• List of Electronics Manufacturers in Vietnam: An Overview

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    PCB assembly

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    Electronics is Vietnam’s top export category, largely thanks to large facilities operated by Samsung and other major electronics brands. That said, its domestic OEM electronics manufacturing base – open to all buyers – is booming in the country.

    While it’s still far away from being comparable to Shenzhen, electronics manufacturers in Vietnam offer an alternative to companies looking beyond China for their next manufacturing project.

    What types of electronics suppliers can be found in Vietnam?

    Most electronics manufacturers in Vietnam are Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies. To put it simply, an EMS provides outsourced production facilities, labor, and procurement services for international customers.

    Some EMS companies may also offer engineering and prototype development services.

    That said, EMS companies don’t develop their own ODM products. Instead, they expect the buyer to provide a complete technical specification.

    What do I need to consider before contacting any of these companies?

    Electronic Manufacturing Service companies assemble products based on the technical specifications provided by the buyer. They don’t operate as incubators or product development companies.

    These files must be included in your technical specification:

    • Bill of Materials
    • Casing Design
    • PCB Schematic
    • Label files

    Vietnam Map

    Fab 9

    Fab 9 is a PCB (Print Circuit Board) manufacturer based in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Founded in 2003, Fab 9 claims to be the first full-service PCB provider in Vietnam. The company has over 13 years of experience in the field. It specifically provides PCB fabrication, PCB Assembly, mechanical box building, and engineering design layout services for their clients.

    Moreover, their services aim to develop PCB prototypes to meet production requirements. Hence, they personalize results based on client needs and preferences. The company exports its products all over the world. It has global segments in the PCB industries of the U.S., Europe, Japan, the Philippines, and Singapore.


    • PCB Assembly
    • Electronics Manufacturing
    • DFT
    • DFM in mm
    • DFM in inch

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Vishay, Exar, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cavium Networks, Mylan, IDT, View, Supertex, Fox Semicon, Seagate, Kia Tencor, Touchstone
    • Location: Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2003
    • Certificates: ISO 9001:2008

    East West Manufacturing

    Established in 2001, East West Manufacturing is a global brand that offers many different services. Its primary services include designing custom manufacturing solutions, offering engineering support, and computational fluid analysis as well as finite element analysis.

    Overall, East West Manufacturing claims to solve setbacks in production and supply chain for clients. Examples of these setbacks include limited engineering support, transparency with manufacturers, and diversification of supply chains. East West gives customers advice on how to resolve these issues.

    The company is a global chain with multiple offices and factories in the US, UK, Israel, China, Vietnam, and India. Within Vietnam, the company is based in Binh Duong but also has factories in Ho Chi Minh City.


    • 3D Printing
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Design Services
    • Electrical Design Engineering
    • EMS
    • EMS Prototyping
    • Metals, Plastics, Rubber

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: EC Motors, ATDC Georgia Tech, GreenTown
    • Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2001
    • Certificates: Not presented

    TC Group

    Founded in 2007, TC Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying products relating to cable television systems. For example, they design Set Top Boxes, Cable TV equipment, and customized electronics.

    While it is based in Ho Chi Minh City, the company also has offices in all major cities of Vietnam and in Singapore. Moreover, the factories employ over 200 workers and spread over 14000 square feet.

    The company’s main location has just over 30 engineers and technicians and over 70 factory workers. Their production capacity is 2 x Mounter MX400 with speed of 46,000 components per hour at maximum and 2 x Mounter MX200P with speed of 17,000 components per hour at minimum.


    • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    • Equipment of production
    • Manufacturing

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Hanel, VTV Cab
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2007
    • Certificates: ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008, IPC 610E

    Jing Gong Electronics Vietnam Co., LTD

    Jing Gong Electronics is an electronics company founded in 2007. Its parent company, Taiwan Seiko, has over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing and supply. The company is based in Binh Duong, Vietnam. However, they also provide their services abroad.

    While displaying product samples, the company also displays the applications of each circuit. Their aim is to allow the client to understand what PCBs they offer and how they work. For example, the company produces circuits boards used in making sound equipment, LED lighting, electronic appliances and UPS systems.

    Moreover, the file format for their manufactured PCBs includes Gerber RS274D, RS274X, DPF, NC DRILL, NC ROUT, DWG, DXF, HPGL, Orbotech Backup, and PCBDOC. Clients may choose to order the circuit board in either FR4, FR1, CEM1, CEM3, or Aluminum.


    • CNC Routing Machine
    • UV Machine
    • V Cut Machine
    • Precision Type Screen Printing
    • C.C.D. Fully Auto Printing
    • PCB Drilling Machine
    • Silk Screen Vacuum Printing

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Not presented
    • Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2007
    • Certificates: Not presented

    Sunching Electronics Vietnam

    Sunching Electronics is a Vietnamese company established in 2001. It claims to be one of the only few manufacturers in Vietnam to be UL approved. The company aims to reduce cost and increase flexibility in supply chain delivery for electronics.

    Hence, the company provides services in PCB manufacturing and distributing. The maximum thickness for PCBs is 12 layers, while the minimum thickness is 4 layers. Minimum line spacing and line width for all PCBs is 0.17 mm. Therefore, clients may choose to customize the PCB to their needs.


    • PCB Assembly
    • Single Side PCB
    • Double Side PCB
    • Multi-layered PCB
    • Mechanical Drilling

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Foster, Canon, Nidec, Omron, NEC, Tokin, Pepperl+FUCHS, Industries, Gauss, Friwo, Ness
    • Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2001
    • Certificates: ISO 9001:2003, UL:2003, ISO 14001:2006, Certificate of Green Activity

    Sao Kim Electronics

    Sao Kim Electronics is a joint stock company that asserts itself as one of the top electronics manufacturers in Vietnam. The company works to produce electronics such as printed circuits, PCB assemblies and SMT parts. The company has its main factory in Ho Chi Minh City, which was established in 2004.

    Additionally, Sao Kim Electronics mass produces PCB and PCBAs for customers. The PCB can be custom designed for the client based on product requirements.

    Other products distributed by Sao Kim include electrical components such as resistors, capacitor paste, reefs, diodes, and transistors.


    • Single layer PCB Sheet Assembly
    • Multi-layer PCB Sheet Assembly
    • SMT Electronic Circuit Assembly Service

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Almel, NXP
    • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 2004
    • Certificates: ISO 9001:2008

    Than Long JSC

    With over 300 skilled workers and engineers, Than Long JSC is primarily a producer of PCBs, PCB Assemblies, Coil Transformers. The factory is over 15000 square feet and is located in the industrial sector of Bac Ninh City, Vietnam.

    Throughout the company’s run, it has served as an electronics manufacturer for various clients, including some in the fields of electronics appliances, communication, educational electronics, power supplies, automation, and lighting.

    For example, the company’s products include single-layered PCBs, double-layered PCBs, Aluminium circuit boards, transformers and LED lighting

    Than Long JSC also provides technical advice to customers to solve common problems in manufacturing and distribution.


    • Consulting and designing circuit boards
    • Assembly components

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Samsung, Dong-Yang, Foster, Canon, Tecomen, Rang Flang, Mettel, Dien Quang
    • Location: Bac Ninh, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: Not presented
    • Certificates: ISO 9001, UL, ISO 14001

    Vector Fabrication (Viet Nam) Co., Limited

    After being established in 1995, Vector Fabrication has gained over 16 years of experience in the field of PCB manufacturing. The company recognizes the need for printed circuit boards in most industrial fields.

    Hence, it works to cater to this need in the electronics market by distributing its products to various electronic markets around the world. Some of these markets include medical, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace industries.

    Moreover, they provide customizable PCBs, which take up to four to five weeks for mass production.

    The maximum panel size they offer for PCBs is 30 inches by 30 inches, and the range for board thickness is 0.005 inches to 0.250 inches.


    • Plating and Surface finish
    • Drilling
    • Solder Mask
    • Testing
    • Quick Turn Prototypes
    • Single, Double, and Multi-layered PCBs
    • Load Boards
    • Burn-in Boards

    Key Information

    • Website: Click here
    • Customers: Not presented
    • Location: Binh Duong, Vietnam
    • Year of Registration: 1995
    • Certificates: ISO 9001:2008, UL, IPC
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