• Importing Furniture from China in 5 Steps

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    About to purchase furniture, or other home products, from suppliers in China? Keep reading, and learn what you must know about finding the right furniture suppliers, relevant trade shows and customization options. We also explain what furniture importers must know about fire retardancy regulations, quality control and shipping.

    Below follows an overview:

    1. How to find the right furniture manufacturer in China
    2. Furniture customization options
    3. Confirm applicable regulations and safety standards
    4. Quality control
    5. Lab testing
    6. Shipping process

    1. Finding the right Furniture Manufacturer in China

    When sourcing Furniture manufacturers online, there’s a variety of factors to use when assessing potential candidate suppliers. Below follows a few examples:

    Registered Capital: A low registered capital may indicate that the supplier is a small trading company. As there are no real benefits of buying from a trader, you want to avoid that. A Furniture manufacturer should have at least RMB 1,000,000 in registered capital, which is specified in their business license.

    Business Scope: Possibly even more telling than the Registered Capital, the Business scope explains what the company was set out to do. Look for “furniture” and “manufacturing”, or “production”, to assess if the supplier is a true manufacturer. Traders, on the other hand, tend to have business scopes, including a wide range of very different products, and include terms such as “Wholesale”.

    Quality Management System: A Quality Management System, for example, ISO 9001, is implemented to track and prevent quality issues. Why does this matter? Because it only applies to manufacturers, not traders.

    When buying furniture from Chinese suppliers, why is it important to first filter suppliers? Because the majority of Furniture manufacturers are not geared towards developed markets, offering the quality options and stability you need to compete.

    If you don’t feel like browsing supplier listing online, you may want to consider visiting a Home products trade show in Mainland China or Hong Kong. Below follows a summary of relevant, annual, trade fairs in the Furniture and home products industry:

    Globalsources Gift & Home (Hong Kong S.A.R)

    • Home Living & Decor
    • Kitchen & Dining
    • Home Improvement

    Canton Fair (Phase 2) (Guangzhou, Guangdong)

    • Bathroom Furniture
    • Outdoor Furniture
    • Office Furniture
    • Hotel Furniture
    • Living Room Furniture
    • Household decoration

    HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair (Hong Kong S.A.R)

    • Artificial Flowers
    • Hardware & DIY Products
    • Bar Accessories
    • Health & Personal Care Items
    • Bathroom Accessories
    • Home Decorations & Handicrafts
    • Kitchenware & Gadgets
    • Cleaning & Supplies
    • Eco-Friendly Products
    • Silver Generation Products
    • Small Electrical Appliances
    • Gardening & Outdoor Accessories
    • Tableware

    You can also read this article, to get a complete overview of furniture and home trade shows in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and beyond.

    White Barcelona chair

    2. Furniture Customisation Options

    What differs a retailer, or even wholesaler, from an OEM manufacturer? When you buy a product from a retailer, take IKEA for example, you know that their products are made according to the very same specification sheet. There is no variation in terms of materials, design, dimensions and functions.

    Yet, many importers of home products, including furniture, make the assumption that this is how OEM manufacturers in China, also operates.

    OEM manufacturers operate according to a ‘make to order’ principle. While they may have “catalog products”, these are mere references, at best. What this means for you, is that you must provide the supplier with a spec sheet – even if the product is based on a factory design.

    There is no uniform spec sheet template that can be used. However, below follows a few examples of what you must include in your specification sheet:

    • Wood Quality (i.e., German Beech Wood)
    • Fabric Specifications (i.e., PU Coated Polyester, 550 gsm)
    • Metal Parts (i.e., 316L Stainless Steel)
    • Foam (i.e., High Density Fire Retardant Foam Rubber)

    3. Assess Applicable Furniture Regulations

    In many markets, there are mandatory Fire Retardancy Regulations, applicable to various types of furniture. In the United States, there’s no federal framework to which American importers must comply. However, California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117) has become ‘de facto’ mandatory, as it is asked for by both retailers and customers.

    However, In the European Union, there are mandatory Fire safety standards, to which buyers are forced to comply. Below follows an overview:

    • EN 1021-1
    • EN 1021-2
    • EN 597-1
    • EN 597-2
    • EN 14533

    Keep in mind that you must communicate to the supplier, to which standards your product must be complied with. A few years ago, I remember how we performed a quality inspection on upholstered furniture in Hangzhou. As we started testing the fire retardancy of the cover fabric, it turned out that the goods were in no way going to pass a third party audit.

