Importing Cost & Profit Calculator


Planning to import products to the United States, European Union or Australia? Use this free calculator to estimate your total cost and profit.


Are these costs recurring for each order?

With the exception of lab testing, which is not always required for each order, and the product sample/tooling cost, all other fees are recurring for each order.

Should I take any other costs into consideration?

Other Procurement Costs

The calculation assumes that you manage the entire process on your own, without assistance from sourcing agents or consultants.

Marketing Costs

Nobody will buy your products unless they can find them. Regardless of whether you sell on Amazon or your own store, you will need to budget for marketing expenses, such as Facebook PPC and Youtube video ads. This cost is significant and can exceed all other expenses combined.

Ultimately, the cost per sale depends on various factors and cannot be estimated without actual testing.

Transaction Fees

PayPal, Stripe and other payment gateways charge transaction fees ranging between 2.5% to 4%. In addition, both Shopify and Amazon charge sellers using their software/platform.

How do I estimate the freight cost?

You can use the Freightos shipping cost estimation tool.

How can I find the relevant duty rate?

You can use the Duty Calculator on

Should I be aware of other taxes and fees?

United States
European Union

Note: The calculation takes the different customs valuation methods into consideration.