQ Requirements
  • Finding shoe suppliers online
  • Relevant trade shows

Custom Design or Private Label?

Small importers tend to assume that manufacturers operate as design houses, developing their own yearly collections – for others to buy at factory prices, and resell with big profit margins.

That is not the case, as footwear manufacturers generally expect the buyer to provide a complete specification, including the following:

  • Design drawings
  • Bill of materials
  • Label files
  • List of standards

Some suppliers have basic ‘template products’, but don’t expect them to be on par with major brands.

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Footwear MOQ in Vietnam

The minimum order quantity requirement (MOQ) for footwear is relatively high. Most suppliers require that you purchase at least 1000 pcs per design and color. Some have an even higher MOQ, up to 10,000 pcs per design.

That said, they tend to offer a lower MOQ per size. Below follows an overview:

  • MOQ per order: 1000 pcs
  • MOQ per style: 1000 pcs
  • MOQ per material / color: 500 pcs
  • MOQ per size: 250 pcs

You may be able to negotiate down the MOQ a bit, but the MOQs in the footwear industry is definitely higher than in most other industries.

Footwear Regulations

When importing shoes and footwear from Vietnam, or other countries in Asia, you need to ensure that your goods are fully compliant with all applicable standards and labeling requirements.

Product regulations may cover the following:

  • General safety standards (i.e., anti-slip sole)
  • Chemical regulations (i.e., Lead, cadmium and phthalates)
  • Labeling requirements (i.e., material, size, and country of origin)

Vietnamese footwear suppliers are not international product compliance experts. As such, you need to confirm which standards and labeling requirements apply to shoes in your country – and then follow this process:

  • Confirm applicable safety standards (and how they apply to your product)
  • Create label files (with the required information)
  • Book lab test
Vietnam Map (Click for large version)

Supplier Overview

Innolux Group

Innolux Group is a leading and one of the largest manufacturers of shoes and footwear in Vietnam. The Vietnam factory was founded in 1996 by Innolux Group, an international company based in India. They expanded quickly in the last two decades and now have a network of 20 factories in and outside Vietnam.

Innolux Group is not only a manufacturer but also connects clients with other manufacturers to meet the unique requirements of clients. For example, if you need women’s footwear, they may connect you with a different manufacturer, while for men’s footwear, someone different.

They currently employ 1,600 people in their own factories with an annual production of one and a half million pairs.

Main Products

They offer a wide range of shoes to choose from. Some of their popular products include:

  • Men’s loafer in suede
  • Men’s leather loafer
  • Half brogue
  • Full brogue crust
  • Men’s casual loafer
  • Men’s dress shoes
  • Ladies high heels
  • Ladies pump ballerina
  • Ladies suede pumps
  • Ballerina flat slipper

There are dozens of more options to choose from for both men and women.

Address: Innolux House, No 44, St 30, Tan Quy Dong, Tan Phong Ward District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Dong Hung Group

Dong Hung Group was founded in 1994 as a manufacturer and exporter of sports shoes. In the last few years, the company expanded to three different companies all working under the umbrella of Dong Hung Group.

These companies include Hiep Tri Shoes Co., Ltd, Duy Hung Shoes Co., Ltd, and Dong Hung Industrial JSC.

They manufacture shoes for men, women, and children, offering you a large variety to choose from.

They’re also an exporter to several well-known shoe brands that include Marks & Spencer, U.S. Polo, Keds, Superga, Nautica, Garvalin, and Fred Perry.

They also claim to have passed several quality standards and testing that include TUV SUD.

Address: Road 2, Tan Dong Hiep A Industrial Park, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province

Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company

Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company is a manufacturer and exporter of fashion accessories and footwear. They manufacture a wide range of products that include handbags, footwear, floor coverings, EVA, and rubber products.

They sell their products under their own brand name, HARCO, but also offer OEM and ODM services.

Main Products

You can choose from a wide range of shoes that include:

  • Sports shoes for men
  • Basic shoes for men
  • Lady shoes
  • Canvas shoes
  • Slip-on shoes
  • AVIA shoes

The factory is based in Ha Noi, Vietnam, which was established in 2005. Almost 70% of their shoes are for exports, with North America as their biggest market.

The annual capacity is more than one and a half million shoes. They offer an average lead time of 60 days.

Address: Team 13, Cau Dien Ward, Southern Tu Liem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoan Cau Vinacenter Joint Stock Company

Hoan Cau Vinacenter Joint Stock Company was established in 2013 as a manufacturer and exporter of shoes and wallets. They export 70% of their products, with North America as their largest market.

