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An all-in-one platform for launching any product

We provide the only online platform, helping you manage the entire importing and product launch process – from one single Dashboard.

  • Tutorials
  • Document Templates
  • Supplier Sourcing Tool
  • Book Quality Control
  • Book Shipping
  • Book Lab Testing

Small Volumes Accepted

We’re open for everyone, even if you’re launching a product on a low budget.

We’re here to help you ensure that your money goes as far as possible.

Buy directly from factories. No agents or middle men needed.

Buying through agents or other middlemen can completely destroy your profit margins.

Further, you need to know that you’re buying from a legit factory, that can ensure compliance with mandatory safety standards – and with decent working conditions.

If you’re buying from an agent or middleman, you’ll never know under what conditions your products are made.

With, you’re always dealing directly with manufacturers.

0% Order Commission

Most agencies charge 10 to 20% commissions based on the order value, while getting secret kickbacks from suppliers. We don’t.

Lifetime Access. No Monthly Charges.

Pay once, and get lifetime access to the Starter Package, and all future updates. See it as a living reservoir of educational material, and other tools, that’s getting better every year.

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