Consulting & Research

Need to resolve persistent quality issues or get help switching to sustainable materials? Our Hong Kong-based team can help you improve your existing supply chain, set up processes for manufacturing outside of China and find solutions to complex quality issues.

Our rates are highly competitive as we primarily work with startups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Price: From US$279

Delivery: 7 – 14 Days

Additional Information

What kind of consulting and research services do you offer?

While we have a range of standardized solutions and services, such as the Starter Package, we often receive requests that fall outside that scope. As such, we also offer customized consulting and research services.

Here are some examples:

  • Cost estimations
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Quality assurance strategy
  • Product compliance

Example A: Quality issues

A European fashion brand had persistent quality issues that had to be resolved urgently. We identified the root cause of their quality issues and implemented a new quality assurance strategy that helped them reduce their defect rate immediately.

  • Identify the root causes of their quality issues
  • Create new quality control checklists
  • Implement a quality assurance strategy
  • Identify a new third party quality inspection partner in Asia
  • Calculate total quality assurance implementation cost

Example B: Sustainable materials

We helped a US accessories brand to manufacture certain components using recycled plastic, thus improving their brand image by reducing their ecological footprint. This involved sourcing material suppliers in Europe, and work out how the supply chain, from plastic granule to injection molding in China, would work out.

  • Identify recycled plastic suppliers
  • Identify injection mold suppliers in China
  • Research how the supply chain from EU to China would work
  • Cost calculation

Example C: Vietnamese furniture manufacturer list

An importer in the furniture and homeware space was looking for alternative producers outside of Mainland China. This task did not involve price research or negotiation.

Do you charge per hour or a fixed price?

We normally charge a fixed price based on a set of milestones and clearly defined deliverables. As such, both parties know exactly what to expect. Our rates are highly competitive as we primarily work with startups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

How can we get started?

Please send us a message via the contact form or book a free consultation call here.