List of Isolation Gown Manufacturers in China: Our Top 8 Picks

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Isolation Gown Manufacturers China

Planning to import isolation gowns or other medical protective wear from China? In this guide, we list isolation gown suppliers producing surgical gowns, medical coveralls and other related products.

In addition, you’ll also find a Buyer’s Guide, covering different types of medical protective wear.

Listed Companies

  • Forlong Medical Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Wanli Protective Products Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Healthcare Products Co., Ltd.
  • Fullstar Non-woven Products Co., Ltd.
  • Crown Name (WH) United Co., Ltd.
  • Zhang Jiagang Bitoor Co., Ltd.
  • Hubei Medwear Protective Products Co., Ltd.
  • Zhangjiagang Zhiyi Medical Health Products Co., Ltd.

Buyer’s Guide

  • Gas-tight Medical Suits
  • Fully Encapsulated Medical Suits
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Medical Coveralls
  • Multi-piece Medical Suits


We have selected the suppliers in this list based on their product scope and claimed certification. We don’t endorse any of the suppliers in this list, nor are we affiliated with them. We provide this supplier list as a free resource.


Scams: Beware of scams involving medical products. The risk of payment fraud and delivery of non-compliant and/or inferior products is high at this time.

Export Bans: Some countries enforce export bans on certain products. Export bans enforced after you have placed an order can result in a total loss – or severe delay.

Before you order

Here are our recommendations for importers planning to order medical products.


It’s currently a seller’s market for many medical products, with more demand than supply. Expect higher unit prices for more products.


The Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) requirements are also higher than normal. Some suppliers don’t accept orders valued less than USD 100,000.

Payment Terms

Some suppliers may insist on a 100% prepayment, before starting production. We still advise that you only pay a 30% deposit and 70% balance after quality inspection and lab testing.

Product Compliance

Medical devices and equipment are regulated in the United States and the European Union. Such regulations are there for a reason – to ensure that the product is not worthless (which is a risk) – and will not go away due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. You must request and verify test reports and other compliance documents (e.g. DoC) before placing an order.

Forlong Medical Co., Ltd.

Forlong Medical is a professional supplier for medical disposable products founded in 2010 in Jiangsu Province. Forlong offers a comprehensive range of disposable medical products including nonwoven disposable suits, wound care, surgery supplies, anesthesia supplies, and diagnostic tools.

Forlong produces disposable sterilized surgical gowns that use the non-woven textile technique known as SMS (spunbond, meltblown, spunbond). The SMS technique is often applied in medical healthcare and sanitary products, such as isolation gowns, surgical face masks, and bouffant caps.

Products that have gone through the SMS process have better capabilities in particle filtration, tear strength, elasticity, abrasion, insulation, and stain-resistance.

Main Products

  • Sterilized surgical gowns with towels
  • Disposable sterilized fabric reinforced surgical gowns


Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2010
  • Location: Wuxi, China

Location: No. 33 Zhihui Road, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Hubei Wanli Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Hubei Wanli Protective Products initiated in 1998 as a face mask manufacturer in Xiantao. With continuous development in the past two decades, Hubei Wanli’s product lines have increased to another 10 categories and over a hundred items, including disposable safety coveralls and gowns, respirators, face masks, caps, medical bed sheets, lab coats, aprons, and shoe covers.

Hubei Wanli is, according to its website, an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified company with the manufacturing center covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, in which 200,000 rooms are appropriated for the production of face mask and isolation gowns. The monthly capacity of the products is over 80 40′ high cube containers.

The company manufactures a wide variety of isolation gowns for medical use, including Type 3 and 4 waterproof coveralls, Type 4 spray tight chemical protective coveralls, and Type 5 and 6 coveralls with visor chest.

Main Products

  • Type 3 and 4 waterproof coveralls
  • Type 4 spray tight chemical protective coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 microporous coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 SMS protective coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 flame resistant SMS coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 microporous bound-seam coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 microporous cooling suits
  • Type 5 and 6 SMS stitched-seam coveralls
  • Type 5 and 6 coverall with visor chest
  • PE-coated coveralls
  • PP coveralls


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1998
  • Location: Xiantao, China

Location: Yuanshi, Ganhe Town, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Hubei Healthcare Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Hubei Healthcare Protective Products was established in 2010 specializing in the manufacture of disposable medical supplies in materials like nonwoven fabric, plastic, chlorinated polyethylene, and polypropylene. The company’s product lines include isolation gowns, face masks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, boot covers, and lab coats.

The company’s surgical gowns, according to the website information, conform to the ANSI/AAMI PB70 Standards for protective apparel and drapes intended for use in health care facilities and are suitable to be used in hospitals, aseptic workshops, food processing factories, and animal farms.

Hubei Healthcare mainly exports its medical disposable products to the US and the UAE. The company is cooperating with 36 public hospitals in the United States and several public hospitals in the UAE respectively, with 15-10 shipments per month.

