Medical Supplies Inquiry Form

We currently receive a large number of inquiries for various medical products, such as face masks. If you fill out this form, we will forward your inquiry to a procurement company that may be able to help you procure the requested medical supplies.

Disclaimer: We are not acting as a trading company or sourcing agency. Further, we offer no guarantees or compensation for losses caused by quality issues, compliance issues, export bans, failed delivery, delays or other issues caused by the procurement agency or other party involved in the supply chain.


    Payment terms

    Most suppliers require a 100% upfront payment. This is a risk, but in a seller’s market is very hard to find any factory that accepts standard 30/70 terms, Escrow or a Letter of Credit. Notice that any transaction (if any) will be on the terms of the seller – not on the terms of our website.


    Scams: The risk of payment scams is high. This may be caused by hacking or rogue employees. Make sure you ONLY pay to the correct business bank account of your supplier or procurement partner.

    Supply chain: The overall supply chain risk is at an all-time high right now, and it’s possible that governments can ban exports of certain products. Further, the risk of safety/compliance and quality issues is also higher when the supply chain is under stress. This is something that can be partially mitigated by working with a procurement company, but not even that is a guarantee.

    Product Compliance

    Note that regulations apply in many countries. You must check which regulatory requirements applicable in the country/countries you intend to distribute/sell the medical supplies. You must confirm which documents you need to verify that a product is compliant. This can, for example, include lab test reports and certificates/declaration of conformity.

    • Confirm which test reports, certificates and/or other documents are required to import the product into your market
    • Confirm mandatory product labeling requirements
    • Request and verify all relevant test reports, certificates and/or other documents required
    • Request product photos to confirm that the product is correctly labeled
    • Request documentation proving that the supplier is allowed to export the products from China (or elsewhere)

    Please note that we don’t keep track of regulatory changes in the US, EU or elsewhere. All product compliance-related matters must be discussed directly with the supplier.