Procurement and Purchasing Agents in China: A Complete Guide

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Purchasing and procurement agents have proven to be essential during the COVID-19 pandemic – keeping supply chains running when buyers have been unable to visit suppliers and trade shows in China. That said, all procurement and purchasing agents differ in terms of expertise, transparency, methodology, and pricing.

In this guide, I clarify what importers must know when selecting purchasing and procurement in China – or when scrutinizing their existing agents.


  • Evaluation
  • Methodology
  • Supplier Networks
  • Offered Services
  • Revenue Model
  • FAQ


Procurement Agent Evaluation

a. Product Expertise

Knowledge about a product and industry is a decisive factor. First, an insider has much more comprehensive product expertise, which is required to understand what makes good quality (and price) for a certain product. Second, this may also speed up supplier sourcing and vetting procedures, as they can utilize an existing network of suppliers.

However, don’t expect to find an existing Procurement and Purchasing Agency for every single niche product out there. And, even when you do, it’s up to you to communicate your quality requirements and product specs – to properly educate your agency.

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  • 1. Product design and material selection
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b. Offered Services

There is no set standard for what exactly a China-based Procurement and Purchasing Agency should offer. Some offer more of a ‘one-stop shop’ solution while others are strictly specialized, only performing specific functions. We will get back to the latter later, but first, let’s dig deeper into what various Procurement and Purchasing Agencies actually offer:

Service Description
Supplier Identification
& Price Research
Supplier sourcing is the foundation of any Procurement and Purchasing Agency unless they are working with an existing supplier network. However, the methods used to select suppliers vary greatly. While some agents base their selection entirely on relationships, kickbacks, and low prices, others have sophisticated methods of identifying suppliers.
Design Capabilities
Some agents act as commodity traders, while others are specialized in developing custom-designed products. Each one of these has their places, and shall not be handed projects for which they aren’t qualified.
Quality Inspections
Some Purchasing Agencies have in-house Quality Inspectors, while others subcontract this to a specialized Quality Assurance agency. In most cases, it makes sense to find your own QC partner, as this is not only more cost-efficient but also more secure. Specialized Quality Inspection firms tend to operate according to international evaluation protocols, for example, AQL. In addition, they also have local offices all over China, thereby reducing travel expenses and speeding up the process.
Product Compliance & Testing
This one ties in directly to Product Expertise, so read the following closely: There is not a single individual, or even company, in this world, that possesses the expertise and experience needed to ensure compliance with all regulations, in all markets, for all products. At best, a Procurement Agency may have relevant experience in their field, but most may not even have the basic knowledge. Product Compliance is such a complex area in itself that you shouldn’t even expect your agency to know what is required. You’ll need to find a specialized, probably local, partner for this.
Shipping & Logistics
Purchasing Agencies normally have partnerships with freight forwarders, which can help you to manage shipping from point A to B. You also may use a local partner that is what you prefer.
Customs Procedures, Import Taxes & VAT
The customs clearance and import tax declaration are normally not managed by the procurement agent. Instead, this is within the service scope of most Freight Forwarders. However, some Purchasing Agencies have subsidiaries in their target markets, helping their clients to manage this part of their business.

c. Methodology

Finding a supplier isn’t hard. You can just go on or and you’ll have millions of options right in front of you. However, identifying industry-leading, and in relative terms, reliable, suppliers is a whole different thing. Let’s make a broad comparison between different types of Procurement Agencies:

Type Description
Relationship-Based Supplier Selection
This is the sort of agency you don’t want to work with. Instead of selecting a supplier based on their product expertise and compliance and manufacturing capabilities, this type of agent chooses suppliers based on recommendations from relatives, friends, or the size of the kickback they can get. This sort of agency rarely has any operational protocols whatsoever. Stay away.
Method Based Supplier Selection
A proper supplier selection shall be based on customers’ specific needs. This requires that the agent understands the product’s technical specifications, and how a supplier’s ability to manufacture the product can be assessed. This requires a supplier assessment protocol that takes various data points into consideration. For example, the following:
– Product Compliance & Test Reports
– Company Data: Location, Registered Capital, Registered  Business Scope
– Quality Management System: QMS Certificates and on-site inspections
– CSR & Social Compliance
The agency shall be able to explain how they make this assessment and provide documents outlining the details.
Established Supplier Network
Many organizations don’t offer supplier sourcing and vetting as a service but prefer to work within their existing network of suppliers. This has many benefits, but only works if your product is covered. However, for good reasons, these agencies may be reluctant to share information about their suppliers.

