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Improve Your Procurement Processes. Avoid Quality Issues and Scams.

One single misunderstanding or fake invoice can cost your business millions of dollars. We help you standardize and improve your existing procurement process – from product spec sheet to safety standards:

  • Part 1: Create Product Specification
  • Part 2: Supplier RFQ
  • Part 3: Sample Development
  • Part 4: Production & Quality Assurance
  • Part 5: Shipping & Customs Clearance (US)
  • Part 6: Shipping & Customs Clearance (EU)
  • Part 7: Product Regulations

An E-Learning Platform For Your Staff Members

Your team can access a wealth of information, in the form of tutorials, videos and document templates – detailing the entire product development and importing process.

We break down a complex process into something that all your employees can understand – even if they have no previous experience with product development or international trade.

When your employees understand how to manage the process properly, you’re less likely to end up with severe quality issues, delays and frauds.

Book Quality Inspections, Lab Testing & Shipping

We integrate an ecosystem of services, allowing you to book quality inspections, lab testing, shipping and other services from one single Dashboard.
Lifetime Access. No Monthly Charges.

Pay once, and get lifetime access to the Starter Package, and all future updates. See it as a living reservoir of educational material, and other tools, that’s getting better every year.

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