• Supplier Scams in China: How to Get Your Money Back: By Kai Xue and Li Xianyun

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    Supplier scams

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    Small businesses importing from Asia get scammed everyday. You’ve heard the stories, so that probably doesn’t come as news. Most people would assume that there is no recourse, if you are scammed by a fake supplier.

    But, I know two Chinese lawyers that don’t agree.

    This week, we publish a practical ‘how to guide’ for reporting scams directly to the Chinese authorities and getting your money back – co-authored by Mr Kai Xue and Mr Li Xianun – both lawyers working for DeHeng Law Offices in Beijing.

    In this article, Kai and Li explains how you should deal with fraud situations, including how you should manage the scammers and how to file a police report (that will actually be accepted).

    Kai Xue and Li Xianyun, please tell us a bit about your backgrounds and roles at DeHeng Law Offices

    Kai Xue (Left photo) is a transactional lawyer advising mostly in cross-border finance and outbound mergers and
    acquisitions. Li Xianyun (Right photo) is a litigation lawyer representing clients in general commercial arbitration or litigation, including disputes stemming from foreign trade.

    Aside from our professional interest in being engaged in legal matters, we are enthusiastic about providing better public information on smoothly conducting business in China, and if necessary, catching bad guys.

    Let’s assume that I am an Importer. I wire money and my supplier does not deliver goods that comply with our quality requirements. What is the first thing I should do?

    In cases where you have a commercial dispute based on unsatisfactory quality rather than outright fraud by the seller, the Importer should first notify the supplier in writing of the discrepancies.

    For more technical deficiencies, the Importer should consult an independent surveyor or statutory quality assurance institution if the goods fall short of quality requirements.

    If the seller does not remedy the issue then consider commencing litigation or arbitration proceedings based on breach of contract.

    For small buyers, it is often too costly to engage in legal action abroad. Are there any ‘simpler’ methods to get your money back from a supplier in case of a commercial dispute?

    For small volume Importers in a commercial dispute, where the loss may not justify the cost of extensive legal action, Importers may still engage a local lawyer to take the preliminary action of a demand letter to the seller threatening legal action in local courts or arbitration unless the seller pays or provides a remedy within a set deadline.

    If a demand letter however is not responded to it’s difficult to take further action without instituting legal proceedings.

    At the end of the day there may be no further action possible then to write a detailed review of the fraudulent seller and share information on discussion boards for Importers to provide the rest of the marketplace with helpful feedback.

    Now, let’s assume that I wire money and the supplier suddenly disappears. This is an outright fraud, rather than a commercial dispute. Can anything be done to get my money back?

    Yes the Importer can get money back from the criminals through involving the police unlike in commercial disputes.

    Although the simplest way for the Importer to recover is through negotiation with the fraudulent seller, any negotiation is made possible in conjunction with the criminal process.

    Only with the pressure of a police investigation bearing down on them, will the fraudulent seller negotiate in earnest as their intention all along was to get away with a crime.

    How can an Importer initiate the police report in China, and how do you get the police to accept your report and officially file a case?

    Act quickly. Get your documents according to the checklist below in order.

    The Importer should not be slowed by a request by the fraudulent seller to discuss an amicable settlement.

    It’s probably an insincere overture to stall for time or to make the fraud committed by them look like a commercial dispute to dissuade police from becoming involved as handling commercial disputes is not the responsibility of the police.

    The Importer should initiate the police report at the level of the county (rural) or district (urban) police in the local mainland China jurisdiction where the company is registered.

    Police effectiveness is uneven in China as reflected in the gap between advanced major urban metropolises and hinterlands that lag behind.

    Local police have the discretion to either accept the report made by the Importer and officially commence an investigation or decline to take further action on the report by the Importer.

    The working relationship between the local police and the local lawyer representing the Importer is pivotal to the decision by the police to further investigate or decline to act.

    Finding the appropriate local lawyer experienced in interacting with the local police department is a challenge.

    Ideally the Importer will need to first engage a law firm based in a major city experienced in cross border matters and able to communicate in English to navigate the Importer through the process and find the appropriate local lawyer to push through the case.

    Once the police are on the case progress may be swift as fraudulent sellers are often unorganized individuals who assume impunity due to international borders.

    Once hauled into the interrogation room, a fraudulent seller may be readily willing to negotiate restitution based on available resources, including money remaining from the fraud and contributions of cash and assets from relatives.