Main Products

You can choose from a large variety of options that include:

  • Boots
  • Monstrap
  • Oxford
  • Derby
  • Loafer
  • Cowhide genuine shoes
  • France leather man dress shoes

The average lead time for each order is seven days. They’re currently listed as a Gold Supplier on Alibaba.

Address: 59 vo van dung, dong da,, Hanoi, Vietnam

Dong Luc Joint Stock Company

Dung Luc Joint Stock Company is a manufacturer and exporter of footwear, sportswear, and other sports products. They also produce mainly sports shoes for different sports.

You can find their products on the market under their brand name “Dong Luc.”

Main Products

Established in 2007, they offer a large variety of shoes to choose from that include:

  • Slipper
  • Sport shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Golf shoes
  • Children shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Badminton shoes
  • Soccer shoes

The manufacturer also claims to pass several quality tests like FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality. They also claim to have passed the CCA SGS standard.

They export almost half of their products, mostly to Eastern Asia and South America.

Address: 130 Ha Dinh st, Thanh Xuan district, Ha Noi, Hanoi, Vietnam

TBS Group

TBS Group is one of the largest and leading footwear manufacturers in Vietnam. They currently employ more than 25,000 people and produce more than 21 million pairs of shoes every year.

Founded in 1989, they now own several businesses that include retail, footwear, handbags, hospitality, logistics, and asset management.

Their large footwear factory has 33 production lines.

They’re currently producing for some of the well-known international brands like Skechers, Decathlon, and Wolverine.

They’re also an award-winning brand and manufacturer, and recently won Vietnamese Brand of Excellence.

Address: 5A, Xuyen A Highway, Di An, Binh Duong Province

Kingmaker Group

Kingmaker Group was founded in 1981 by Mr. Mickey Chen as a manufacturer and exporter of footwear. They now own several companies working in different industries, one of which is Kingmaker Footwear Holdings, Ltd.

Kingmaker Group has several factories working in Vietnam, China, and Cambodia, making them one of the largest manufacturers of footwear in the region. In total, they currently have 40 production lines. They’re also working on another factory in central Vietnam that will have 24 assembly lines.

Kingmaker Group also has several regional offices located in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Macau.

They have more than 18,000 employees working in different countries, while their annual production is more than 23 million pairs of shoes.

They’re the primary supplier of footwear to some of the leading brands that include CAT, Clarks, Asics, Caterpillars, K1X, Skechers, GH Bass, and Fiona’s Prince.

Kingmaker Group claims to have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications. They’re also a SATRA member.

Address: Kingmaker (Vietnam) Footwear Co., Ltd., No. 12 Street 3, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park, Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

PKN Group

PKN Group was established in 1994 in Saigon, Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in the footwear manufacturing industry, they specialize in sport’s shoes, fashion shoes, and waterproof shoes.

They claim to have worked with brands such as Lacoste, FILA, Dr. Martens, and more. Their export markets include the US and Europe.

According to their website, they are WRAP and BETTER WORK certified by reputable companies. They offer services from design to shipping, which can help customers to develop new products from scratch.

Main Products

  • Sportshoes
  • Waterproofed shoes
  • Fashion shoes

Address: Thuan Yen Industrial Zone, Hoa Thuan Ward, Tamky City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

Horng Shin Footwear

Horng Shin Footwear has more than 20 years of experience as a Vietnam-based shoe manufacturer. They specialize in sport’s shoes, medical-grade shoes, safety shoes, and also other accessories such as cycling cleats and insoles. According to their sports shoes are certified by the Standard Global Services (SGS) for health and safety.

They claim that they have over 1,500 employees working in the shoe manufacturing process including cutting, sewing, forming, and outsole processing. Also, they are capable of producing 2 million pairs of shoes in a year.

Main Products

  • Sport shoes
  • Medical-grade shoes
  • Safety shoes
  • Insoles
  • Cycling cleats

Address: Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

O’Leer Industrial Vietnam

O’Leer Industrial Vietnam is a Taiwanese-American-owned footwear manufacturer located near Ho Chi Minh City. They offer a one-stop service from product development to mass production of footwear, including sneakers, children’s shoes, and fashion shoes.

Besides footwear production, they can also help with 3D rendering design, establish technical specifications, cost management, and quality control. They have their own testing facility to conduct tests on shoes including slip resistance tests, hardness tests, sole abrasion, and more.

Main Products

  • Casual shoes
  • Fashion shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Children’s shoes

Address: No. 25, DT 743 Road, Song Than II Industry, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Yee Long

Yee Long was founded in 1994 as a footwear factory in Vietnam. Their products include vulcanized shoes, safety shoes, child shoes, and hiking shoes. Their main markets are Italy, Canada, the US, and Australia.

