The Importers Guide to Shenzhen: Wholesale Markets, Factories & Visas

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Shenzhen skyline

If China is the factory of the world, then Shenzhen is the capital. This city is to manufacturing what New York City is to global finance. There’s simply no comparison.

On top of that, Shenzhen is currently the only city in Mainland China that offer 5-day visa on arrival to numerous nationalities.

This is covered

  • What kind of suppliers can I find in Shenzhen?
  • List of Shenzhen Wholesale Markets
  • How to get to suppliers in Shenzhen
  • Visa Requirements

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What kind of suppliers can I find in Shenzhen?


Shenzhen is the undisputed capital of electronics manufacturing, not only in Mainland China but in the entire world. Shenzhen has a huge ecosystem of OEM electronics manufacturers, domestic and international component suppliers, hardware incubators, wholesale markets, and service providers.

You probably already own numerous devices assemble in Shenzhen, including the very phone or laptop you read this article on.


Shenzhen is home to more than 3000 factories and component suppliers in the watch industry. Most are located in Bao’ a district in the north-eastern part of Shenzhen.

Apparel & Textiles

Shenzhen remains a cluster for textiles manufacturers, especially in the sportswear and other technical garments. Most textiles suppliers are located in Bao’ an and Longgang districts.

Shenzhen map

List of Shenzhen Wholesale Markets

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market is one of the most well-known markets when it comes to wholesale electronics components. This wholesale market is located at Huaqiangbei aka Huaqiang North, the sub-district of Futian District, Shenzhen – the largest electronic manufacturing hub and market in the world.

If you are like me – someone who is a technology geek when it comes to getting hands on the latest electronics product; loves to compare prices to get the best bargain; you must visit Huaqiangbei Electronics Market.

Want to shop for some other electronics products? This market also covers other subcategories so make sure you do not miss out on exploring the other small markets.


  • Computer displays and components
  • Power Banks
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • SSD Hard Disk
  • Bitcoin Miner

Address (English): Huaqiang North, Futian, Shenzhen, China

Saige (SEG) Electronics Market Plaza

Saige (SEG) Electronics are for those who are looking to buy computer components, hard disks, USB hard drives. You can even customise your PC catering to your own needs.

Feiyang Times Mansion

Feiyang Times Mansion is popular for those who are looking to sell their old iPhone or iPad and buy a new one at a reasonable cost. You can also find an ‘electronics dr.’ to fix your broken electronics and refurbish them as good as new.

Electronics Science and Technology Mansion

Electronics Science and Technology Mansion is a place where you can buy all the electronics necessities. From phone accessories to Bluetooth speakers, going to this marketplace will be an eye-opening experience where there are thousands of models of the product you are looking for.

Finally, it is easy to get there, it is a huge complex of marketplace consists of multiple buildings located close to the Huaqiang Lu Metro Station.

Shenzhen Clocks And Watches Peitao Market

Are you a watch lover? Or are you a Time-Master gathering your tools to time travel? Before you go back to the future, make sure to pay a visit to the Shenzhen Clocks and Watches Peitao Market. This wholesale market consists of over 2000 shops.

From alarm clocks, watches, to wall clocks with the most simplistic mechanism; you can find these products made with different types of material. Stainless steel watches, sports watches and also other watch components and accessories are available for you to choose.


  • Stainless Steel Watch
  • Watch components
  • Clock Hand
  • Packaging

Address: Man Ha Shang Ye Guang Chang, Futian District, Shenzhen, China

Shuibei Jewelry Park

Constructed back in 2004, Shuibei Jewelry Park aka Shuibei Jewelry City is a large market where jewelry manufacturers are gathered here. This wholesale market is located in the Luohu district of Shenzhen.

The wholesale and retail jewellery market in the Shuibei Jewelry Park is also the largest marketplace for professional jewelry trade with more than 500 companies. These manufacturers cover from wedding rings, diamond necklace, silver accessories.


