• [Free Kindle eBook] The Ultimate Guide to Importing Clothing & Textiles From Asia: 2018 Edition

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    We just published our very first Kindle eBook, which we offer for free to our readers this week only. For the sake of managing expectations, I want to mention the process explained in this eBook is a simplified version of what you’ll find in the import manual.

    Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a free copy, you’ll find it here.

    Further, the book is available for free until Friday this week, as Amazon only allows a 5 day ‘free’ offer.

    Content overview

    • How to create patterns, size charts and label files
    • How to find the right suppliers on Alibaba.com or at trade shows
    • How to get accurate price quotations
    • How to order materials samples and pre-production samples
    • How to place your first order and avoid scams
    • How to manage quality control, lab testing and payments
    • How to book shipping (sea and air)

    Bonus content

    • Vietnam, China or India: Find out which country is best for your products
    • Overview of textiles standards and labeling requirements: US, EU, and Australia
    • Overview of import taxes: US, EU, and Australia
    • Glossary
    • Resources: Shipping companies, design software, quality control companies and more

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    Can I read Kindle eBook this on any device?

    Yes, you can read this via the Kindle Reader App for PC, Mac, Android, iOS or on a Kindle Device.

    Can we get this book for free?

    We run a ‘free book promotion’ from October 15th to 19th.

    Do you intend to publish more Kindle books in the future?

    Yes, we intend to expand this into a book series, covering multiple product categories.

    Should I buy this book if I already have the Starter Package?

    No, the process covered in the Starter Package is more comprehensive than that of this book. This is a quick read for people interested in grasping the overall manufacturing process. Further, this ebook is not including any of the document templates or tools provided as part of the Starter Package.

  • (USA & EU)

    We help startups & brands get quality products made in China & Vietnam

    • Product Specifications
    • Supplier identification
    • Product samples
    • Manufacturing, quality control & lab testing


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