d. Revenue Model

There’s more than one way for a Procurement and Purchasing Agency to make money. While many importers assume that all agencies make their way by charging commissions based on the order value, that is not the case. Below follows an overview:

Revenue Model Advantage Disadvantage
Commission Lower costs before the product start. Maybe.
Gives the agent an incentive to focus on large volume orders of products that require little to no development, prior to production. Not suitable for OEM products.
Fixed Price
Suitable for customized products that take time to develop before they are ready for mass production. As you pay a fixed service fee, the agent has no incentive to cut corners to speed up the process or convince you to place large initial orders.
Higher costs upfront
Kickback For you, none.
The agent selects a supplier willing to pay the biggest kickback, or bribe if you will. That’s all there is to say.

Some purchasing agents combine two or more revenue models. For example, they may charge a commission based on the order value, while charging you for additional services, such as Quality Inspections and Supplier Sourcing.

Many also receive kickbacks from the suppliers, as an alternative side income. This may, however, come down to individual employees of the agency, rather than kickbacks as a company policy.


I don’t recommend attempting to find a ‘one-stop shop’ managing all procedures involved in buying from China. This is regardless of your industry. You must works ‘hands on’ with the supply chain, and ultimately maintain control. The alternative, to let a consultancy set up a functional supply chain, is simply too expensive for most SMEs. This is how I would do it:

Phase Our Recommendation
1. Supplier & Price Research
Use a specialized Sourcing Agency or manage the process yourself. You must know which suppliers you’re going to work with, and on what merits they are selected. Vetting ten to twenty suppliers at once is a lot of work, so you better have a specialized partner for this.
2. Prototype Development
You are the product expert. Submit specifications and communicate your quality requirements directly with the manufacturer. Otherwise, important details may be lost in translation. In addition, having a middleman between you and the supplier is not only risky, but it’s also inefficient.
3. Product Compliance, Certification, and Testing
a. Find a local, or China-based, Compliance Consultant that can help you assess which regulations and labeling requirements apply to your products, in your market.
b. Submit reference samples to a China-based testing company, for example, QIMA or Intertek.
4. Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Factory Inspections
Use a specialized Quality Assurance agency, for example, Sofeast Limited. They can also help you with Social Compliance Audits and Factory Inspections.
5. Shipping, Customs, Import Licenses, and Taxes Use a local Freight Forwarder, with a presence in China. It’s critical that they know local customs procedures and tax regulations.


How do I find reliable purchasing agents in China?

You can quickly find hundreds of purchasing and procurement agents in China through a quick Google search. Some present themselves as sourcing agents, but it’s ultimately the same thing.

How can I determine if the purchasing agent is trustworthy?

They should be able to clearly explain their supplier sourcing methodology and quality assurance procedure. As mentioned, don’t expect that they can manage absolutely everything – but they need to be clear about what they can and cannot handle.

If they are strictly limited to sourcing and order management, but lack expertise in product development and compliance – then that can be fine as long as they are good at their core service area.

How can we hire a full-time purchasing agent in China?

You need a Chinese company, and office before you can hire full-time employees in Mainland China. Further, using a recruitment agency is not really a thing in the country.

Can I find freelance purchasing agents in China?

You can find individual freelancers on and various other websites. That said, you should be prepared to offer them very clear guidelines and standard operating procedures. Don’t expect sourcing freelancers to have

What should I ask a purchasing agent?

