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Posted on 3 Comments is a Nanjing-based supplier directory, that some may see as an clone. That is not accurate, as launched in 1998, one year before Alibaba.

That said, Alibaba is by far the largest supplier directory today, both in terms of suppliers and services. Still, remains a top 5 supplier directory, and certain buyers prefer to source suppliers on this platform.

In this article, you will learn more about their product categories, supplier verification, payment options, and other services.

Q&A with Chris Georgiou ( Business Development Manager)

We reached out to Chris Georgiou, Business Development Manager at, to ask some questions about their platform and online expos.

How does Made-in-China differ from

Both are the leading B2B e-commerce platforms in China. was founded in 1998 and was launched in 1999.

In terms of the supply chain differences: has suppliers from other countries besides China on its website, but only works with Chinese suppliers. So, we believe has a deeper understanding and focus on the Chinese market.

As for the industry differences, both are comprehensive sourcing platforms but has more advantages in industries such as manufacturing & processing machinery, industrial equipment & components, construction & decoration, auto parts industry, etc., while has advantages in light industry and daily use.

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What kind of buyer services does provide?

There are a host of tools and services ranging from matchmaking to supply chain development, and secure transactions. These include ‘VR’, the ‘3D Interactive Showroom Outing’, ‘Online Payment Service’, 11 language websites, and video sourcing meetings. For example, the ‘3D Showroom Outing’ is an immersive self-navigating replica showroom tour with direct merchandise links.

As for inspection, all members have free access to the third-party audit reports of over 20,000 senior member suppliers with on-site factory inspection conducted by professional specialists from SGS, Bureau Veritas, and TÜV Rheinland.

This August, Made-in-China.Com will also be hosting its largest ever Smart Expo, with features specifically designed to restore the offline Expo experience as much as possible.

What features can visitors expect at the Expo?

This service utilizes 360° panoramic displays, 3D, and VR to simulate the setting of the traditional offline exhibition hall.
In the Smart Expo, buyers can feel the offline expo experience, contact suppliers directly, digitally sign a letter of intent as well as make payments without traveling to China.

Moreover, this August, visitors will be able to quickly build trustful relationships with over 3,000 suppliers with new e-business cards, communicate in their preferred language across 8 multi-language halls, as well as place instant orders on a range of light industrial products.

In addition to a variety of promotions such as free samples, shipping, and coupons, visitors can utilize a tailored matchmaking service for face-to-face multi-lingual video meetings.

Which product categories is Made-in-China specialized in?

We are a comprehensive website covering 27 industries and over 40 million products. And we have more advantages in industries such as manufacturing & processing machinery, industrial equipment & components, construction & decoration, auto parts industry, etc.

You are a matchmaker, but does platform provide any payment functions for those buyers who would rather not pay the supplier directly?

We are an integrated trade platform helping buyers achieve a full-circle sourcing journey. For those buyers who are concerned about payment safety or would prefer to pay online, offers a secure payment Escrow and inspection service, which will hold the payment until the buyer’s agreed point of release.

Do you have different tiers of membership?

Yes, all membership is free. However, businesses who update their basic business information can become ‘Star Buyers’, who are clearly distinguishable to our suppliers. Large and professional buyers are eligible to join the ‘Diamond Club’.

How will membership of these clubs improve members’ sourcing journey?

‘Star Buyers’ and ‘Diamond Club’ members will benefit from ‘Free Sample Requests’, ‘Discount Coupons’ and ‘Waived Fees’ for specialized services as well as networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Our ‘Select Sourcing Connect’ will handpick 2-5 suppliers according to the buyers’ sourcing requirements and host a private video Zoom meeting between them.

With travel to China not currently practical, our bespoke ‘Personal Showroom Tour’ will take ‘Diamond Club’ members to the factory of their choice, and live stream for them as they tour the showroom and discuss with the supplier directly.

‘Diamond Club’ members will also have access to a ‘Special Request for Quotation Channel’ (within 24 hours) and also receive one-to-one bespoke support during each step of the procurement journey from a ‘Personal Sourcing Assistant’.

