List of Plywood Manufacturers in Vietnam: Our Top 10 Picks

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Vietnam Plywood Manufacturers

Are you planning to import plywood from Vietnam? In this article, we list plywood manufacturers based in different parts of Vietnam. For each supplier, we provide a company description, product overview, and certification.

Listed Companies

  • Tamphat Plywood
  • Somma
  • AMC Vietnam
  • Minh Tri Wood Processing
  • LIM Company
  • Thinh Phat
  • Kego Company
  • Vinawood
  • VXD Vietnam
  • Vietdutch

Tamphat Plywood

Tamphat Plywood was established in 2008 in Dak Lak province in Vietnam. The factory of Tamphat Plywood is close to the raw material production area, which is ideal for the production of the plywood industry.

Tamphat heavily invested in infrastructure facilities in order to improve product quality and enhance the economy of scale. With the geographic advantages and the cutting edge equipment, the company is able to produce a wide range of plywood products made from various materials, such as white oak plywoods, maple birch plywoods, bintangor plywoods, and pine plywoods.


  • Sliced veneer plywoods
  • White oak plywoods
  • Maple birch plywoods
  • Poplar plywoods
  • Bintangor plywoods
  • Pine plywoods
  • Walnut plywoods
  • White ash plywoods
  • Eucalyptus core plywoods


  • CARB-P2
  • EPA certificate

Location: Km 82 Highway 26, Marak Industrial Complex, Krong Jing, Mdrak District, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam


Somma was established in 2014 as an enterprise specializing in the production of commercial plywood, construction plywood, film faced plywood, furniture plywood, and industrial plywood products for consumer goods.

Somma is the supplier of some prestigious corporations like Heineken Beer Factory, Long Phu 1 Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam, Phuoc Dong Industrial Park and The Park Residence, Vietnam.


  • Commercial plywoods
  • Film faced plywoods
  • Construction plywoods
  • Furniture plywoods
  • Industrial plywoods

Location: PBS Building 6-6A, Street D52, W. 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

AMC Vietnam Company

AMC Vietnam Company is a professional plywood manufacturer and supplier founded in 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The company specialized in producing plywood for furniture, construction, and product packaging.

AMC targets its products to international markets like the US, the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.


  • Pallet plywoods
  • Construction plywoods
  • Commercial plywoods
  • Furniture plywoods
  • Floor plywoods

Location: 18th Floor, VTC Online Tower, 18 Tam Trinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam

Minh Tri Wood Processing

Minh Tri Wood Processing was founded in 1985 in Ho Chi Minh City. It is now considered one of the leading companies in manufacturing industrial wood products and interior decoration materials in Vietnam. Minh Tri’s products are suitable for home decoration, supermarkets, office furniture, restaurant, hotels and many other scenes of lives.

Minh Tri is committed to the innovation of product categories and styles, and customers can find a diversified range of products made of different materials, colors and sizes.

Currently, the production capacity of Minh Tri is approximately 2,500 -3,000 boards per day.


  • Okal plywood boards
  • Formica plywood boards
  • MFC boards
  • Melamine plywoods
  • Medium-density fibreboards
  • Film plywoods
  • Laminate sheets


  • CARB E0, E1, E2

Location: 47/1 Binh Phuoc B, Binh Chuan Ward, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

LIM Company

LIM Company was established in 2016 in Hai Duong, and it’s a manufacturer and exporter for plywood products such as furniture plywood, packing plywood, film faced plywood. LIM chose to build its factory close to the timber forest, which the company benefits from the convenient location close to the origin of raw materials and therefore brings down the cost of manufacturing.


  • Packing plywoods
  • Commercial plywoods
  • WBP plywoods
  • Marine plywoods
  • WBP plywoods
  • Pallet plywoods
  • Bamboo film faced plywoods
  • Eucalyptus plywoods

Location: Cong Khe, Kim Khe, Kim Thanh, Hai Duong, Vietnam

Thinh Phat

Thinh Phat was established in the early 2000s in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With over 20 years of operation in the field of the plywood industry, Thinh Phat continues to develop and innovative products in order to increase the diversity of product models and alleviate product quality.


  • Formwork plywoods
  • Furniture plywoods
  • Industrial plywoods
  • Interior plywoods
  • Laminated plywoods
  • Packaging plywoods

Location: 133E Dang Cong Binh, Hamlet 5, Xuan Thoi Son Ward, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Kego Company

Kego Company was established in 2011 with its headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. Kego is a trading company and a manufacturer in the industry of forestry products. Kego mainly focuses its scope of business in exporting plywood materials as well as plywood products, such as packaging plywoods, flooring plywoods, wooden coffee stirrers, and disposable wooden cutlery. Kego’s products are widely used in the sectors of food services, medical and dental.


  • Packing plywoods
  • Commercial plywoods
  • Film faced plywoods
  • Flooring plywoods


Location: Kim Anh Building, Lane 78, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City, Vietnam


Vinawood was established in 1992 in Hanoi. The company specializes in producing various kinds of plywood, such as film plywood, commercial plywood, furniture plywood for home, offices, restaurants or other public places.

Vinawood has been exporting its products to foreign markets for many years since 2005. According to the company’s annual financial report, the export volume of Vinawood represents 5-15% of the total Vietnamese plywood export volume to markets including South Korea and Japan.

In 2012, Vinawood started to export its products to North America, Latin America, and Middle Eastern markets (Turkey, the U.A.E.).

Currently, Vinawood exports 60% of its total volume to the USA., the U.A.E, South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. The remaining 40% serve the domestic market.

In 2015, Vinawood was ranked in the top 500 fastest growing company by the Vietnam Report.


  • Single form plywoods
  • General formwork plywoods
  • Hardwood plywoods


Location: 92 Thien Duc, Yen Vien, Gia Lam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Construction Material

Vietnam Construction Material is a Vietnamese company specializing in manufacturing and supplying various kinds of plywood products such as ordinary plywood, packaging plywood board, interior plywood board, flooring, coffa board, and high-class film-coated boards serving the construction industry.

The company has many advanced plywood production lines and a team of skilled technicians. The monthly output of the company’s coffa-coated film and plywood is from 1,800 cubic meters to 2, 500 cubic meters.


  • Film-coated plywoods
  • Water-resistant plywoods
  • Chipboard packaging and interior plywoods
  • Plaster ceiling planks
  • Flooring plywoods (Parquet)
  • Marine Plywood

Location: 50, Street 26, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Vietdutch is a Vietnamese company initiated in 2010, mainly engaging in the business of plywood manufacturing. Vietdutch currently employs more than 800 persons and has participated in plywood manufacturing projects in India and Laos.

The company has a wide cluster of clients from India, Korea, Malaysia, China, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Iran, and Egypt.


  • Uncoated plywoods
  • Film faced plywoods
  • Packing plywoods
  • Commercial plywoods
  • Acacia plywoods
  • Eucalyptus plywoods
  • Keruing plywoods
  • Rubber plywoods


  • CARB P2
  • ISO 9001

Location: 2nd floor, No VP2 Building, Linh Dam, Urban Area, Hanoi, Vietnam

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