Here are some questions you should raise:

1. Do you have previous experience with our product category?

2. What is your supplier sourcing methodology?

  • Criteria based sourcing
  • Network-based sourcing
  • Relationship-based sourcing

3. What is your revenue model?

  • Fixed-price
  • Order commission
  • Kickbacks

4. Can you share your methodology or SOP documentation?

5. Which parts of the process do you help manage?

  • Product development
  • Sourcing
  • Sample management
  • Order management
  • Quality inspections
  • Lab testing
  • Shipping

What is the difference between a sourcing agent and a purchasing agent?

Traditionally, a purchasing agent focus on the administration of placing orders, managing to follow-ups, and overseeing shipping. Sourcing agents, on the other hand, identify new suppliers on behalf of their clients. Some sourcing agents may also manage product development, quality control, and logistics.

That said, there is no real distinction between sourcing agents and procurement agents in Asia.

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      1. Mr. Kelly at 1:03 am

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        If you want, I can get some quotes and see if I can get you a better price?
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      Hello there;

      I have been working with this agent who looked very trustworthy and hardworking, and all of a sudden he claims that I need to pay him via Western Union, witch is everything but cheap or secure. whats the best payment way to avoid being scammed? I would also appreciate some good suggestions regarding a new agent.

      thanks a lot on advance ;

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:41 pm

        Hi Alex,

        Sounds very strange. I see no good reason for them forcing you to pay by Western Union. Are you paying the supplier directly, or through the agent?

        1. Mani at 5:06 pm

          Hi Fredrik,

          Could you contact me in regards to getting an agent in China to deal with purchasing.



    62. Andrew C at 7:58 pm

      We are a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Company looking for a reliable agent in China with board experience . Does anyone have any reccomendations?

    63. Kaupo at 10:12 am


      We are retail and wholesale company based in Northern Europe and we are currently interested in finding an reliable agent in China who could help us with purchasing. Can you recommend someone?
      Best regards

    64. Mr. Kelly J at 6:19 pm

      I see,
      Are you thinking retail products, all packaged and ready to go? You just want to private label it and try to sell it? Or component/ industrial/ B2B? I am in the new product development side of sourcing were I know the product the client wants to “Invent” or alter to make it unique to them and their branding. I then help invent it and go find the suppliers for that specific product. This is always after knowing the market we want to sell in first, never the other way around.
      Chinese aren’t really known for thinking outside the box. Ask them to tell you what product to sell and they aren’t going to give you a very helpful or insightful answer. They often ask me if I have buyers for a particular product. That product is always one with very high competition and very low margins. Something they sell a lot of and just want to regain market share they have lost because so many people now are in that market. Doesn’t fit your criteria.
      My 2¢. Identify the market you think you would be best to sell too, know the most about. Then identify the product you want to sell into it. Do your market analysis. Then find the supplier/ agent. Then calculate the cost/ benefit. Then buy.

      1. MIchael at 9:58 am

        Thanks Mr. Kelly J,
        for all these great informations and advices.
        You said:”Then find supplier/ agent”, but how and where I find an agent ?

        1. Mr. Kelly at 1:12 pm

          To start out, I would search for the product I am looking for, or if it’s a custom product, I look for the closest existing product that would use much of the same materials and production techniques. Then scroll through all the different suppliers that have a picture of that product. Then on their pages, click on “Company profile” and it will tell you if they are a trading company or manufacturer or what not. A trader is essentially an agent. They usually are just a third party that partnered with one or more factories to act as sales people for their goods. A middle man sort of like a sales rep. They are generally a little more tolerant to people that don’t know the terms of the business. They are also usually eager to help you find any other product you are looking for.
          Personally though, I have never had a problem working directly with the factory (Described on Alibaba as “Manufacturer”). Their internal sales people are usually just as capable of helping you get products from their factory to you. But you really have to know what you want, and be ready to make an order.
          A lot more too it than that, and better more advanced ways. But that is a good start.

          1. Howard Peng at 5:14 pm

            i agree to Kelly and believe you are doing great business with Chinese manufacturers. I think the value of a source agent is he can act as your eyes and hands in China, especially when you are ordering different goods and sometimes need to combine the container. Or if you are developing some new products, the agent can provide great help, he can work with tens of similar factories and compare and give your best suggestion. And he can visit fair shows and look for new products and suppliers.
            I have been working in a factory for 5 years, and now i running my own trading company, i would say, generally the factories is less good in service (while price is usually better), but for those need to work with more factories in China, and need quick reaction, a source agent or trading company would be a good choice. Especially an agent usually could offer better price at low commission.

    65. MIchael at 5:21 pm

      Hi Frederik,

      Very nice article. But I have a question: Where I can find now good agents ????
      Or do you know some agents which you would trust? Or are the websites where you can find agents for specific areas or branches? Because I need to find some agents for my business…

      It would be very nice when you can send me a E-mail and help me
      Kind regards,

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 11:06 pm

        Hello Michael,

        We’ve sent you an email

        1. Giovanni Sasso at 1:27 am


          I’m also looking for a sourcing agent in China to help me find a professional manufacturer of fitness products. Where is the best place to find someone? Do you have any good sites you can recommend?


      2. Mr. Kelly J at 5:25 pm

        What type of products are you looking for?
        Mr. Kelly J

      3. MIchael at 5:35 pm

        I just want to get in contact with agents that have high quality manufacturers.

        Because I need new, innovative, unique or high quality products. The kind of product is in the first step not so important, I am open for everything.

        You know some good agents ?

    66. ketty at 6:53 pm

      Dear frederik
      Thank you for this interesting article and all, the proffesional tips.
      I am looking for a purchasing agent in china which its mail proffesion and experience is accessories to the textile market … such as ribbons , buttons and all other haberdasher materials.
      Can you please advice to whom I should apply in order to find the proffesional agent for this matter ?
      Thanks in advance for your reply
      Kind regards

    67. Devang at 10:18 am

      Hi. My name is Devang. I am from Chennai. (India)
      My company (N M Electric) is into supply of electrical goods in South India.
      Our products include – Swithgear, Controlgear & Automation products.
      We are looking for agents in China that can help us out with the whole process.
      Can anyone please suggest or recommend good agents.

    68. Peter at 12:37 am

      Hi, can you help me find a purchasing agent? I’m from the US and looking for someone reliable and without bad habits. Most likely looking for a foreigner to help me with sourcing.

    69. Pramod at 1:29 pm

      I am pramod from india. I am looking for trusted buying agents from china. Please reply on following id.

    70. Gaurav at 1:11 pm

      This is Gaurav saxena from india.

      We are running sourcing buying agency, freight forwarding agent in india.

      We are here having clientele of importers , sourcing from china.

      We are looking for trusted partner that could help being our extension in china throughout sourcing,quality inspections , managing supply chain etc


      Gaurav Saxena

      Skype: gaurav.saxena544

    71. Tcharlx at 8:23 pm

      Hi Fredrik
      How can a non Chinese buy from Taobao and other indegeneous China sites ? Any hint on reliable agents?

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 9:00 pm


        Yes, it is possible, but as you mention, you must purchase through an agent. We are not cooperating with any agent, so I cannot give you any specific suggestion. However, there should be plenty available if you search on Google.

    72. Mr. Kelly J at 1:53 pm

      Maybe we can compare notes? What software/ method do you use to keep track of communications? I have been using Google Doc and then sharing the doc with the client so they can see the progress with also includes images of the dimensional drawing(s), my design change suggestions, sometimes my load, performance test and material annalysis results, prices, orders, tracking, payments made/ not yet made, notes, and most importantly, If I get hit by a bus, all correspondences in order someone else can effectively take over…
      But, it does seem kind of cluttered as every component for them (Usually at least 10) has it’s own tab and each one has around 20-30 different conversations. There has to be a better program for this that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I can do some pretty impressive work with Googles database as it works much like Excel. But it would be nice if someone already had one made for this purpose.