    However, the present sales manager, quickly brushed off any responsibility. Instantly, he underlined that they are indeed capable of ensuring compliance with all European and American substance and fire retardancy standard, but that this customer did not communicate that their product had to be compliant with a certain standard.

    Hence, the procurement officers, working in the factory, did not make this specific request to their subcontractor for cover fabrics… and indeed, they didn’t ask either, so the result was a batch of a non-compliant goods. As such, you must first assess which regulations apply to home products in your market, and then communicate this requirement to your manufacturer.

    4. Quality Control

    To ensure that your supplier is not shipping substandard or damaged goods, which is perfectly possible, you must hire a quality inspector to check up on the goods. There are several companies offering quality control services, already in China. However, you need to communicate what they should look for. Below follows explanations of two of critical checkpoints, when importing from China:

    Visual Inspection: Check for potential damages, or usage of incorrect materials and components.

    Fire retardancy testing: While most compliance tests can only be carried out in a laboratory, fire retardancy of fabrics can be checked just as well with a lighter and a stopwatch.

    5. Lab testing for furniture

    Furniture is, as mentioned, subject to chemical regulations and fire safety standards. The only way to be sure that your imported furniture is compliant with, for example, REACH or CA Prop 65, is to submit samples for lab testing.

    That said, you don’t need to ship an entire bed or sofa to a testing facility.

    Instead, material samples (i.e., filling materials and fabrics) can be submitted. In addition, compliance testing often takes place in Hong Kong or Mainland China. Just keep in mind that the lab should be accredited by the authorities in the destination country.

    Some tests may not even require that you submit samples to a third party laboratory. As I already mentioned, fire safety testing can be carried out in the factory, as long as the inspector know the criteria.

    Keep in mind that most inspectors don’t know the specific fire safety criteria in the EU or US, so you need to give them very clear instructions.

    6. Shipping & Logistics

    Furniture is heavy, and can easily break under the weight of stacked units. Many manufacturers understand this, while others routinely fail to apply common sense when packing furniture. As such, I suggest that you request packing, as following:

    • Outer Cartons with plastic wrapping (to prevent mold)
    • Pallets (for easy unloading)

    As furniture is not only heavy, but also taking up quite a bit of space, most buyers in this segment base their imported volumes on a container basis, rather than a unit bases. Hence, request your supplier to quote a volume based on an FCL 20’’ or 40’’ HQ container, and let them specify the number of units that can be loaded in each.

    Do you want to launch your own Furniture brand?

    It can be hard to go from a design drawing to finished product. To help you manage the entire process – from creating a specification, to sampling and quality control – we created a Starter Package for furniture:

    a. Furniture Manufacturer Lists

    b. Product Specification Templates

    c. Furniture Label Samples

    d. Tutorials, Video Walkthroughs and Task Lists that guide you step-by-step through the entire process

    In addition, you can also book quality inspections, lab testing and shipping directly from the platform. Click here to learn more.

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  • 83 Responses to “Importing Furniture from China in 5 Steps

    1. Jon at 5:23 am

      Hi Fredrik,
      I enjoyed reading your post, it was very informative. You seem to know your stuff! I am starting to do some business with importing furniture into my country (Ireland). I have a contact in China who can do all that has to be done with the factories. However, I was wondering if you could make any suggestions to me about how to find clients, and where to look for them and what is the best approach etc.

      1. john at 9:30 pm

        Did you start importing in to Ireland,I am looking for flat pack to retail here in ireland. Thanks john

    2. Fredrik Grönkvist at 4:50 am

      Hello Jon!

      Honestly I am not the right person to ask about sales. However, from what I’ve heard from my clients I suggest that you try any of the following:

      a.) Attend trade fairs

      b.) Supply retailers in Ireland and the UK (keep in mind that retailers are rather likely to require proper certification and a test report that can prove certification compliance.) I’ve attended a few meetings together with my clients and from what I understand you simply pick up the phone and book a meeting with the purchasing manager.

      Don’t be afraid to contact larger retailers and chains. Most of them tend to purchase from local wholesalers rather than importing from China, and elsewhere, by themselves.

      c.) Get listed on an online wholesaler directory

      d.) Open an online store and sell directly to the customers.

      e.) Open a show room. This could work as a low budget alternative to opening a store.

      1. Sharon Page at 10:27 am

        Hello Frederick thank you for all of this information. I have been importing white American oak beds without posted headboards from China to the UK I have had three containers over three years but each time there is something wrong. Please can you get in touch with me for some help I have good shippers but it is then manufacturers and I need help with many thanks Sharon

        1. ChinaImportal at 2:05 am

          Hello Sharon,

          We will contact you by email in a couple of hours!

