Factory Visit

Factory Visit

Planning to visit factories in Mainland China or Vietnam? We’ll help you plan the whole journey, find suitable accommodation, consult on visa related matters and schedule meetings with your factories of choice.

In addition, we’ll also prepare pre-written questions and checklists to ensure that you get the most out of your factory visits in Asia.

  • Factory visit schedule
  • End-to-end travel plan
  • Hotel recommendations
  • Visa invitation letter (Template)
  • Factory visit checklist
  • Pre-written questions

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What’s the benefit of paying you to plan our factory visits?

Planning a factory visit trip is not exactly rocket science. But, coordinating when and where each factory should pick you up, what to ask once there, and navigating visa requirements is both tedious and time-consuming. We can help you save valuable time, while we also help maximize the value of the time and money you spend on going to China or Vietnam.

Supplier Details

We need the following information about each supplier before we can contact them to schedule the factory visits:

a. Company name
b. Website / Alibaba page
c. Contact person (if any)
d. Country

What information do you need about us?

We need to know the following:

a. Nationality
b. Intended arrival and departure dates
c. Product information
d. Hotel budget

How many suppliers should I visit?

We recommend that you visit at least 5 suppliers.

How many days does it take to visit suppliers in Asia?

We generally recommend that you only schedule one supplier visit per day. Further, traveling into the country and/or between provinces within the same country can also take a full day.


Day 1: Arrival in Hong Kong and travel to Shenzhen

Day 2: Supplier visit 1 in Shenzhen

Day 3: Supplier visit 2 in Shenzhen

Day 4: Travel from Shenzhen to Shanghai

Day 5: Supplier visit 3 and 4 in Shanghai

Day 6: Return flight from Shanghai

Will you help me find suppliers?

No, this is not a supplier sourcing service. You must have at least one supplier before we can start the process.

What other costs should I be aware of?

The service only covers the service provided by us. Notice that we don’t include any of the following:

a. Flight and travel expenses
b. Visa fees
c. Travel insurance
d. Accommodation


1. We contact your suppliers to plan the factory visits

2. We look for suitable accommodation

3. We check visa requirements for your nationality

4. We prepare the pre-written questions and factory checklist

5. Factory Visit Plan (PDF) + Pre-Written Questions + Factory Checklist delivered

How long in advance should I book this service?

We can coordinate the journey in around a week. However, to make sure that you have time to arrange visas (if needed), we strongly recommend that you contact us at least 3 weeks before your planned departure.


1. This service requires that you have already found a number of suppliers on your own.

2. Hotel, travel costs or other expenses are not included in our service fee

3. We don’t offer any invitation letters under our company name. However, we can provide templates that one of the suppliers can stamp and sign, which is then used to apply for a business visa (if needed).

4. Order this service minimum 3 weeks before departure


+ After your order: We will contact you to request supplier details
+ Delivery time: 7 – 12 days
+ What you get: Travel plan PDF + Templates