      1. Richie at 2:25 am


        Very interesting question! You are facing the same problem that I took on when working at a US promo products company. We dealt with both clients and Chinese factories. Google docs was our original solution as well but it soon got overwhelming when we scaled from 1 product to 7. I hacked a solution based on Gmail, SugarCRM and some other 3rd party apps. Connecting with Chinese suppliers and then clients has always been a weak point.

        I’m actually working on a startup to tackle this problem. I’d love to hear more about your experiences!

        1. Mr. Kelly at 7:37 pm

          Did you ever make progress on this?
          info at PartDistribution

    73. Jan at 9:18 pm

      So – Can anyone in England recommend a good, honest, affordable and hardworking agent? Thanks in advance.

    74. Mr. Kelly J at 6:44 pm

      One thing about agents that work on commission is they have competing interests with me as someone in the US hiring them to look for suppliers in China to do business with. My vested interest is to find the lowest price for good quality and professionalism all around. Their vested interest is to spend as little time as needed finding a supplier with as high a price as I am ok with.
      Think about it, if they are working on commission, why would they put in the extra 5-6-7+ times effort to get 30 quotes instead of 3 and work with every one of them to whittle them down with due diligence to the best supplier(s) for your client’s needs? Getting you a lower price means they get a lower commission.
      That’s why I learned to source myself. I usually find prices 40-50% less than the agent I hired to start with. I have an engineering background and a lot of experience, so I can do this as well as watch for other ways to reduce cost like redesigning components for manufacturability, keep searching for lower costs, freight consolidation, etc. When I do this for freelance, I charge a royalty on sales instead of commission up front. Then it’s in my vested interest to get the lowest price and keep reducing that price. And it helps their cashflow and growth potential.
      Something to think about in how you pay your agent.

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:17 pm

        Hello Kelly,

        Wow, 40-50% is huge. I’d say those agents where not honest to begin with. Of course they should requests quotes from more than 3 suppliers. 3 quotations is not enough data to determine if you’re paying market prices or not.

        I think it helps a lot having an engineering background (degree or not). In fact, we also have engineering background which makes it natural to think in terms of technical specifications, rather than a vague and undefined idea of “good quality”.

        1. Howard at 8:19 am

          i once talked to 40 factories for my client to get the price of one single product, that’s an interesting experience.

          1. Andre at 8:45 am

            Good day

            Are you an agent in China?

        2. Bridget at 7:54 pm

          Hi Kelly,
          The sales royalty model is interesting. I can see how it works for a client with an established product looking for improved pricing and competitiveness, but do you offer it for startups? With no guaranteed sales at all, you’d be investing a lot of time and faith in the start-up’s ability to market and sell.

          As for why agents on commission investigate multiple suppliers, it’s about getting repeat business. The agent’s vested interest is in getting you a supplier who can deliver what you want at a price which helps you grow business so there are repeat orders with the same product and same supplier. The sourcing work on the first order is at break-even or even at a loss with a view to customer acquisition and the long term.

          And for what it’s worth, I agree with Fredrik. Savings of 40-50% over your initial agent’s prices suggest an issue with the initial agent.

          1. Mr. Kelly at 7:35 pm

            Correct, only work with established businesses. Working with inventors with an idea has always been an exercise in how to waste time as they have never materialized into sales for me anyway.

            I don’t blame the agents who got the high prices in the first place. They may have been the best they can do. Most agents aren’t going to put in the extra work to find suppliers for the supplier. If an assembly has 5 different kinds of components, I find the best possible supplier for each and every component. Yes, contacting 30-40+ suppliers for each of the different components all the way down to the plastic bag the item ships in. A supplier of an assembly likely only makes 1 or 2 of the components and just buys the others. Tremendous room for cost savings that most agents wouldn’t even consider or don’t have the technical background to create new drawings. I just reduced a clients bottle filler cost this way from $1.20 to 46¢ and I am still using the same main supplier. The client will increase sales as a result, but not likely enough to make up for the commission loss. By charging royalty instead, at the very least I did not reduce my own profit as a result of all that extra work. And I tell you what, that agent that found the $1.20 price, which was the best I found as well for suppliers that made that type of product. They are not getting the repeat business, I am.