  • Gems Rings
  • Diamond Necklace
  • Gold Chain

Address: Luohu, Shenzhen, China

Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade

Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade aka Century Square is located at the Jindu Fashion Wholesale City. Getting there is easy, simply take a bus or the metro to the Dengliang Metro Station or the Haiye Metro Station, then switch to a 5-minutes taxi ride to Century Square.

From leather bags, jackets, jeans to shoes, you can find manufacturers that supplies supply the latest popular trends in both men’s and women’s fashion. Simply hop into any of these stores, you can get nice-quality, fashionable western, Korean style clothes at a fairly affordable cost.


  • Leather Bags
  • Women’s and Men’s Fashion
  • Boots

Address: Century Square, Nanshan, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Shenzhen Baima Clothing Wholesale Market is established in 2003, located in the Luohu District in Shenzhen. This wholesale market is located on mainly sells branded apparel, garments and clothing. Wholesales and retails can be found here for famous brands that are from South Korea, Japan, and the US,.

On the other hand, this is a good place to start if you are looking for discount clothes.

Feeling that if one day is not enough to shop in Baima Wholesale Market? You can even book a hotel to stay for one or two nights so you can take your time to go all-in on ‘crazy shopping’.


  • Superhero T-shirts
  • Cosplay Costumes
  • Hats & Caps

Address: Hongzhan Commercial City, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China

Buying brand name products

Contrary to what many people believe, Apple, Sony and other brands are more expensive in Mainland China compared to the United States and Europe. As such, you should not visit one of these electronics wholesale markets hoping to find cheap brand name electronics.

In some cases, you may even end up paying 20% more than you would in nearby Hong Kong.

Product Compliance

Many electronic products and components sold at Shenzhen wholesale markets are not specifically made to comply with overseas product regulations, such as the Low Voltage Directive (EU) or UL standards (US).

Product compliance is serious business when importing electronics from China, so you must make sure that your products are compliant before you place an order. That said, you’re better off visiting an OEM electronics factory in Shenzhen, rather than a wholesaler if you intend to buy custom designed or private label devices.

That said, Wholesale markets are an incredibly valuable resource at a prototype development stage, as you can purchase small volumes of components.

How to get to suppliers in Shenzhen

There are different ways to go from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, which depends on the travel cost, time and also convenience level. Below, you can find these different ways to go to Shenzhen.

a. Traveling to Shenzhen via Hong Kong

Going from Hong Kong to Shenzhen is quite convenient, one of the cheapest and fastest ways that you can get there is MTR. In Hong Kong, the MTR is one of the most widely used public transport.

Before you go, make sure to do enough research on which wholesale markets are you deciding to go; where the location(s) is the closest to decide which station to get off in Lo Wo or Lok Ma Chau border crossing points from the East Rail Line.

b. Direct flight to Shenzhen Bao’ an International Airport

We all know that time is money, that is why you are also recommended to fly directly to Shenzhen Bao’ an International Airport. In this way, you will not have to deal with the hazard of navigating your way to Shenzhen. On the other hand, you can also hire a translator or pick-up service before you arrive. So you enjoy a stress-free shopping experience when you’re in Shenzhen.

c. Traveling from Guangzhou to Shenzhen

Guangzhou is a big province, a lot of people also pay a visit to Guangzhou to go to the wholesale markets to find their product manufacturers. You are also encouraged to go there before coming to Shenzhen.

Going from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is quite easy, there are different ways – High-Speed Trains, Train and also going from Flight. It does not take too much time to travel between the two as the cities are very close to each other.

d. Shenzhen Metro System

The Shenzhen Metro is one of the fastest and most convenient transportation options in Shenzhen, it is also very economically-friendly if you are navigating between the city and Hong Kong for sightseeing purposes.

There are 3 types of common tickets – Single Journey Ticket, Shenzhen Tong Pass and One-day Travel Pass.