    These negotiations, though may drag on for months as the fraudulent seller finds sources of support to pay restitution.

    Do you have a checklist for preparing the police report?

    Every case varies, but the following is a starting point.

    • Engagement documents (for engagement of attorney)
    • Power of Attorney (authorizing the attorney to act as your legal representative);
    • Certificate of Incorporation or Business License of your company.
    • Evidence (if applicable)
    • E-mails (exchanges and communication log between you and the suspect)
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Contract
    • Pro forma Invoice
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Insurance Policy
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Bill of Lading
    • Packaging List
    • Container Weight Declaration and Packaging Declaration
    • Third Party Test Report
    • Other Required Evidence

    The ideal situation is to avoid being scammed from the start. Do you have any tips for how Importers can avoid scams?

    The first stop is your [Chinaimportal’s] excellent piece with tips on doing due diligence, including reviewing certifications, looking for indications of specialization and industry knowledge and reviewing the company’s profile for details including address registered capital, foreign currency holdings.

    I would add one note along those lines of your article’s suggestions for due diligence.

    An Importer should also consider making use of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (全国企业信用信息公示系统 ), an official government website in Chinese that enables searches of basic public information for all registered domestic enterprises.

    The information disclosed from searches on the website includes registered address, shareholders, registered capital, solvency status, filing status of annual reports, etc.

    However, don’t be too impressed by the figures disclosed for registered capital, which does not necessarily represent the actual amount of capital that has been paid-up, as the Company Law, amended in 2014, has removed the time limit and the minimum threshold for actual capital contribution.

    However, local practice may require that a newly enterprise invest sufficient capital.

    For large purchases, it’s economically worthwhile to take further due diligence steps.

    For example, an Importer may appoint a professional investigator to conduct an on-site visit to the company (factories or offices) to better understand the scale and status of the company.

    An Importer may also engage a law firm to conduct research on the company’s previous involvement in arbitration and/or litigation proceedings and outcomes of the proceedings, ongoing enforcement actions against the company by regulatory agencies, and any listing of the company and its legal representative as a discredited enterprise.

    If we are speaking more broadly of minimizing the risk of disputes rather than avoiding fraud, an Importer should prepare a contract that specifies the essential terms of the purchase.

    A detailed written agreement will better ensure parties are on the same page and enhance the ability of the Importer to take action against the Chinese seller in Chinese courts or through arbitration.

    As to choosing between courts or arbitration, given the heavy workload faced by Chinese judges and the time-consuming two-instance adjudication scheme, arbitration is a more effective and welcomed means for quick resolution.

    To this end, the parties need to include an arbitration clause into their written sales contract or have an independent arbitration agreement from the beginning.

    There are certain aspects to note in order to expedite arbitration proceedings although these aspects are not mandatory the following clauses are recommended:

    (1) selection of Chinese law as the governing law of the contract;

    (2) drafting the contract in Chinese or bilingual with the Chinese version as the prevailing one; and

    (3) selection Chinese as the arbitration language.

    For a more extensive overview on preparing a sales contract with an original equipment manufacturer or intermediary, please refer to this knowledgeable piece by Dan Harris from China Law Blog with pointers on preparing the sales contract.

    Finally, how can you and DeHeng Law Offices help Importers?

    We can assist Importers in involving the police against a fraudulent seller and negotiate a settlement or if all else fails see to it that the bad guys face justice.

    If you run into a commercial dispute we can also support you in negotiations or represent you in disputes.

    Lastly if you need to enforce an arbitration award granted by an arbitration body outside of China then we can assist you in the last step, which is recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award in China.

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  • 78 Responses to “Supplier Scams in China: How to Get Your Money Back: By Kai Xue and Li Xianyun

    1. Hanson Maduagwu at 8:55 pm

      This is a very important article for all importers. I ha e recently been scammed by a supplier in China and I want to pursue the case to reviver my money.

      1. ChinaImportal at 7:46 am

        Hi Hanson,

        I hope you will find a way to get your money back!

      2. anon at 2:12 am

        How did you go with it?

      3. Meena at 7:23 pm

        Beware of #alexLau , #LiuJinhua #刘金华 (Chinese name)
        (link: http://www.omvision.com)

        Fraud Company #omvision #omwave #ombeacon #omfocus

        #supplierblacklist #Blacklist #chinaSuppliers #scambook #alibaba #madeinchina #HKTDC #fraud

    2. umair ahmed at 4:10 pm

      Good Day,

      I have place an order On Alibaba Paid already,Now i am facing serious problem that my supplier is not contacting me after i made payment into his account.i have place an order for 1000 pcs for smart watches Dz09 and 160 pcs bluetooth hat.

      This is my 3rd order with him i don’t know whats Happening with him .I made Payment on 06th June 2017.But he is not in my Contact since 8th of June 2017.Kindly help me to sort out its really irritating me because my customer are waiting for stuff.

    3. adel at 6:16 pm

      Hai all, im from Malaysia, make an order for 1,500metres of printed scarf. But its delayed so long, bad quality of fabric(not same like sample before) and lack of metres. My customer really angry and do a police report like im lie to them. 2 weeks ago they promise to compensate the lack metres only, but still not process untill now. I really want all my money. it’s already 1month since I make a police report. kindly advise me what to do and how to start to ask a full refund?

    4. gontarbradford@gmail.com at 1:42 pm

      i lost money to some fake binary options merchant, i was devastated but with the help of one guy i met online , i was able to recover my money .

      1. fred klint at 1:47 pm

        please can you refer me to the person that recovered your money, i lost $85000, to IQoptions last week.

      2. Rachel at 8:49 am

        Who helped you recover money,? Can you share ?

    5. Rose Kati at 5:59 am

      How to make publish a scammer identity?

    6. Rose Kati at 5:59 am

      How to publish a scammer identity?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 10:54 am

        That said, you should only do this if you can prove that the supplier is a scammer.

        1. Rodney Stewart at 9:19 pm

          Hi Fredrick I lost some to scammer on Facebook who claims to sell engine ..when I sent my money the person turn around and block me ..the name page on Facebook is factory Mercury outboard Yahama .how can you help me sir get my money back .I try Makin up another page and is the same thing he or she is doing

          1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:04 pm

            Hi Rodney,

            How did you send the money?

    7. Steve Kilby at 6:19 pm

      Hi Frederick
      I am based in England I sent money from my bank to a new supplier in 🇨🇳 china approx a week ago I kept checking with him after sending the money to make sure he had received it so that he could send the stock , I checked with my bank to make he had received the money… as soon as he had he ceased to communicate with me … my own bank has tried to retrieve the money but met with no success… I am now at a loss to know what to do !!! Can you help??
      Best regards
      Steve. K

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 9:54 am

        Hi Steve,

        Did you pay directly to the supplier or to a private account? Did you pay to a bank in Mainland China or elsewhere?

    8. Mara at 11:56 am

      Paid a supplier in China for a smart phone. The one received was fake, sent him straight away and email with photos stating all the differences. He just replied that he sent an original and does not know how this happened. I requested full compensation or a new original phone otherwise I will take legal action…but no reply. What can I do? Thanks!

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:19 am

        Hi Mara,

        Taking legal action in China will cost a lot more than the phone is worth.

        Smartphones and other electronics cost more in Mainland China than in the US (even for a gadget made in China), so it makes no sense to buy from there.

        Clearly, he sent you a fake phone, and there is nothing you can do now about it.

    9. Abbi Junaid at 4:16 pm

      Hi Fredrik,
      I am based in England, made 2 molds with a company in China with the guarantee that the molds are mine after final payment. I have fully paid and now to get my molds I am being told I need to manufacture product with them or pay and additional $3000 to take my product which was never disclosed to begin with . It cost me $12,000 for the work. I need your help. Thanks

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 8:57 am

        Hi Abbi,

        Do you have a contract with this supplier?

    10. Rachel at 4:02 am

      Hi Fredrik,

      I have paid this supplier that I found and work with on Alibaba. I made the 60% first payment and 40% payment (via PayPal) upon confirmation of shipping of products. Everything looks good when she sent us the photos of the finished 200 pcs products. However when the box arrived I discovered all 200 pcs have printing defects and none of it is usable! I tried emailing the supplier to demand a rectification but no reply from her. Unfortunately I did not enter a sales agreement form signed by her so in this case what can I do? By paying her through PayPal I understand I might be able to get my money back by entering a dispute.

    11. Sandra at 12:54 pm

      I purchased an NHL jersey, I ordered an ADIDAS but was sent a Reebok. As soon as I received and noticed the difference I emailed them. This was on December
      29, 2017. Since then we have exchanged 20+ emails and they refuse to make it right or refund my money. What can I do?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 10:47 am

        Hi Sandra,

        You cannot buy authentic brand name products from Chinese suppliers.