    3. Lee at 8:41 pm

      I am finding that to import a container of furniture is a lot more difficult than I thought. I am in South Africa and currently have a furniture buying my furniture from a supplier who in turn buys from their supplier in China.
      After Talking to a supplier in China and receiving my quote, I am amazed that the price is almost more than what I currently buy for. Together with Shipping costs, Customs Duty and VAT it almost seems impossible.
      Please advise me, as I cant understand why this seems almost impossible??

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 3:06 am

        Hello Lee,

        You need to contact far more than one supplier in order to get a decent understanding for the price level of a certain product. Some suppliers are more expensive than others.

        I have no idea about the cost situation in South Africa, but I’ve worked with several home furniture importers based in Sweden and they are able to make a decent profit of their business. However, South Africa have a lot more low cost labor available than most EU countries, therefore China might not be the right choice for you.

        Also, keep in mind that VAT is not a cost.

      2. steven at 10:18 am

        hello lee
        maybe you talk to wrong man who is not a real producer. or maybe the supplier are wait for your bargaining. i don’t know what kind of furniture you want and the price you can offered, i can give you an example. An office chair made in china usually cost 20-40 $, a office desk 1.4m long usually cost 100-150 $.

    4. Meghraj Dhungel at 4:44 pm

      Hello sir,
      I am from Nepal. I am pleased to read your artical and i am planning to do some small business importing from china. Can u tell me the tantative cost to import furniture china? if you have any idea about impoting chinese home applieance in Nepal!

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 4:14 am

        Hello Meghraj!

        a.) The pricing is completely depending on the products you buy and in which quantity. I need to see a quotation from a supplier before I can make any estimations regarding the total cost.

        b.) I assume that land transportation makes sense when importing from China to Nepal. Getting a price shouldn’t be too hard. Ask a Chinese supplier to quote you a CIF Nepal price (well, you actually need to specify a city rather than a country, but I hope you get the point).

        I have to clarify that I have no experience whatsoever of imports from China to Nepal, but I try to answer your questions in the best way I can.

    5. Rolf Oversier at 9:35 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      Very interesting to read your tips. I am looking at China to buy new furniture and hospitality items for our resort. You say as one of your tips to contact the sellers and get quotations in advance. As far as I know the Asian/ Chinese market it is a lot about bargaining about the prices. What is your experience with price negotiation? How far do they increase their margins to begin with, how to get them as low as possible with the desired product. Let’s say we talk about furnishing 50 apartments of 60 sqm. How would you approach the negotiations in advance and at the moment you are in China?

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 12:50 pm

        Hello Rolf!

        Yes, Chinese suppliers are accustomed to price negotiation. However, a serious manufacturer is not very likely to add as much as 20 – 40% in the price. In general a price negotiation may reduce the price with 1 – 3%.

        The best way to find out whether you’ve been quoted the “market price” is to request quotations from at least 12 suppliers. Keep in mind that the products you want to get quoted must be rather similar, otherwise you’ll compare pricing on different products and that’s going to present a fair picture.

        I’ve already written a blog post on this topic that you can find here:


      2. steven at 11:41 am

        hello Rolf Oversier
        I am a chinese and a furniture buyer. I have a way to find the right price. When i want buy a kind of furniture, frist i use taobao the largest shopping websit in china to lookup the retail or wholesale price that is low and transparent, then i can estimate the wholesale price or factory price.

        1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 6:04 pm

          Hello Steven,

          Yes, but the problem with products marketed on Taobao.com is that they are not compliant with EU and US fire retardant standards. Products exported to the west cost more to manufacture than products made for the domestic Chinese market. Therefore a Taobao.com price may not always be a solid price indicator. However, for non-EU / US importers, it might serve a purpose.

          1. steven at 1:00 pm

            hello fredrik
            I agree with you. Standards include quality package and instruction is a problem especially to developed country. According to my experience, if you afford 20-50% additional money, the manufacturer will make it all.

    6. Lisa at 11:06 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      I am looking to purchase furniture from China for home use in the USA. Are fire retardant standards in the USA equivalent to The United Kingdom or European Union? Would their standards be allowed in the USA? Also, how do you make sure you are dealing with a reputable company? I am concerned about never receiving my furniture or the quality not being what I had expected? If I am purchasing replica pieces for my home, such as the Barcelona chair would I have a problem with US customs?