Currently, the monthly production capacity of Hubei Healthcare is around 1.5 to 5 million pieces, depending on the model of the products.

Main Products

  • Fluid resistant disposable surgical gowns
  • Chemotherapy gowns
  • PP SMS disposable isolation gowns
  • Antibacterial disposable protective gowns
  • CPE isolation gowns
  • PP / SMS disposable protective gowns scrub suits


  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2010
  • Location: Wuhan, China

Location: 404, Unit 4, Multi-functional Building of Yichengdongli, Jiang’An District, Wuhan, China

Fullstar Non-woven Products Co. Ltd.

Fullstar Non-woven Products was established in 1993 as a manufacturer of disposable medical supplies in China. Based on the information shown on Fullstar’s official website, the company claims to be ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and produces Type 3/4/5/6 isolation gowns, FFP face masks, lab coats, scrub suits, shoe/sleeve covers, aprons, gloves and shopping bags with materials that include polypropylene, microporous laminate, polypropylene, and vinyl.

Currently, there are more than 1,200 full-time employees working in two factories covering an area of 28,000 square meters and producing more than 100 x 40’ high cube containers of products per month, supplying hospitals, laboratories, food processing factories, agricultural departments, hotels, restaurants, and butcheries.

Main Products

  • Disposable SMS lab coats
  • Type 3/4/5/6 coveralls
  • AAMI Level 2 isolation gowns
  • Disposable plastic waterproof CPE gowns
  • Disposable medical PP scrub suits
  • Fire-retardant coveralls


  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1993
  • Location: Xiantao, China

Location: Gongtong Industrial Zone Pengchang Ave, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Crown Name (WH) United Co., Ltd.

Crown Name (WH) United was established in 1996, in Wuhan, comprising three subsidiary companies, that is Crown Name Disposable Hygiene Products Fty. Ltd., Crown Name (XY) Garments Mfg. Ltd. and Crown Name (WH) Protective Products Co. Ltd.

Crown Name Group produces a wide range of disposable hygiene wear products and nonwoven safety workwear, including disposable medical coveralls, surgical gowns, N95, FFP2, and FFP3 respirators and other disposable products.

Currently, Crown Name’s manufacturing center occupies over 110,000 square meters, with more than 2,000 professional workers creating an annual turnover of around US$30 million exporting to more than 50 international markets including Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

Main Products

  • SMS surgical gown
  • SMS lab coats
  • SMS scrub suits
  • SMS patient gowns
  • Tyvek lab coats
  • Microporous film laminated lab coats
  • PP isolation gowns
  • Spunlace surgical gowns
  • Disposable nonwoven PP coveralls
  • Type 5/6 nonwoven microporous film laminated coveralls


  • BSCl
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1996
  • Location: Wuhan, China

Location: 1801, Changhang Building, No.69, Yanjiang Avenue, Wuhan, China

Zhang Jiagang Bitoor Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jiagang Bitoor is a Sino-American company which was established in 2009 in Zhang Jiagang as a manufacturer of disposable plastic products. Bitoor’s original business scope mainly focused on producing disposable gloves in various materials such as polyethylene, CPE, TPE, PVC, and nitrile. In recent years, Bitoor started to produce peripheral products such as isolation gowns, aprons, face masks, and shoe covers.

According to the information on the official website of Bitoor, the company supplies its products to Henkel, LOREAL, KAO, MCDONALD’S, and P&G for food preparation, medical service, hair-dye, veterinary, animal care, and nursing. Bitoor’s production capacity is over 10 million pieces of products and exports to nearly 50 containers monthly.

Main Products

  • Disposable CPE plastic gowns
  • CPE surgical gowns
  • CPE Waterproof long sleeves isolation gowns
  • Chemical protective coveralls
  • Sterilized PE operation gowns


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2009
  • Location: Zhang Jiagang, China

Location: NongLu Bei Road, Dong Lai of Yang She Town, Zhang Jiagang, Jiangsu, China

Hubei Medwear Protective Products Co., Ltd.

Hubei Medwear Protective Products was founded in 2005 as a professional manufacturer of disposable medical protective products.

Hubei Medwear mainly receives OEM orders from worldwide clients, producing disposable products such as isolation gowns, surgical gowns, scrub suits, face masks, and bed covers with materials like plastic, non woven fabric, CPE, PE, and PP.

Based on the information displayed on Hubei Medwear’s official website, the company is employing more than 500 professional full-time workers and exports up to 40 containers of products monthly, with an annual turnover of around 1.5 million US dollars.

Main Products

  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • PP dust-proof plastic isolation gowns
  • PP high elasticity isolation gowns
  • Reinforced SMS surgical gowns
  • Alcohol resistance surgical gowns


  • UKAS
  • NQA

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2009
  • Location: Xiantao, China

Location: 3 Group, Wangfeng, Pengchang Town, Xiantao, Hubei, China

Zhang Jiagang Zhiyi Medical Health Products Co., Ltd.

