FDA Certification & Labels When Importing from China: A Complete Guide

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Planning to import kitchen utensils, food products or medical devices from China, and sell in the United States? Then you need to ensure compliance with all mandatory FDA administered regulations.

In this comprehensive guide to FDA regulations and requirements for importers, you will learn what you must know about FDA labeling requirements, premarket approvals, documentation and lab testing.

In addition, you will also learn how Amazon.com is enforcing FDA regulations, such as 21 CFR, and why you should not rely on your manufacturer in China to manage the process for you.

Which products are regulated by the FDA?

FDA, standing for the Food and Drug Administration, is a government agency, not a standard or regulation in itself. The FDA administers regulations that affect various product categories.

a. Food Contact Materials / Kitchen Utensils

The FDA administers 21 CFR, which regulates all types of materials made to be in contact with food and beverages.

21 CFR covers plastics, ceramics, coatings, glass and metal used in both food packaging and all types of kitchen utensils.

For example, food packaging and kitchen utensils may not contain toxic or harmful chemicals and heavy metals – or affect the taste and smell of the food or beverage.

21 CFR mainly concerns the substances used in kitchen utensils (both electrical and non-electrical) and food packaging. Continue reading FDA Certification & Labels When Importing from China: A Complete Guide

Cookware & Kitchenware Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide

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In the last year we’ve seen a growing number of Startups and SME’s, primarily in the US, importing cookware, kitchenware and other food contact materials – many of which are present on Amazon.com. We thought it was just about time to cover this segment in its very own product guide.

In this week’s article, we explain everything you need to know to find the right manufacturer, and why compliance with European and American food contact material regulations cannot be taken for granted, when sourcing in China.

Manufacturing clusters in China

Kitchen utensils is not a uniform category of products, and therefore production is not concentrated in a specific city, region or province. That said, there are locations of interest for importers of cookware, kitchenware, and other food contact materials, in the following Chinese cities: Continue reading Cookware & Kitchenware Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide