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Ensuring compliance with mandatory safety standards and labeling requirements is critical when importing to the US, EU or Australia – or when selling on Amazon. Fill out the form below to receive a proposal from one of the pre-vetted compliance consultants in our network.

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Service: Product Compliance Consulting

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    Additional Information

    I need help launching a product from start to finish. Is this the right service package?

    This is a stand-alone service package primarily designed for established businesses already importing products from Asia. If you are launching a new business and/or product, we recommend that you consider our Starter Package instead.

    How can a compliance consultant help me?

    The role of the consultant is to help you ensure compliance with mandatory product regulations. This may, for example, include the following steps:

    • Asses applicable safety standards and regulations
    • Create label files
    • Create compliance documentation

    The process also depends on whether you:

    • Intend to develop a custom designed (OEM) product
    • Found an existing private label (ODM) product

    What is the difference between compliance consulting and lab testing?

    A lab test verifies if a product is compliant. However, a lab test is only one out of many steps to ensure product compliance:

    • Confirm applicable safety standards
    • Create label files (product and packaging)
    • Create compliance documents (e.g. DoC or CPC)

    Unlike a testing company, compliance consultants will assist you to go through each step of this complicated process.


    1. Product safety standards, labeling, and documentation requirements are subject to frequent changes and interpretation by the customs authorities, market surveillance agencies and marketplaces (e.g.

    2. Notice that we don’t cover losses due to forced recalls, delays or other situations caused by the importation of non-compliant products, even in the case of faulty advice by the compliance consultants in our network.