        Even if NHL jerseys may be manufactured in China, it doesn’t mean that they are available for sale in Asia

    12. pliendante47@gmail.com at 6:54 pm

      With the help of recovery expert i was able to recover my money from a scam broker, happy to share my experience .

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:35 am

        Interesting! Let me know if you want to tell us more about how you did it.

      2. Dimoudu at 4:55 am

        Can you please share your contact info for the recovery expert?

      3. oluwole talabi at 7:38 pm

        please can you assist me? I was purchasing a Diaper manufacturing equipment, sign a purchase agreement and pain a deposit of $162,500. I traveled the China to inspect the machine, found the machine in terrible non-working condition and rusted. I completely rejected the machine and was very disappointed, my visit was 5 months after after the 50% deposit was made, the machine could have been repaired prior to my arrival. I requested a 100% refund as stipulated in our purchase agreement.

        I have hired P&R China for the negotiation phase with no result and just retained another lawyer law firm to file the case in Chinese court. Please kindly advise me on how to collect the money. my email is fta@comcast.net.

    13. Irene at 12:29 am

      Hi Fredrik,

      My name is Irene, and i live in Melbourne Australia. My husband and i run a small landscaping business and after doing a bit of research on a Chinese based company , we went ahead and purchased a bobcat. To cut a long story short we paid $16,000, they have been asking for more money, which we refused to do without proof and an explanation. So now they won’t reply to any of our emails. We have someone in Australian customs looking into it, but unfortunately he isn’t getting any response from them either. I’m really hoping you could help us or guide us somehow.

      Kind Regards

    14. Shoaib Khan at 8:20 am


      We have purchase copper wire scrap from Tianjin (China).But we have received stone.

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 11:33 am

        Hi Shoaib,

        Yes there are many scams in scrap metals. China is not an exporter of resources, so you will not find any cheap scrap metals here.

    15. D Hasemann at 8:11 am

      I purchased some Ralph Lauren Appeal in November 2017 – I have never received the goods although I have been constantly contacting them – they keep saying they have posted them – – they have given me false tracking numbers – I have requested my money back – what can I do now?

    16. mulenga chanda at 7:09 pm

      I ordered handbags from the Chinese man called Robin from Alibaba but we were chatting on whatsapp and he told me that his company’s name is Hong Kong haozhun limited so he gave me his western union details and I sent $145 to this person and after 3 days I asked about the tracking number but he told me that he is waiting for it from the shipping agent.2 days after,I sent him messages to ask about it but he has been ignoring when it’s even showing that he’s online.I tried to check for his company on Alibaba but there’s no results matching that name.

    17. Karina Torres at 4:55 pm


      I ordered a 6″ SS Submersible Electric Pump from a vendor in China. Once the company made the payment the lady in China said they would ship it off. We didn’t hear from her for 2 weeks. She said she was out of town then again I didn’t hear from her for about another 2-3 weeks. I followed up with her once again she said that the amount we paid which was $680 was incorrect she said it was $1,680.00. She said until we paid the rest she would not send the order. We did ask for a refund and she said that Finance did not accept. This has been going on since Feb 1, 2018. I have not heard from her since then. I believe I am dealing with a scammer hear. What do you think?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 8:00 am

        Hi Karina,

        This sounds like a scam. Money is probably lost, but don’t transfer another 1000 USD

    18. Mike balgobin at 4:45 pm

      Hi Fredrick my name is Mike I have a problem with a supplier in China a bought a skid steer in USA Chinese brand name hero time 1 axle is broken on me and I cannot find it anywhere in USA I contact the manufacture in China it took me like 7 month to get someone finally I was working with him I gave model number serial number about two weeks after he told me parts not available then one month he said parts available he sent me quote he gave me instruction to wire money to his bank in China to his personal acc because he DoD not set up an account yet and he is incharged of the part dept I wire the money to his bank in China which is 436.00 us I email him to let me know if he go the money he said yes it’s in my account but he cannot take it out from his account because I stated on memo as goods I should stated as a gift or wages or salary it’s been going on for about 2 months now he told me to change it with my bank my bank told me day cannot do anything it inhis personal account and he has to send it back to me or he has to ok the funds I contact him Manny times to do so he keep telling me I can take care of it which I cannot my bank told me it is a wire stripping it fraud now he is not answering me back and my machine is down for about 9 months now is there anywhere I can get some help for someone to call to make a complaint I have been trying to call for 4 days now no answer the company has 4 different number I tried from 9pm to 6am time so please I can use help thanks

    19. Bobby at 11:22 am

      Hi Fredrick,
      I’m based in the UK and I recently purchased tempered glass for mobile phones for $1300 I transferred the funds to the company bank account of the Chinese supplier, please note I have previously purchased from this supplier without issues however now I contact the supplier to confirm if payment has come into their account and the advise no funds have come, I’ve checked with my bank and they confirm funds were sent and have been received by the buyers bank HSBC.

      Now my question to you is can I take any action on this and if so can you recommend a legal firm in China who I can employ to file a complaint against the supplier?

      Please advise, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 11:27 am

        Hi Bobby,

        1. Is the supplier listed on Alibaba.com?

        2. Is the bank account beneficiary matching the supplier name?

    20. Boby jose at 5:47 am

      Hi I was dealing with this company for a while , I sent money to them again but they supplied bad products and I demanded replacement and they made me send the stuff to China instead of Hong Kong. But China border caught the stuff and didn’t release it . Customs requested for details I was about to provided but my supplies stoped me doing that . Then I waited and they did not realsed it . I was told my supplier she will take care of everything but after a while she shut it down the company and apparently she did open a new company . I have that detail also so how can I get my money back it happened in 2016

    21. vikas at 10:03 am

      I was cheated by a chinese business man. He promised to ship the goods against an advance payment. I wired the amount but he didnot ship the goods. I have been following up for the last so many months but he is making fake promises.
      Please let me know how you can help me

    22. Anil at 6:57 am


      Our company tried to import from China, they took complete payment of USD 16,592 for 17 MT. false and fabricated B/L were raised to get payment, however, only one tonne material was supplied, that too something else. Material was imported in the year 2013 and now 2018, please advise

    23. Usman at 11:10 am

      Hi, I have had an issue with a supplier in China where he has been sending me products some good and some bad but every single product has at least a scratch or mark leading me to believe he is selling factory seconds?

      My last order was for £2000 and about £350 of it is completely faulty and unusable. Another £500 worth is marked with small scratches etc.

      I have asked the seller for a partial refund of £350 to which he made many excuses about how his partner was not there to authorise it and then he has now blocked me on every channel so I can’t even contact him anymore.

      I have opened a case with PayPal and they have favoured with me but he is refusing to partial refund so I must send all of the goods back to China (out of my own pocket) to receive a full refund.

      Is there anything I can do? It is going to cost me another £300 to £400 to ship the items back and also I will have lost £400 I had to pay in Customs charges. I am in a really difficult spot and I want to bring justice to this scumbag because the state of some of the items he sent me is absolutely disgraceful and he definitely knew he was sending me the faulty stuff.

    24. Sallie at 10:42 am

      I bought a beauty machine from dhgate but the seller closed there store, and emailed me with there details i transfered the money via western union ive transfered around 2000usd in total ive over 300 emails from this seller and the courier has changed 3 times which ive had to pay for. Ive never recieved and invoice tracking or delivery note from the couriers. Ive emailed again and again but now they dont not reply. The seller stated they work at zhenao beauty equipment co ltd but they do as ive been incontact with this company who have been very good infact helping. I have the email address for this person and the 2 address for western union i sent the money to, my bank wont refund and western uniin are useless what can i do about this matter also dhgate are not intrested as i didnt pay using there online payment

    25. Ildiko Dekanova at 8:01 am

      I am frin slovakia
      I ordere a robot cleaner machine in price 59 dollars
      I ordered on internet allway shop..not only i ordered ..there is around 5090 people who orderded and received the item not that what they are offered us on that advertising video..
      We all payed by PAYPAL..
      I already informed the paypal and with the help of paypal..get connected that brand..
      They are want me to send back the item..and they not promissing than they will refund money..how can i continue with this to receive 100%my 59 dollars back…
      If it will be succesfully than..i would like to help to the rest of the peopeles ..who get scaimed by that brand..
      Thank you to answer me.

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 10:51 am

        Try to file a dispute on PayPal.

    26. Barbara S. at 2:10 pm

      Hi, Fredrik.

      I purchased a backpack via site kannaconnection.ca This site was mascarading as a canadian one. So I was sure that I was buying a genuine item. But when my card was charged, I saw that the currency was Chinese.
      On day five he or she sent me the tracking number and in a week I recieved the parcel. But when I opened the package my fears became true. Instead of the backpack I’ve paid for 75 euros (including the delivery fee), I recieved a small pink bag of lowest quality. There was the price stated on the parcel – 30 euro.
      So I immediately sent the iten back and on top of 75 euro I had paid, I paid 9 euro more for the returning shipment. After that I contacted the seller via email, sent him the photos, the tracking number and the postal bills, asking for the refund.

      After several days I recieved the answer. The seller admitted his mistake and suggested me to keep that bag or try to resell it and he would make the refund of 15 euro!
      That solution did not work for me in the least.

      We’re exchanging letters from August 17, but the seller refuses to refund the full sum of my money. In my last letter which I’ve sent him today I’ve threatened to write to State Administration for Industry & Commerce of China and China Consumers’ Association. Get no responce yet.

      I’m at a loss of what to do next. The problem is that I have only his email and postal address, no other contact info.

      Kind regards,
      Barbara S.

      1. Patrice Sexton at 8:50 pm

        I have had the same problem with shoes I ordered from KANLOE.COM for Dansko clogs. I had no idea this was a company in China. After the transaction posted to my credit card account with a foreign transaction fee then I found out. When the shipment arrived from China inside were three pairs of Nike sneakers all the same. I emailed the contact us page from the website to receive an email from the supplier stating he was sorry I received the wrong item. The product I ordered is now out of stock and I could receive a 10% refund, keeping the items I received. I told him unacceptable with emails back and forth. The last email stating his superior says a 40% refund and I keep the items. This is so horrible! People have no shame!
        Good luck with getting your money refunded!
        Patrice S.

    27. Cassie at 3:53 pm

      My father has also been scammed. They agreed to return 2590€ a few months ago and how they refuse to talk to us. What can we do?

    28. Barbara S. at 10:37 am

      You can go to you bank and file for a charge back procedure if you paid via visa or mastercard. It’s a long process and you need to gather all the evidence of scamming. You can also find out the registration number of the Chinese company and write to State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other China authoritie even to the police. The sum is big, I think they will take action.

      1. Ivan Malloci at 11:08 am

        Hello Barbara,

        if you are importing in order to resell, probably the amount will be too big to use a credit card. Most of our clients pay via bank transfer.

    29. Sucker Inc at 12:02 am

      Boy people are stupid. Do not buy anything from China for more than $5 USD. You have to be retarded to buy anything more expensive. Remember in their culture its ok to be a thief!!!

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 11:31 am

        While fraud is a risk, I wouldn’t say that being thief is by any means acceptable in China

    30. Philipp C. van der Torre at 11:56 am

      How many years we have to claim in the Chines courts after having no success with neither the intervention of the Hebei District lawyer’s nor with our possible Chinese lawyers, who advises us to go to court and not wait any longer. How many years we have on legally denouncing the bad quality supplier? The wrong materia supply was shipped in 2012, and we claimed immediately upon receipt of the defective steel items!
      Thanks for your help and best regards, Philipp

    31. Maggie Dallimore at 1:54 pm

      We have recently been scammed and arr trying to figure out how to get funds returned.

    32. Aishah at 2:52 am

      Hi, I made payment to the Supplier and he could not be reached after payment. How do I make police report in china ? I am based in Malaysia

    33. Soham at 5:54 pm

      Hi Fredrik
      I bought complete machine line from china,I bought based on catalogue and also visited at there.
      Now he has supplied all machines but intended products are not getting from them.and now he is not responding.we made one MOM during visit at there,and clearly mentioned that off machine not getting products out as per my requirements than modification to be done in machine free of cost,and after any modifications not getting products than machine to revert and pay back all amount.
      But now products are not getting out and they are not responding,kindly suggest me.

    34. Latoya at 12:52 am

      Since August, we have sent $600usd to a seller from Ioffer for watches and nothing yet all he is doing is giving us tracking numbers for other people items but nothing for us…how can we get the police involved here his info is [EDITED] from Shanghai China his phone number is [EDITED] and [EDITED] he just block us on WhatsApp his WhatsApp number is [EDITED]

      1. Latoya at 10:56 am

        How long does it take for someone to help you with the police information to get your money back or items you paid for?