    75. Howard Peng at 2:30 pm

      Thanks Fredrik! this article is great telling the key pionts that buyers concern.
      It relly gives me some ideas where to improve.

      I want to share one tip, PHONE CALL is very useful and important to quickly know if your partner has passion and how far you can rely on him.

    76. Bisrat at 3:37 am

      Hello i already have reliable supplier with decent quality competitive price, i buy iphone lcds but would be interested to see if i can get a direct manufacture supplier let me know and awesome website

    77. Dennis at 10:25 pm

      Hello fredrick, since electrical products are tonnes of thousands in china how can one obtain a purchasing agent who will assist in geting oem products with a genuin certification from leading brands like ABB, CRABTREE, MEM etc

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 12:00 pm

        Hello Dennis,

        Most likely we can. I’ll send you an email with a few questions. However, I’m not sure if you refer to products from these companies or products compliant with standards set by these companies. That’s a major difference. It’s not possible to buy brand name products directly from Chinese manufacturers.

    78. Harvir khara at 4:59 am

      im looking for agent in china who can speak english and get me good deal with factories

      canyou suggest me good agent in china with details


      harvir khara

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:08 pm

        Hello Harvir,

        I’ll send you an email with a few questions.

        1. George Steenkamp at 1:36 am

          Hi Fredrik,

          I am starting an import business in Australia and is looking for an agent as well. Could you help me with this?

        2. carl gardner at 11:06 am

          I am looking for a quality agent who can source good, modern furniture. Can you recommend anyone?We are based in the UK.

      2. Bill Yeung at 3:13 am

        I am Bill from Shenzhen, China. contact me as soon as possible. and tell me what are you looking for?

    79. Romi Rajan at 2:32 pm

      We are a Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Manufacturing firm based in India and Dubai now as part of expansion we are planning to procure Fire Alarm Pnal and Accessories Board and other components from China. If any of your knowledge please help me. I am also planning to visit China.

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:18 pm

        Hello Roml,

        I’ll send you an email right away!

    80. Trae at 3:15 pm

      just find a decent guy, which is the most important thing to help you successfully do business with Chinese suppliers.

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:17 pm

        Yes, honesty is important. However, it’s also a matter of product knowledge and experience in dealing with Chinese suppliers.

    81. Mr. Kelly at 4:23 pm

      One of the most informative right to the point articles I have read.
      I’m looking for a more comprehensive source of average commission rates. Any articles or resources you can suggest?

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 6:55 pm

        Thanks! Unfortunately I cannot think of any such article. Commission rates are not really uniform. They mainly depend on the following two factors:

        a.) Order value
        b.) The expertise of the procurement agent

        I’d say that you should expect to pay somewhere between 1.5 to 8%, depending on the order value.

        1. Nick at 8:41 pm


          We are looking for a reliable sourcing agent or a Watches manufacturer

          We would like to set quality parameters for our products and source watches based on those specifications

          How can you help us in this

    82. Renaud at 8:44 pm

      Good overview and great tips!

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 3:20 pm

        Hi Renaud!

        Thank you for visiting. For the other readers I also recommend to read some of Renauds blog posts related to sourcing agents:

        1. Mukul at 7:08 am

          Hey fredrick I need a trustworthy agent for importing goods from china to india.
          Can you help me ?

          1. ChinaImportal at 5:23 am

            Hi Mukul,

            We will contact you by email!

        2. Maira at 9:55 am

          Please I need and agent , can you help me out ?

          1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 10:56 am

            Hi Maira,

            Sure. What kind of products do you need to source?

            1. Abah at 6:52 pm

              Thanks Fredrik for this very enlightening article, I have learnt a lot and would need to learn more. Pls I seek your advice in choosing a reliable purchasing agent for products from China. Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

        3. Uttam Patel at 5:09 pm

          hey i want to import goods from china so will you help me for choos right agent.

      2. Jack Chan at 2:52 am

        I cant quite agree more

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