For a single journey ticket, it is a green or yellow plastic token. On the other hand, the Shenzhen Tong Pass allows you to travel around the East part of the city with a 5% discount and can be top up again. The third type is a One-Day Travel Pass, you can travel around without limitations in 24 hours.

Visa Requirements

Before you go to Shenzhen, make sure to apply for a visa before arrival. For tourist from most countries, the fee of applying for Shenzhen VOA is CNY 168. However, not all countries pay the same cost. For instance, UK citizens pay CNY 304 for the Shenzhen Visa 5-day visa.

If you are planning to apply for a visa upon arrival, you can apply for the Shenzhen 5-day visa aka the Shenzhen 5-day VOA. This allows you to stay in Shenzhen for up to 5 days. Tourists from most of the countries are eligible for Shenzhen 5-Day Visa on Arrival.

Below, you will find the countries that are eligible for this visa:

  • Algeria
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
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  • 25 Responses to “The Importers Guide to Shenzhen: Wholesale Markets, Factories & Visas

    1. goda ankith jain at 6:04 pm

      i m planning to buy electronics product from shenzhen but wanted to buy from quality distributers
      can u plz help me to contact with quality distributor

    2. tahiri ali at 10:31 am

      Hi my name is Ali from England I am going to china in few days time I am looking for kitchen ware but quality stuff how can I found the right distrubuter In I will staying in guanghzou for one week then travel to shenzhen

      1. ChinaImportal at 5:20 am

        Hi Ali,

        I suggest you check out our Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Utensils

        You can read more about i there:

    3. Abdul at 5:54 am

      Hi Fredrik,
      I need a genuine electronics gadgets manufacturers in China. I’m working on making a business trip to China in few weeks time.

      Could you please help recommend any genuine electronic gadgets manufacturers?

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

      1. David ANUMUVI at 8:42 pm

        I am not a business importer but I very much Will like to order a replacement led screen only for my broken Panasonic TX 55 HDled tv. I have tried to source it from the UK both it has proved unsuccessful and eBay didn’t meet requirements. I am hoping I can find a China supplier that stocks it and does retail. It’s funny but I have a sentimental attachment to that tv and would like to restore it back to service. I have already spent £150 on it but no success yet that I am now going far out to source it.. It’s a Panasonic TX 55 CX400B

        Please I would be indebted to you if you can assist me find a China retail supplier

        Thanks David

    4. Teymur at 12:21 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      We are a UK based catering firm and want to find manufacturers in China. Do you have any idea if Shenzhen is the right place for non-electronic manufaturers? We need glass, metal and plastic/rubber manufacturers. We are keen to trave to China in August to meet manufacturers. Would appreciate your advise.

      1. Christian at 8:44 am

        Hi, Teymur,

        I represent a export company based in China and we can help you with what you require. Although it is very easy to find a manufacturer, finding one without having a translator or any idea of how business in China is conducted can be a headache to say the least. If you would like to talk more please dont hesitate to contact me. I will also be in the UK on business for a week during August so could talk face to face and potentially arrange your China trip with us.

        kind regards,


        1. Virginia at 5:47 am

          Hello Christian,

          Could you send me your contact details as I would be interested to discuss more with you Too.

        2. Nikolay at 1:54 am

          Hello Christian,
          From your answer I understand that you are based in China and can help with finding an translator. Have I understood that correctly? I am planning a trip to Shenzhen in July or August and I am looking for someone to help us translate and guide us while there. Couls you be of any help?


    5. William notarantonio at 11:01 pm

      Hi Frederick I am heading out to shenzen next week can you please email me with some suppliers of TVs and androids please

    6. Kevin at 2:18 pm

      I have been scammed by several suppliers and am amazed by the amount of scammers, it seems that 95% of companies are dishonest.
      I know I cannot buy top brand (apple, Samsung etc) and have blocked those companies.
      I am looking for china or no brand android 5.0inch with dual sim, 1gb RAM 4GBrom.
      Can anyone help

    7. Gagzz Bhardwaj at 6:25 am

      I am looking to start my import business of Electrical parts but not able to reach the factories directly due to which my cost of the product is not competitive. I am looking for Halogen Heating Tube, Quartz Tube and LED Bulbs factories. Could anyone assist me with that where to find it??