    35. Umar Ahmed at 8:38 pm

      Hello Mr. Fredrik

      I am in a problem please help me. I got a supplier from globalcourses and i buy 3 units of Original Apple iphones from him. after shipped out from the company. He told me your package in custody of india mumbai customs department and they are demanding customs duty charges for 13 units of iphones 6s plus 128gb unlocked when i investigate then supplier asked me that by mistake 13 units are shipped out from us to you. After i trust on supplier i paid customs of india. Now he is asking your parcel in your country in pakistan and pakistan port authority found some iphones xs max in the parcel and they are demanding 1000usd for parcel clearence. When I demanding for documents of my parcel which issued from port authority of pakistan. He is asking documents with shipping courier and this is not policy to provide any documents to customers. After all i sent 2 emails about my parcel documents to shipping courier TRANS ROYAL LOGISTICKS they did not answer my any email. Please help me. I have all data about supplier company invoice and transations clips and emails and whatsapp chat backup.

      I need help.

      Best Regards
      Umar Ahmed

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 10:09 am

        Hi Umar,

        This is a scam. There are no “cheap iPhones” in China. I don’t think they ever shipped anything.

    36. cassie ivins at 9:49 pm

      For a year now I’ve been trying to get my 2500€ euros back to no avail. What can I do ? I have the invoices, bank transfer receipts and all conversations. Can anyone help?

    37. Ronnie at 11:17 am

      Hello Fredrik
      I’m from Japan, i ordered 5pcs of computer parts (GPU card) from supplier in vietnam i saw from alibaba,they ship 47 pcs and tell me that the shipping agency got mistake.and then they ask me to pay half of that 47 pcs. when i tell them i can’t pay them they told me that i have to wait for 90days because of their return policy.when i told them that i will report them to alibaba they said i wont get my money back if i do that.

    38. Shaps at 10:56 am

      i got scammed by http://www.serviceexpertsnow.com/
      They are selling designer clothers but when you order they the wrong product. Cheap quality stuff. And say it was a mistake. Then they ask for more money to resend the other. Im so frustrated with chinese crooks online.

    39. Donald Gee at 2:47 am

      How can we get in touch with Kai Xue and Li Xianyun or other lawyer like them in area where China Company is located to write a simple letter and maybe backed with phone call to the company? This is done in USA all time with such problems, often with good results and low in cost.

      I would bet that in China most bad guy businesses will respond because Communist Chinese Government is nothing to mess with. Especially if problem is something easy to handle.

      Example: My situation is with freight forwarding company on Alibaba that quit talking with me because I didn’t wanted to use different provided because of communication problem we had. They are keeping $400 my product consolidated into their warehouse. Now they want me to send them $180 direct to their bank. I say NO! I will pay in a escrow service like Alipay for what they have done. They do not answer or reply. In essence they are trying to steal product if I don’t comply with releasing my product to a different shipper. ( all this information is verified on my Alibaba in myMessaging area).

      Please help me with reply to: donaldelliottgee@yahoo.com

      Don Gee

      1. Ivan Malloci at 2:34 pm

        Hi there,

        we included their website in this article!

    40. Donald Gee at 3:02 am

      This is Don Gee again. Sorry,
      I made errors in writing content above. I submitted too quick:
      I meant to say the shipping company is keeping product because I am wanting to go with different shipper that I could work with because this shipper: Shenzhen Yucheng International Transport Co LTD that I was using was NOT even willing to pay them for what they did. Instead they want $180 direct to their bank without using Escrow system ( Alipay, Alibaba Secure Trade, etc). I say not to that! Escrow systems are a good tool for all people who read this post. Alibaba is nothing but a robot system for arbitration that doesn’t work except for very rare cases. Suppliers in Alibaba know that Alibaba claims of supporting buyers are a paper tiger. But Alibaba sourcing does have some benefits.

      Anyway rest of my above post is ok. Sorry about not reviewing my writing. Hope content of this post now makes very good sense. China Lawyers sending letters and or simple phone call I think would be worth the cost if they are low in cost. In the USA Lawyers do this for not too much money in many cases.
      Don Gee

    41. alx at 11:55 pm

      It’s been 3 months since you had to ship the parcel, but this scamer does not answer. I have all the proofs of payment and all the conversations on whatsapp. I will continue to take the evidence to the polite, but I want to report on all the sites

    42. entony at 11:59 pm

      I paied a my suppler in china by hsbc bank in hong kong , the first time all is gone ok ,but this time supplier said did not received my money. From my side hsbc bank all is ok confirmed how can i do ?
      thank u

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 3:52 pm

        Hi Entony,

        Did HSBC in Hong Kong confirm that the money arrived in the supplier’s bank account?