      Thank you

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:23 pm

        Hi Lisa!

        a.) While the US, EU and UK have different standards, a supplier that can pass one of them can in general pass the rest. However, there are outdated standards and the most important thing is not only to find a supplier who CAN pass the test – but a supplier who is routinely manufacturing furniture that are in compliance with the relevant testing standards.

        b.) There are many factors that depend whether a supplier is a reputable company. Way to many to summarize in a comment. However, the first thing you should look at are the following:

        i.) The amount of registered capital
        ii.) Product certification compliance
        iii.) Target markets (avoid suppliers who focus on the domestic Chinese market, find one who is already exporting large volumes to the US and EU)

        c.) Reliable supplier don’t ship empty containers. Scammers do. These scammers tend to offer “too good to be true” pricing. A price much lower than the competition is a warning sign.

        In order to further minimize the exposure to frauds you can hire an agent and get a container loading inspection. You should also hire a quality inspector to check the products while they are still in the factory. I suggest that you get in touch with Renaud Anjoran of Qualityinspection.org.

        d.) Regarding the Barcelona chair. Yes, you may have issues. I know that Barcelona chair replicas has been confiscated in the EU. While I havn’t heard of a similiar case in the US, I find it quite likely to happen.

    7. Ray Putra at 11:54 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      Thank you so much for writing this blog! It’s very helpful indeed!
      I’m currently trying to import some stuffs from China and still trying to learn a lot of stuffs about it.
      I have some products that I really like and I know for sure they are made in China.
      Do you know how I can track down which suppliers these products are manufactured in?



      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 2:51 pm

        Hello Ray!

        Yes, it’s possible to find the manufacturer of a certain product through Importgenius.com. However, as far as I know they only provide customs data for the US and you must know which (american) company imported the product from China. The customs don’t track any commercial activity within the US.

    8. Sajid at 11:01 am

      Let me know your contact details and i would love to talk with you. Thanks Fedrick to put this all up, really interested to source some chinese office furniture

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 5:53 pm

        Hello Sajld!

        You can email us on info@chinaimportal.com. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

    9. Mayank at 5:34 pm

      Dear Fredrik

      We are interested looking for Complete Apartment furniture factories in China.

      We have to supply all furniture for 10 Nos. 3 BHK aparrtments.

      So it would be great if you can advise some factories who can help us procure

      complete furniture for these apartments.

      We are looking for factories in Guangdong.


      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 5:55 pm

        Hello Mayank,

        There are no single manufacturers that can produce everything needed in an apartment. It would require a huge manufacturing operation and cover everything from wooden furniture to plastic molding. It’s not viable.

        However, there are Trading Companies in China that has a decent product selection.

    10. Najat at 7:51 am

      Hello Mr. Fredrik;
      I read your article and I like your advice. In fact, I am trying to buy online from china some furniture for home, I don’t know what is the best way to do?
      Do you know a reliable site or supplier that I can buy from? and what is the best way to ship with?
      thanks a lot ..

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 1:15 pm

        Hello Najat!

        We cannot present any supplier references here since it’s part of our main service. Please read more on https://www.chinaimportal.com.

        Keep in mind that different furniture manufacturers are specialized in different kinds of furniture designs and materials. Your first step is to decide what kind of furniture you wish to import.

    11. Scheherazade at 3:59 pm

      Hello Frederik,
      I read your article and I appreciate your advice.
      I’m living in France and I’m searching for differents suppliers for furniture for home.
      I know there is a lot of website like globalsourcing, madeinchina, or others but how you can find the good supplier. Is it more easier to work with an agent. How to choose the better ration product/price.
      Is it easy to work with chinese suppliers? And if we interest on malaysia or indonesia suppliers is the market the same?

      Otherwise, I know there is some standars for products on EU and I want to have a profitable margin on the products.
      Do you have some advices for the shipping.4

      Thank you for your answer.

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 7:30 pm

        Working with the wrong (that’s about 90% in my opinion) supplier can be a real nightmare. However, there are efficient and organized suppliers in China that are as easy to work with as any manufacturer in the world. Our job is locating those suppliers.

        While I know that furniture are also manufactured in South East Asia, we have no experience working with suppliers in those countries.

        Yes, furniture is also required to be compliant with certification standards such as B1 and REACH, when imported to the EU.

        Regarding shipping, I advice that you order a full container load. It’s safer than LCL shipping (especially when the cargo is furniture) and way cheaper.

