List of CNC Manufacturers in India: Our Top 9 Picks

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CNC Manufacturers in India

Looking for a new CNC manufacturer in India? In this article, we list 9 among the best CNC manufacturers and CNC machine providers in the country. Further, some of them offer injection molding services as well.

For each supplier, we provide a short presentation and compare them based on their products and services, certificates, years in business, and other key metrics.

List of CNC Manufacturers in India

Think 3D

Established in 2014, Think 3D is a well-known batch production manufacturer in India, and it offers both CNC machining and injection molding. The company was founded by Prudhvi Reddy and Raja Sekhar Upputuri.

It offers CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC laser cutting, and CNC routing; the company can handle a wide range of materials such as acrylic, plastic, aluminum, steel, and mild steel.

Think 3D aims to offer flexible and precision CNC services, it recently purchased some advanced CNC machines, such as 5-axis CNC machines.

Finally, Think 3D is committed to provide a profession 3D manufacturing solution, it always explain to clients how 3D printing fits into their process, what is the feasibility of 3D printing given the constraints of the client’s product, and how to create value to their business.

Products and Services

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • CNC laser cutting
  • CNC routing


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • BIS certification (Bureau of Indian Standards)

Location: PBN Square 2nd Floor, Opp. Croma Road. Number: 36, CBI Colony, Metro Pillar No: C 1683, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India


Established in 1982, Gemsons is a historical local manufacturer for subcontracting machining and export high precision products. The company is a subsidiary of Toolroom, which was founded by Mr. Johnson Pereira in 1962.

Gemsons’s office and factory is based in Mumbai, it has more than 250 workers and a variety of CNC machines. They generate an annual revenue for around RS 60,000,000 to 100,000,000 (US 800,000 to 1,400,000).

The company uses the latest CAD-CAM software, and train its employees to develop their multi-disciplinary skills such as quality control, project management, and designing.

Today, Gemsons has over 28 years of experience in CNC manufacturing process, and it offers a wide range of CNC services, below you can find a few examples.

Products and Services

  • Precision CNC machining
  • CNC sliding head machining
  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling
  • CNC drilling
  • CNC grinding
  • CNC welding
  • CNC machining by 5-axis machines

Location: lot No. 9, opposite Ipol Company, Dewan And Shah Udyog Nagar, Valiv Phata, Vasai East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 401208, India


Chizel is a local company founded by Mr. Akshay Singhal. It specializes in CNC manufacturing, and it also supports 3D printing, vacuum casting, and injection molding.

Their head office is in Maharashtra, India; and they also set up facilities in Bangalore and Paldi.

The company mainly offers CNC turning and CNC milling, and it purchased advanced 3-axis and 4-axis machines to handle different materials in plastics and metal.

Chizel promises a quick and accurate CNC solution, it usually completes bulk production within 7 to 15 days, assuming around 500 pcs of product.

Further, Chizel uses specific software to manage its manufacturing process, and the company also complies with ISO 9001.

Products and Services

  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling


  • ISO 9001

Location: Office No: 201, 202, Prithvi Icon, Behind Volvo Showroom, Near Radha Chowk, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra

Raghu Vamsi

Established in 1992, Raghu Vamsi set up its company in Hyderabad, India. The company was started as a tool shop and now it is one of the leading CNC manufacturing providers in the country.

Raghu Vamsi offers precision CNC machining, and mainly provides CNC turning and CNC milling with a tolerance within 0.001mm.

Their CNC turning machine can manufacture products that size from 3 mm to 500 mm in diameter, or 3 mm to 1200 mm in length.

In addition, Raghu Vamsi has its own inspection and quality checking machines such as a computerized profile projector and a surface roughness tester.

Finally, the company complies with AS 9100 C certification by DEKRA(NA).

Products and Services

  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling


  • AS 9100 C

Location: Plot No. 60/A, IDA Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad, India.

Anjali 3D

Anjali 3D is located in Hyderabad, and it offers online CNC machining, 3d printing, and injection molding.

Anjali 3D offers CNC lathing, CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC laser cutting. It has an experienced team and the factory is equipped with advanced CNC machines such as 5-axis machines, which can handle complex CNC processes.

In addition, the company has a cloud-based system that allows clients to upload their drawings or 3D file to get a quotation and manage the whole manufacturing process online.

Products and Services

  • Online quotation and order management
  • CNC lathing
  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • CNC laser cutting

Location: K P H B Phase 1, Hyderabad, Opposite Jntu, India

Srak Prestek

Srak Prestek was founded in 1988, and initially had 6 employees that worked in a 1,000 square feet factory. Today it has over 100 workers and became one of the leading CNC Indian manufacturers, with a RS 60,000,000 (US 800,000) annual turnover.

The company specializes in CNC laser cutting, CNC turret punching, and CNC bending.

Its CNC laser cutting machines provide an excellent cut quality and productivity, even for materials of less than 6 mm.

CNC turret punching is a cost-effective method to increase versatility since it permits to produce a variety of components without re-tooling.

While most of the CNC processes waste a certain amount of materials, CNC bending is often the best way to reduce wastage; at the same time, the company uses Dalem CNC software to define the bending sequence, reduce errors and save more materials.

Products and Services

  • CNC laser cutting
  • CNC turret punching
  • CNC bending


  • ISO 9001 2008

Location: 49-B, Phase – 4, I.D.A. Jeedimetla, Andhra Pradesh, India

Wils Process Engineering

Wils was established in 2013, the company is based in Maharashtra, India. The CEO of the company is Vilas Dhindale.

Wils offers a variety of manufacturing services such as tool room services and CNC services.

The factory features the latest CNC machines combined with hi-tech technologies. Today, Wils offers a wide range of CNC services that include CNC lathing, CNC turning, and CNC machining and so on.

Products and Services

  • CNC lathing
  • CNC turning
  • CNC machining
  • CNC milling
  • CNC precision components manufacturing

Location: Sr. No. 138/10, Landge Industrial Estate Mahadev Nagar, Chakrapani Bhosari, Pune-411039, Maharashtra, India

Hurco India

Hurco is a CNC programming company, with headquarters in Chennai, India.

Most of the CNC manufacturers introduce the latest and advanced machines such as multi-function CNC machines; however, it is meaningless if they don’t have an efficient or a well-developed CNC program.

Hurco helps CNC manufacturers to increase profitability by reducing setup time and programming time.

The company mainly supports CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC lathing programming, and it offers the core programming concepts below:

  • Control versatility
  • Conversational programming features
  • NC programming features
  • Operational features
  • UltiMotion
  • 5-axis or 5-sided control features
  • Milling and turning features

Products and Services

  • CNC milling programming
  • CNC turning programming
  • CNC lathing programming


  • CE certification
  • ISO 9001

Location: No. 69, 2nd Main Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chenna, India


Okuma is a Japanese company established in 1898, and it started to offer CNC machines in India from 2007.

The company is one of the leading CNC machine providers in the country, it owns CNC lathing machines, CNC multi-tasking machines, CNC machining centers, and CNC high precision grinding machines.

Recently, Okuma launched a new model of vertical CNC lathing machine. This vertical machine can save factory area; at the same time, it is able to handle a product up to 760 mm in diameter and 770 mm in height. In addition, the machine can also process CNC turning, drilling, and milling.

Products and Services

  • Vertical CNC lathing machine
  • 5-axis vertical CNC machining center
  • CNC cylindrical grinders
  • Intelligent CNC multi-tasking machine
  • CNC high precision grinding machine

Location: 7 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India

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