Apart from medical equipment, what trends in inquires have you seen since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the work-from-home economy to grow significantly. According to data from, the inquiries for small household appliances, fitness equipment, home decoration, and household products witnessed large growth. Product List cover the same categories as most other directories, but with more of a focus on industrial and construction products, rather than consumer goods:

  • Machinery
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction
  • Auto & MC Products
  • Sporting Goods
  • Furniture
  • Agriculture
  • Textiles
  • Bags & Cases
  • Packaging

Can I find Wholesalers on

Yes, there is an entire section dedicated only to wholesalers. However, my impression is that the MOQ is as high as for ‘make to order’ products.

In other words, you will not be able to buy small volumes from listed wholesalers – which for most buyers is the whole point of even considering a wholesaler, rather than a factory. vs.

15 years ago, and may have been equal. Today, however, is by far the largest supplier directory, in terms of listed factories and trading companies.

In addition, is also the leader in providing trade services:

  • Trade assurance
  • Book shipments
  • Book quality checks

Another big advantage for Alibaba is the fact that they are not exclusively focused on China.

You’ll find thousands of manufacturers and wholesalers from Vietnam, Thailand, India and other countries on Alibaba.

Made-in-China .com was founded in Nanjing in 1998 – 1 year before launched. vs.

Global Sources, which goes back all the way to the early 1970s, operates the second-largest supplier directory,

Many buyers prefer to source electronics, toys, and certain other categories they are focused on. That being said, their main advantage is the annual Global Sources trade shows, where you’ll find some of the best manufacturers in Asia:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobile Electronics
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion

How does compare to this?

They have a really good trade show calendar, showing upcoming trade shows in Asia, Europe, and the United States. But they don’t have their own trade shows as far as I am aware.

What kind of supplier information can I find on Made in China? suppliers are often third-party verified, for example by TUV, which can help you assess if a supplier is qualified or not.

This is what you’ll find on

  • Business type (i.e., Manufacturer)
  • Main Products
  • Number of Employees
  • Year of Establishment
  • Management Certification (i.e., ISO 9001:2015)
  • Product test reports/certification

In addition, you can also find product images, specifications, factory images, and uploaded certificates.

Are Made-in-China suppliers more reliable than others?

No, they are not more reliable, or qualified, than suppliers listed on any other supplier directory. Nor are they any less ‘reliable’ than any other directory.

That being said, I don’t think there are any ‘reliable’ or ‘great’ suppliers, anywhere. Instead, the key is to find manufacturers that are qualified to make your specific product.

The key is to implement the quality assurance process, stretching from creating a clear product specification sheet, to supplier sourcing and final quality inspections.

In that sense, there’s no difference between suppliers and those listed on other supplier directories.

Do they integrate payment options?

Yes, has an Escrow system allowing buyers to pay by card or bank transfer.

After the buyer receives their order confirmation from the supplier, they can click the “Complete Purchase” button and subsequently submit payment online via their Virtual Trade Room.

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Can I book shipping via

There is a logistics section, but at the time of writing, you cannot get live quotations or book shipping directly on the platform.

There are plenty of listed, exclusively Chinese, shipping companies on, that can be contacted via a message form.

Conclusion is much more than just another clone. While smaller, and not as sophisticated when it comes to trade services, is home to thousands of qualified manufacturers in a range of industries.

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    We can help you manufacture products in China, Vietnam & India?

    • 1. Product design and material selection
    • 2. Finding suppliers in Asia
    • 3. Product samples and payments
    • 4. Quality control, lab testing & shipping


  • 3 Responses to “ Guide: Product List, Wholesalers & More

    1. Renaud at 5:11 pm

      It’s funny. What they call a “third party factory inspection” is what I call “tick-the-box “assessments” done in a 1- or 2-hour visit to the factory.
      Their objective is to give inexperienced buyers more confidence in the supplier while mentioning nothing that might frighten a buyer away.
      It’s fine as a first step to screen potential suppliers, but it does not replace a proper factory audit…

      1. Chris at 9:58 am

        Hello Renaud,

        Thanks for your feedback.

        The Third-Party Audit incorporates the following scope of activity.
        General Information, Foreign Trade Capacity, Product Research & Development Capacity, Management System and Product Certification Production Capacity & Quality Control, Financial Position, Working Environment, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, Industry Information and Photos.

        Please see more details on the following page, including a sample report.

    2. s. chigome at 5:59 pm


      I am looking for wholesale suppliers of solar (photovoltaic) components ready for assembling.

      Thank you,


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