    43. USA at 9:16 am

      $50000 reward to whoever can get my money back. The scammers are not hiding. They are in Shandong Province. Serious only. Yes, that’s fifty thousand US dollars.

    44. Barnabas at 1:39 pm

      I am Barnabas from Nigeria.
      I have been in trade relationship with a company (Bangya lighting) in China for the past 2years and they have been sending good items (Led par cans) to me with satisfaction.

      I placed an order last year November and i was shocked by the low quality of product sent.
      I quickly lodged a complaint with them and all i was told is to send those led par can lights back to them.

      I asked the person i contact regularly in the company for a refund and told her (Jenny) of how my customers had rejected the products.

      All my emails and message were read but never replied again.

      Please, what do i do to file a case against the company and get a refund?


    45. Hafida at 9:40 pm

      in my case i believe it’s clearly a fraud. The supplier has a website selling different hazardous waste containers. I was interested in getting something designed specially for our research lab then contacted them. The only contact i had with them was a guy called “Barry”. He never talked to me over phone or skype, he was cancelling those calls appointements with different excuses. I naively thought it was because of the language barrier, then didn’t insist much.(Ahh…I feel so stupid now!)
      He didn’t want to work on the design of the products to show us what he could produce as “it will be easy” for them. They “can do everything” ( and, if you wonder, yes, I trusted him!!). He insisted saying that they had issues with previous customers making them work on designs and waste their time, never purchasing the goods. Anyway, he insisted in increasing our order quantity (we did) and of course PREPAYMENT. 1600 USD. My University created an official Purchase Order and paid (Oct 2018). After he received the money, he still answered us and I worked on the design of the bio-waste container with them. They didn’t do much on the design…I was the one doing everything..he just kept answering me…founding excuses for delays (holidays, christmas, new year, chinese new year etc)…and then tried to get more money from us. 6 MONTHS after – NOTHING. and NO ANSWERS anymore. Neither emails, neither calls. *****AVOID DIGISK***** They are clearly THIEVES. I hope this review will help other people not falling in the same kind of fraud …and thanks for this super nice article. I wish I read it before ;) Kind Regards, Hafida

    46. Carmen Giles at 4:30 pm

      My husband and I run a business in England. We had been using the same supplier for several years. The last order we placed was for £23000. Their email had been hacked and the incorrect bank details were on the invoice!!! Needless to say we never saw a single item from the order. Our bank did try to retrieve our money. however when asked by the bank in China to return the money, the thieves simply said “NO WE DO NOT WANT TO GIVE IT BACK”. Since then we have had to let go off three staff and the business is not looking good. The stress and financial problems caused by these type of people is huge. It would appear that the system in set up to help the fraudsters rather than honest people.

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:06 pm

        Hi Carmen,

        Yes, payment frauds are terrible. Did you pay to a personal account or a company account?

    47. HADJAR BESSAIH at 1:51 am

      I’ve been scammed by a chinese university they sent me fake admission letter and fake JW202 So basically I’ve been scamed by the chinese goverment since they belong to the goverment can I sue them ?? or it’s a big case ?

      1. Ivan Malloci at 11:39 am

        Hi there,

        I’m sorry but Chinaimportal.com deals with manufacturers, not with schools

      2. Fredrik Gronkvist at 6:32 pm

        It sounds extremely unlikely that a Chinese university would issue fake invitation letters. How did you pay them?

    48. Z at 10:01 am

      Thanks for the info. Will be in contact soon about some things I want to get made.

      My recent experience is working with a vendor I have used mutiple times. They have sourced multiple different products for me. They “Found” a product I was looking for and then when I paid, it was no longer available. This part i believe.

      Long story short, they’re saying it’s too hard to send money back because of tax ramifications or whatever, so want me to order something else or keep until next order. This part sounds dubious. Surely they do refunds at some point.
      It’s about $6k USD, so not sure if worth the lawyer thing, we’re still sort of talking at this stage, but we’ll see.

      My suggestion for others is to pay with paypal or other service you can dispute with. The ability to cancel easier is worth the fee cost.

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