They claim that they have worked with brands such as Diesel, Marni, Marc O’Polo, Burberry, Paul Smith, and more.

On their website, you can also find pictures showing their factory production lines including cutting, stitching, and assembly.

Main Products

  • Vulcanized shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Cemented shoes
  • Child shoes
  • Safety shoes

Address: No.47, Road No.2, Dong An Industrial Park, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

Ching Luh Group

Ching Luh Group was established in 1969 as a footwear manufacturer in Tainan, Taiwan. In 2004, they built new production facilities in Long An, Vietnam, where they own three factories specialized in sport’s shoes and athletic shoes.

They offer services from product development to mass production. They claim that they’ve worked with international brands such as Adidas, Footjoy, Mizuno, Nike, and Reebok. They also have factories in Indonesia.

Main Products

  • Athletic shoes
  • Performance footwear
  • Sport shoes

Address: Nguyen Trung Truc, TT. Ben Luc, Ben Luc, Long An, Vietnam

Pou Chen Corporation

Pou Chen Corporation was founded in 1969 as a rubber footwear manufacturer in Taiwan. In 1994, they expanded their production bases to Vietnam and offer a wide range of footwear including sneakers, boots, sports shoes, and casual shoes.

They accept both ODM and OEM requests, and they offer comprehensive services from product development to mass production of footwear. They can also help you to source new suppliers for your other projects. They claim that they have worked with Nike, Adidas, Asics, New Balance, and Timberland.

Main Products

  • Sport shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Canvas footwear
  • Athletic shoes
  • Casual shoes

Address: Nguyen Ai Quoc Road, Hoa An Commune, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Finding additional footwear suppliers in Vietnam

Vietnam is a top footwear exporter, and our intention was not to list every single supplier in this country. To find more suppliers, I recommend that you use the free sourcing tools provided by and

You could also check out one of the following supplier directories:


Footwear Trade Shows

Not keen on sourcing suppliers online? Then you should attend International Footwear & Leather Products Exhibition (IFLE) Vietnam. The trade show is held in June each year, in Ho Chi Minh City.

As explained on their website, you can expect to find Vietnamese manufacturers and wholesalers in the following product categories:

  • All kinds of footwear
  • Bags & Suitcases
  • Leather Garments & Leather Products
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Brand Name Products
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      I have also been impressed with the quality of winter coats bought inside the USA that were made in Vietnam. The sewing/stitching and zippers have held up very good. When I see the “Made in Vietnam” label I have come to expect good quality. Vietnam has an opportunity to become know as a manufacturer of quality. Leave the cheap shoddy junk to China and other countries. Not everybody wants or needs the absolute lowest priced stuff. It can pay to pay a little more and get a product that lasts longer.

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 8:22 pm

        The reason more crap is exported out of China is that China exports far more products than Vietnam. Keep in mind that Vietnamese factories import most materials from China (which is Vietnam’s #1 trading partner, by far).

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          1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:40 pm

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            We are not a footwear factory.

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        You can contact the suppliers listed in this guide

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        You cannot buy brand name shoes directly from a manufacturer.

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          Anyone you would recommend to be a supplier of OEM shoes and branded replica shoes in Vietnam? Were starting a business in Dubai. Thank you.

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        Hi Nga,

        I am not aware of any factory that is Wal-Mart Audited in Vietnam. I am sure they exist though, but not sure how we would be able to verify that to be the case. It’s possible that Wal-Mart publishes their supplier lists. It’s quite common these days.

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      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 7:42 pm

        Hi Marciel,

        You cannot import brand name products directly from the factory. Brands don’t operate like that.

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      We are a Vietnamese manufacturing for Men and lady fashion shoe.
      email contact:

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        Hello Paul,

        Overstock suppliers don’t exist. It’s a myth. There are no cheap wholesale brand goods. It simply doesn’t exist.

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      We are opening a huge footwear factory in Bangladesh known as “Sikder footwear & Leather craft prvt.Ltd. fully compliant with all applicable standards and labeling requirements In footwear industry. Please help us how we can connect with global footwear market !

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      I would like to source a manufacturer of ladies fashionable plus size shoes/heels size 9 _ 12. Can you help.

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 6:38 pm

        Hi Sharon,

        Yes, we can help. You can book a free consultation on

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        We are a Vietnamese manufacturing for Men and lady fashion shoe.
        email contact:

        1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 7:44 pm

          Hi Philip,

          Let me know if you want to get listed in this article. We will need to ask a few questions and check documents first, but it’s free of charge.

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            1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 7:42 pm

              You can contact the suppliers listed in this article

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        You cannot buy (authentic) brand name shoes directly from factories. They don’t sell Nike shoes.

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