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Trade Shows in Shanghai 2017: A Complete Guide

Shanghai Trade Shows

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Planning to attend a trade fair or two in Shanghai, but not sure where to start? Shanghai is perhaps not as big in the trade show space, as Guangzhou and Hong Kong – but the city still has plenty to offer international buyers in many industries.

In this article, you will what you must know before attending a trade fair in Shanghai, including how to obtain a visa, invitation letters, transportation and where you should stay.

In addition, you will also learn how to city measures up compared to its two biggest competitors in the south; Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

But first, an overview of relevant Shanghai trade shows in 2017. Continue Reading →

Trade Shows in Hong Kong 2017: A Complete Guide

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T-shirts and Plastic flowers may not longer be labeled as ‘Made in Hong Kong’, but the Chinese territory is still home to perhaps the best – and biggest – Trade shows in the world.

In this article, we explain what you must know about upcoming Hong Kong Trade Shows during the Spring and Fall 2017.

You will also learn everything you must know about getting to Hong Kong, including visa requirements and transportation.

Global Sources Exhibitions

Global Sources provides a diverse range of services for importers. It is, however, primarily known for its supplier directory (www.globalsources.com) and magazines. Global Sources also host some of Hong Kong’s biggest trade shows: Continue Reading →

Yiwu Wholesale Markets – Your Guide to Buying Small Volumes from China


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Yiwu is a city in the eastern Zhejiang province that has made a name for itself as a center for small commodity trading. In fact, it’s among the top destinations in the world for small buyers. While Yiwu is not a financial powerhouse like Shanghai or a world class manufacturing hub like Shenzhen, it’s still got something that other cities in China doesn’t – ready made products that can be purchased in small volumes.

“What is Off shelf?”

In this article I’m referring a lot to “off shelf” products, a topic that is highly related to the city of Yiwu. It’s in fact its main attraction and the biggest reasons for small businesses to make a visit. An off shelf product is a ready made item ready to be picked up by a buyer. Isn’t this the case everywhere in China? No, while many importers assume that buying from China is about the same thing as walking into a warehouse and pick this and that, it’s very far from the truth. Continue Reading →

Importing from Hong Kong – The Ultimate Guide

import from hongkong

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While “Made in Hong Kong” is a thing of the past, this city is still going strong – especially for consumer products and electronics. Hong Kong is home to a huge number of small and big Trading Companies and dealing with them is often a lot easier than their counterparts in Mainland China. That alone is a reason why you should consider making a stopover in Hong Kong on your way to China. Keep reading and I explain why.

Why you should consider purchasing from a Hong Kong supplier

Hong Kong used to be the manufacturing powerhouse in Greater China. Today the city is known for its low taxes and service industry. There are basically no manufacturers left in Hong Kong, but brilliant Trading Companies are plenty in the former British colony. While some importers would consider purchasing from a Trading Company a waste of money, my own experience tells me that it’s often the opposite. Continue Reading →

The Importers Guide to Shenzhen – The Capital of Electronics

import from shenzhen

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Shenzhen is the world’s assembly hall for anything that can light, sound or read ones and zeros. The very screen you’re looking at right now was most likely assembled somewhere in this city. Shenzhen has such a domination in the electronics industry that a quick search on Alibaba.com reveals that there are hardly any alternatives to Shenzhen for import businesses sourcing electronics.

I would even take it so far that I wouldn’t even consider an electronics supplier outside of Shenzhen. It’s true that large contract manufacturers such as Foxconn have plants in other provinces, such as Henan. But, conglomerates like Foxconn play in a completely different league than those manufacturers who are relevant for any company smaller than Toshiba or HP. The strength of Shenzhen is the ecosystem of component manufacturers and assembly suppliers. This means that suppliers can source and buy components faster and with reduced shipping costs. Continue Reading →

The Importers Guide to Shanghai – Products and Suppliers

import from shanghai

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This is the first article in a series of five where we have a closer look at Chinese cities, and what opportunities they hold for importers. Today we cover Shanghai, Mainland China’s showpiece and financial center.

Suppliers and industries in Shanghai

Unlike most other major Chinese cities, its economy is not based on manufacturing or agriculture but finance, retail, services and real estate. Few suppliers in Shanghai are manufacturers, most are in fact Trading Companies or Representative Offices of Manufacturers in neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province.

Most of them are purchasing from manufacturers, or operate a factory, in the following cities: Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua, Taizhou or Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province or Changzhou, Nantong, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Yangcheng, Yangzhou or Kunshanin Jiangsu Province.

Some suppliers are still manufacturing within Shanghai Municipality, but exclusively in the outer districts such as Pudong, Fengxian, Jiading, Songjiang or Baoshao Disctrict. Continue Reading →