Zhang Jiagang Zhiyi Medical Health Products was founded in 2001 in Zhang Jiagang, specialized in manufacturing disposable medical consumables and disposable adult care products. The company mainly has four product lines and they are surgical gowns, surgical packs, masks and caps, and dental bibs.

Currently, Zhangjiagang Zhiyi has developed more than 100,000 workshops in its manufacturing center, with 300 front-line workers producing more than 100 models of medical consumables, exporting to 40 countries and areas including the US, the EU, Japan, and South Korea.

Main Products

  • Disposable SMS surgical gowns
  • Reinforced surgical gowns
  • Kinned-cuff surgical gowns
  • Velcro surgical gowns


  • FDA
  • ISO 13458

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2001
  • Location: Zhang Jiagang, China

Location: Renmin Road, Changfeng, Leyu town, Zhang Jiagang, Jiangsu, China

Isolation Gowns Buyer’s Guide

Medical gowns are able to protect the wearer and the patient from infection or illness caused by contacting infectious liquid and solid material or microorganisms.

Depending on the different purposes, medical gowns are designed in different structures and with different materials, providing varying levels of protection to the users.

Gas-tight Medical Suits

Gas-tight suits are used in environments where toxic chemicals are in solid, liquid, vapor, or gaseous form that could pose threats to the user’s skin, respiratory system, and other parts of the body, such as nuclear plants, factories, fire scene, laboratories, and hospitals.

In the US, gas-tight suits are examples of Hazmat protective clothing, which are classified as Level A, B, C, or D, based upon the degree of protection they provide. Qualified gas-tight suits for medical use are classified as Level A, roughly equivalent to the European Standard for Type 1 personal protective suit.

Gas-tight suits are often equipped with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) to prevent the users from inhaling toxic gases. Further, the users should also wear additional equipment such as protective gloves, safety goggles to give themselves extra protection.

Fully Encapsulated Medical Suits

Fully encapsulated medical suits with SCBA, by the US standard, can be considered Level B hazmat protection garments. Qualified products are able to protect the users from hazardous chemical substances in solid, liquid, or gaseous forms.

However, Level B fully encapsulated medical suits are non-vapor-protective nor gas-tight and are required to be worn coupling with chemical-resistant boots with steel toes and shanks on the outside of the garment.

In Europe, fully encapsulated medical suits are often categorized as Type 2 protective suits.

Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns are a type of personal protective equipment widely used in hospitals, clinics, and veterinary clinics by surgeons while conducting operations or when in an environment that requires a sterile covering to prevent infection and contamination.

Surgical gowns are made from SMS (Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond) fabric, which provides extra protection to the users compared to ordinary fabric. Surgical gowns provide a barrier to block off fluids, splashes, and particles contacting areas from the shoulders to knees and wrists.

Generally speaking, surgical gowns are sterile for sanitary purposes and are usually made with Set-In sleeves or Raglan sleeves and could come with or without a towel.

In the US, surgical gowns are rated by the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) in 4 levels, based on the protection ability when exposed in risky situations.

Medical Coveralls

A coverall can protect the worker from chemical, biological, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and electrical hazards when working in dangerous environments like nuclear plants, factories, and hospitals.

A medical coverall generally made of non-woven polypropylene. A common style of the medical coverall is zipped in the front with elasticated hood, wrist, ankles, and waist and is very often worn on top of medical gowns to provide extra protection to the wearers.

Multi-piece Medical Suits

Protective suits set for medical use include vests, pants, sleeves, caps, and shoe covers. Unlike one-piece coveralls, a suit set gives the users more flexibility for choosing the part they want to put on, based on the situation then.


European Union

Standard EN 13795 established general requirements, test methods, performance requirements, and performance levels for surgical drapes, gowns, and clean air suits, used as medical devices for patients, clinical staff, and equipment.

Standard EN 14126 established general standards for protective clothing against infective agents, combined one or more of the with the following EN standards:

  • EN 943 Performance requirements for Type 1 (gas-tight) protective suits
  • EN 14605 Performance requirements for clothing with liquid-tight (Type 3) or spray-tight (Type 4) connections
  • EN ISO 13982 Performance requirements for protective clothing providing protection against airborne solid particulates (Type 5)
  • EN 13034 Performance requirements for protective clothing offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6)

United States

FDA adopts the ASTM F2407 Standard for evaluating the general performance of surgical gowns. This is an umbrella standard that provides testing methods and requirements for these parameters: tear resistance, seam strength, lint generation, evaporative resistance, and water vapor transmission.

FDA also accepts the ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard enacted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) for surgical drapes, in which describes liquid barrier performance and classification of these products.

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