List of Sourcing Companies in Taiwan: Our Top 8 Picks

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Looking for a product sourcing company in Taiwan? In this guide, we list 8 Taiwan-based sourcing companies with various capabilities and product specializations. Each company profile includes main products, services, and much more.

Listed Companies

  • Global Sourcing Services
  • Buyers Choice Inc.
  • Qiao Song Technology
  • Taiwan Trading
  • Asia Tech Source
  • Melchers Taiwan
  • Argonaut International Company
  • Victradco


We are not affiliated with any of the companies listed in this guide. We have selected these companies based on their claimed product scope, history, certification, and capabilities.

Global Sourcing Services

Global Sourcing Service (GSS) was established in 2015 as a provider of integrated sourcing, quality assurance, logistics, and other services related to the supply chain.

GSS’s service initiated from helping customers identify potential countries to import or export by conducting industrial research and providing comprehensive analysis demonstrating the core competence of a certain business through the SWOT method.

GSS considers the suppliers from the perspectives of the adequacy of production facilities and capabilities, quality management system, performance in management, ability to understand customers’ needs, potential business risks, and the prospect of future cooperation.

Currently, GSS’s business stretches to a wide variety of industries, including toys, furniture, kitchenware, electronics, and other general merchandise.

Products Categories


  • Suppliers sourcing
  • Product development
  • Financial planning
  • Quality assurance

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2015
  • Location: Taipei

Address: Room 610, 6F, No. 205, Dunhua N Road, Songshan District, Taipei

Buyers Choice Inc.

Buyers Choice Inc. (BCI) is a sourcing company that was established in 1995. BCI is headquartered in Tainan and has expanded its representative offices to Mainland China (Dongguan and Shanghai), Sarasota (Florida, US), and Paris. The company specializes in finding and vetting manufacturers of general merchandise.

In addition to the supplier sourcing, and pre-production screening processes, BCI’s aids are persistent throughout the entire manufacturing and logistic processes, involving in-line factory inspection, orders follow up, sea, air, and land logistic monitoring, customs clearance, documentation,

In addition, BCI offers extra value services including arrangements of factory visits, hotel and transportation, translation, and advisory services.

Products Categories


  • Supplier sourcing
  • Supplier screening
  • Production inspection
  • Logistics
  • Fulfillment

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1995
  • Location: Tainan

Address: 16, 2F-1, Hsing-Hua Street, Tainan

Qiao Song Technology

Qiao Song Technology is a Taiwanese product sourcing company that offers comprehensive product sourcing and quality assurance services. According to the information displayed on Qiao Song’s official website, the company is ISO 9001 certified.

Qiao Song mainly serves construction and hardware industries, including manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor of wooden furniture, hand tool sets, store fixtures, and bicycles.

Products Categories

  • Modular wood furniture
  • Construction products
  • Hardware
  • Store fixtures
  • Bicycle components


  • Comprehensive sourcing
  • Supplier background verification
  • Inspection
  • Quality control
  • Factory auditing
  • Risk management

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: Not mentioned
  • Location: Taichung

Address: No.13, Wugong 5th Road, Wufeng District, Taichung

Taiwan Trading

Taiwan Trading was founded in Taipei in 2008, mainly helping startups and SME companies in supplier sourcing and fast entry into the Taiwanese business market.

The company is experienced in looking for manufacturers that can help you design your custom product and create the first prototype, before moving to mass production.

Finally, Taiwan Trading helps domestic and international sellers establish their company reputation and increase sales volumes by offering e-commerce development and construction services for websites as well as mobile applications.

Products Categories

  • Apparels
  • Electronics
  • Household products


  • Product sourcing
  • Supplier background verification
  • Factory inspection

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2008
  • Location: Taipei

Address: Room 16, 10F, 567 Guangfu South Road, Taipei

Asia Tech Source

Asia Tech Source was established in 1986 in Taipei as a provider of consumer goods and engineered hardware products sourcing services.

More specifically, the company is experienced in procurement work of metallurgy and plastics products, such as hand tools, hardware, and electronic devices, in addition to household and pet products.

Asia Tech Source expanded its representative offices and manufacturing facilities to Vietnam in order to exploit the geographic and economic advantages in the South East Asian area.

Meanwhile, the company also owns a manufacturing center in Jiangsu province, mainly providing injection-molding and assembly services for hardware and electronic accessories.

Having first-hand experience in hardware components manufacturing makes Asia Tech Source pays extra attention to every detail of the production procedures, from initial prototypes, off-tool samples, pilot production runs to final fulfillment processes.

Products Categories

  • Hand tools
  • Hardware
  • Electronic accessories
  • Building materials
  • Kitchenware
  • Toiletry supplies
  • Pet products


  • Product sourcing
  • Price negotiation
  • Supplier background verification
  • Factory inspection
  • Hardware manufacturing

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1986
  • Location: Taipei

Address: 2F, No. 71, Lane 145, Tunhua North Road, Taipei

Melchers Taiwan

Melchers Taiwan is a subsidiary of Melchers Group from Germany. The company first established its foothold in Taiwan in 1971 and is operating five offices in three locations in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, employing more than 100 professionals.

Melchers is capable of providing a broad set of services including sourcing, procurement, marketing, sales, and distribution.

In the process of sourcing, Melchers’ supplier screening and auditing criteria are based on a standard of the procedure developed by the company and mainly concerns factors like product quality and cost, certifications, quality control, references, reputation, enterprise social responsibility.

The product sourcing services are offered to clients in the industry of construction materials, electronic components, general merchandise, and promotional items.

Products Categories

  • Retail goods
  • Promotional items
  • Construction materials
  • Electronic components and assemblies


  • Finished goods sourcing
  • Electronic components sourcing
  • Cost budgeting
  • Supplier background verification
  • Factory inspection

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1971
  • Location: Taipei

Address: 9F., Golden Stone Building, No.380, Lin Shen North Road, Taipei

Argonaut International Company

Argonaut International Company was founded in the early 1980s in Taipei, providing a complete sourcing solution for hardware products, radiofrequency technology components, test and measurement, cable testers, network testers, and electrical testers.

Argonaut’s integrated sourcing services included market research and consultation, full quality test and inspection, shipment management, and packaging design.

Products Categories

  • Structured cables
  • Test and measurement devices
  • Radiofrequency technology components
  • Tool cases and bags
  • Network troubleshooting tools


  • Hardware products sourcing
  • Electronic components sourcing
  • Cost budgeting
  • Supplier background verification
  • Factory inspection
  • Quality control

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1980
  • Location: Taipei

Address: 114 2F., No.13, Ln. 120, Section 1, Neihu Road, Neihu District, Taipei


Victrado is a full-service sourcing and product management company based in Taipei, which was set up in 1967. The company has extensive experience in sourcing souvenirs, holiday gifts, household decors, decorative lightings, sculptures, and furniture.

In addition to the headquarter office in Taipei, Victradco has expanded its liaison throughout South East Asia to better explore opportunities in countries that have comparative advantages in certain resources and products.

Products Categories

  • Holiday gifts
  • Souvenirs
  • Household furniture
  • Raw materials


  • Product sourcing
  • Market consultation

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1967
  • Location: Taipei

Address: 9F, No. 212, Rui Guang Road, Neihu District, Taipei

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