    8. Fatih at 10:19 am

      Hi Fredrik,
      I am also looking for companies to import android tablets from China. I got a lot of contacts from AliBaba but its hard to understand if they are legit or not.

    9. Idris Imam at 11:44 pm

      Pls i need your help pls help get good supplies of android phone and iPad phone too that we can do business with.we have big market but to get honest supplies is the problem someone i can trust with out come to China.scan is to much how can we no good guy pls reply ASAP

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:06 pm

        Hello Idris,

        It’s not possible to import authentic Apple (or any other brand name items) directly from China. However, Android is different since it’s an “open platform” used by hundreds of manufacturers. Which country are you based in?

        1. Idris imam at 7:01 am

          OK Frederic i am happy for your reply I am from Nigeria

      2. corya at 10:32 am

        Yes, i have to admit : it is big truth that so hard to find honest suppliers in china even if myself is Chinese who did international business for 8 years in Shenzhen, but also for android phones, Shenzhen do have some good honest suppliers there (i can recommend some if you need)

        For IPAD, what Fredrik said is also true, your shipping will be detained by customs isnt strange things and then the customs will ask you give authorization from Ipad but for sure the suppliers you bought for Ipad definitely doesnt have this at all then they will destroy your package, but if you only want to do small quantity such as several pcs only and you want to try your lucky and you are lucky, you also can receive your goods at your country beacause they can make fack DHL invoice with low price for you and the customs arent possible to check each packing there.


        1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 12:25 pm

          Hello Corya,

          That’s true, but it doesn’t really make sense to buy iPads from China, considering that they are 25% more expensive here than in US or Europe.

    10. Tommy at 9:30 am

      hI i Need for my brand beats by dre quality headphones who can help ? tumas at hotmail . de

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 2:06 pm

        Hello Tommy,

        Then you need to get in touch with their sales office. It’s not possible to import branded goods directly from the Chinese manufacturer. Even though their products are made in China, they don’t allow people to import their products directly from the factory in order to compete with the on their home market. These people are not idiots.

        Anyone claiming to offer such goods are either selling fakes – or intending to scam you.

    11. Matthew Thompson at 5:29 pm

      Hello im starting my own importing and exporting business (Mattdigital) And could do with some assistance on finding a good supplier of tablets on good android cheap, as i have bought 10 from clover industrial and only 4 came and they were absolutely rubbish, never done this before and help or anyone that is going that could help me or knows someone would be verry

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 9:16 pm

        Mathew, i’m sorry to hear that. However, I’m not surprised. Electronics is an industry infested with scammers. That being said, we can help you find a legit manufacturer of Android tablets. I’ll send you an email right away.

        1. Matthew Thompson at 8:00 pm

          Thank you :)

      2. kudzayi ziki at 9:08 pm

        Hi Friend.

        I am impressed by your work coz am planning to start my importation business. I am from Zimbabwe in Africa and I want to import electronics. Your understanding of the Chinese market will surely help me .

        I dont want to deal with fake companies and get fake products. I want to start with importation of USB Flash Disks and I have noted some companies in Shenzhen which are Shenzhen Shunqi Technologies as well as Shenzhen Baker Technologies.

        Can you evaluate these for me or give me better manufacturers. I would also want someone who would help me with verifying my orders before they are shipped to Africa.

        1. Francis Song at 9:32 pm

          Hi Kudzayi

          Just like you said, you don’t want to deal with fake companies and get fake products, you can search one third-party quality control agent to cooperate with, they can help you to verify the companies and factories, arrange quality inspection for your orders.

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