Importing Auto, ATV & Motorcycle Spare Parts from China – The Ultimate Guide

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Looking for Auto, motorcycle or ATV spare parts? Chinese suppliers might have exactly what you’re looking for. While this is a product that can be purchased both from manufacturers and “off shelf” from Trading Companies, the industry is infested with unscrupulous and disorganized suppliers. In this week’s article we look into the do’s and dont’s when buying vehicle spare parts from China.

Buying from a Manufacturer

Buying directly from the manufacturer comes with some obvious benefits. The product selection is wider (I explain why in a minute) and the prices are lower due to the lack of middlemen. However, it’s not viable for most small businesses importing vehicle spare parts from China. The reason is spelled “MOQ”, or “Minimum Order Quantity” Requirement. Continue reading Importing Auto, ATV & Motorcycle Spare Parts from China – The Ultimate Guide

Social Entrepreneurship and Importing from China – Interview with Kevin Ackermann of BACA Jewellery in London

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kevin ackermann social Entrepreneurship

I’ve met hundreds of business owners from all corners of the world since I started out. One that really made a lasting impression on me was Kevin Ackermann, co-founder and CEO of BACA Jewellery Ltd based in London, UK. In this week’s article we introduced you to the importance of branding when importing products from China, something that Kevin Ackermann has managed exceptionally well. In this interview he tells us about his journey that started with a flight to Shanghai and brought him all the way to the United Nations.

Kevin, please tell us a bit about what you do, how you got started and how it involves China.

I am a Social Entrepreneur running and advising several startups based in London and San Francisco, CA. I am very passionate about retail hence my interactions with factories in China.

At BACA Jewellery, where I am currently acting as CEO, we import pearls and other components from China. Even though 98% of cultured freshwater pearls come from China and the region has built up a great reputation for its quality pearl jewellery, I wanted to check out every step of the supply chain myself to make sure that we do not exploit anybody. Continue reading Social Entrepreneurship and Importing from China – Interview with Kevin Ackermann of BACA Jewellery in London

Behind the scenes of a Chinese Watch Manufacturer – Interview with Ningle Zhong

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watch manufacturer

I met Ningle Zhong at the HKTDC Watch fair in Hong Kong back in September 2012, while representing a client. Since then a lot of things have happened in life and business for both of us. Ningle Zhong is the founder and manager of the watch manufacturer Shenzhen Babylon Watch Co.Ltd. In this interview we look into how he got started, his views on the industry and what he thinks about the future.

Before you started Shenzhen Babylon Watch Co., Ltd. you were working for a Trading Company in Shenzhen. How come you decided to start your own factory?

When I was working for my previous employer I received a lot of customer complaints regarding quality issues. Each time I was being put into a position where I had to find a solution to these issues, I started thinking if I could make a difference. I spotted the opportunity and decided to give it a try, I started my own business. Continue reading Behind the scenes of a Chinese Watch Manufacturer – Interview with Ningle Zhong

Chinese Suppliers – Trading Companies and Manufacturers Explained

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There are three main supplier categories to take into consideration when importing from China – Manufacturers, Trading Companies and Manufacturing & Trading Companies. While the type of company will not be the most important factor when selecting your suppliers, different types of suppliers will require a different approach during the sourcing process and have a major impact on the future of your import business.

Therefore it’s important to know what type of supplier you should look for when sourcing in China. Let’s begin with an introduction to the three major supplier types in China. Continue reading Chinese Suppliers – Trading Companies and Manufacturers Explained

Payment Fraud in China – How to Avoid Going Bankrupt

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payment fraud

A true story from Qingdao

Afraid of losing (all) your money when you’re importing from China? You should be, and you’re not alone. Paying frauds are one of the most common forms of scam, and they are targeting small to medium sized businesses sourcing products on and other online B2B platforms. In the last few years I’ve seen small importers losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in this type of scam.

The first time I had to handle a payment fraud case was in late 2011. It was late on a Friday evening and I’d barely opened my first beer when I received a desperate phone call from a long term client. She had, without telling us, contacted a suppliers, in Qingdao, selling food supplements. They had previously imported the same product from this supplier and my client experienced no problems whatsoever. This time she wasn’t so lucky. The supplier stated that they did not receive a single dollar from her, something which made my client nervous considering she had transferred around US$ 40,000 two weeks before she called me. Continue reading Payment Fraud in China – How to Avoid Going Bankrupt

Recommended import from China forums & blogs

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import from china forums

It can be quite hard to find accurate and up to date information on the internet. There are plenty of blogs and e-books but only a few are worth reading if you ask me. Forums are largely underestimated as a reliable source but offer a wealth of free information for startups and small businesses looking to import from China. The best thing is perhaps that you can get lots of free advice from the existing members, of which quite a few are professional sourcing agents based in China.


The Wholesale Forums

I’ve been reading this forum for a couple of years by now and it’s one of the most active forums that covers import/export and China sourcing topics. The content tends to be of a fairly high standard and can pride itself with contributors from plenty of professional sourcing firms, such as Continue reading Recommended import from China forums & blogs

Buying from Aliexpress: A Guide to Safe Imports

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Buying from Aliexpress is a transaction-based wholesale platform for importing small volumes from China. It’s a huge resource for innovative and profitable products that cannot be found elsewhere in low quantities. While ordering products from Aliexpress is simple, there are a few things you can do to minimize your risks and increase your chances for long-term success. This article tells you why!

Based in America, Europe or Australia? Read this first!

Many products listed on Aliexpress are manufactured for the Chinese domestic market. These products may be just fine, but most are not compliant with product safety directives in Europe, America and Australia. Importing non-compliant items is illegal, and may result in a forced recall or major fines, in case anyone is injured or damaged.

Notice that it’s always the importer that is responsible for ensuring that imported items are compliant with relevant standards and directives. Chinese suppliers, including those selling on are not responsible.

If you still wish to import items from an Aliexpress supplier, you shall consider a laboratory test before making a larger order. You must also confirm which standard and/or directive is applicable to your product, in your country.

But there is help to get. You can either hire a China sourcing consultant, or purchase our Starter Package – which includes confirmation of applicable product safety directives for your product, and sourcing of compliant suppliers. Click here to read more.

Step 1: Source products and suppliers

Aliexpress is home to small Chinese trading companies and unlike, where you have a lot of verified information on each Gold Supplier, you have very limited information on a Aliexpress supplier profile. This makes the supplier selection harder to define, but Aliexpress ]compensates for this shortcoming with customer feedback. For this reason, the supplier selection shall be based on buyer feedback to a large extent. The positive feedback number is a good start, but you’ll get a more balanced impression of the supplier if you review the negative feedback as well. Continue reading Buying from Aliexpress: A Guide to Safe Imports