        1. steven at 9:53 am

          Hello Frederik,
          I read your article and I appreciate to make friend with you and anyone who are interest in furniture .
          I’m a chinese. Steven is my english name. My famliy have a furniture mall in africa and i am resposible for export goods from china to africa. Each year i must purchase more than 10million $ goods and deliver it.
          There are three big furnitur market in east china. The biggest one is in guangdong foshan and it is well know to international buyer. The second one is in jiangsu province which is well know to domestic buyer. The thrid one is nearby tianjin city.
          although it is easily to find all kind of furniture on market, but it difficult to to get good price&quality for you, sometimes even for me . There too many reason impact on price&quality. It is difficult to communicate to chinese ,most of our people cannot speak english or other foreign language.
          Anyone who are interest in china furniture can send my e-mail 717445728@qq.com.

          1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 6:05 pm


            Thanks for sharing this information on furniture wholesale markets!

    12. Sohail at 8:51 am

      Dear Sir,

      I am looking to import around four containers of office chairs of all varieties from a manufacturer directly. I am confused as to where to head to for this as I have noticed that there are many manufacturers in Anji county, Zejhiang and Hongzhou. Which is the best area to make my purchase and it should be of good quality and also they should be able to customize.
      Thanks in advance for the reply.


      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 9:05 am

        Hello Sohail,

        In fact, Zhejiang is the province which the cities of Anji and Hangzhou are located in. Most furniture manufacturers are located in the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong.

        Keep in mind that there’s no universal definition of “good quality”. Chinese factories manufacture products according to your product specifications. Thus you shall begin with drafting your product specifications. This will then be the basis that your supplier selection shall be made upon.

        It’s the same thing when it comes to product customization. All manufacturers are able to customize products to a varying degree. It’s a matter of providing clear product specifications to your supplier. Don’t expect Chinese suppliers to take on product development for you.

        I think we’ll write a blog post about that topic quite soon.

      2. steven at 1:54 am

        hello sohail
        Follow my advice you have two choices. One is Anji in zhejiang Province, the word’s largest production base of office chair, many foreign buyers know where. Two is the Hebei province of Shengfang, where manufacturing capacity is also very strong, especially in the plastic chair folding chair, individual manufacturers scale also generally larger than Anji‘s factory.
        For customize, four containers of office chair is not many, the color or fabric or filling on the custom should be no problem, if changing the structure may be difficult.
        why not take a chinese professional people to help you,like me. 717445728@qq.com

    13. Laura at 11:31 pm

      Has anyone ever heard of ITI manufacturing I am just wondering if they are reliable.

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 6:02 pm

        Hello Laura,

        Sorry for the late reply. No, we have not heard of ITI manufacturing. Importers tend to be rather secretive about their suppliers and are unlikely to share their experiences.

    14. Fredrik Grönkvist at 6:04 pm

      Hello Tahir,

      We can arrange a Quality Inspection in your suppliers factory. I’ll send you an email with a few questions.

    15. sammar at 12:13 pm


      iam starting new company in saudia arabia for importing chinese furniture with european qualities . i will go to china but first would you help me finding a list of good companies to get in touch with before traveling there .

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 8:11 pm

        Hello Sammar,

        We can help you out. I’ll send you an email with more information.

        1. sammar at 2:17 pm

          it’s a decoration company so iam going to need all kind of furniture like indoor ,outdoor , office & restaurant furniture , i need at list 2 or 3 companies for each one . also i want away to contact them before coming to china

        2. Mina Raouf at 11:02 am

          Fredrik i am starting a business of home furniture in Egypt specializing in living rooms furnitures. Would you please help me by recommending a list of good companies and manufacturers specializing in living rooms furnitures to contact them before traveling to china.
          Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    16. Lisa at 3:59 pm

      Hi Frederik,

      Just wondering if you have any tips for finding a manufacturer to create and ship our own furniture designs in China? We currently use local companies and are hoping to reduce costs by looking overseas, possibly China but quite intimidated on where to start?

      Thank you for your help,


    17. Jason Wang at 10:40 am

      Hi Frederik!

      Thank you for your article, it’s very informative.

      I’m a local Chinese based in Jiaxing and thinking to set up a e-commerce business to sell antique furnitures/home-decor direct to consumers in the US. Something similar to http://www.orientalfurniture.com. I understand you are specialized in the import end of business but do hope you could give me some insight. My doubt is that unlike established importers/retailers in the US, I am not in a capacity to stock big quantity in the warehouse US, rather the shipment can be very small depending on how many people order online, and this will bite into the profit margin, right? What would be your suggestions around this problem?

      Much thanks in advance!


      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 10:53 am

        Hello Jason,

        Yes, the problem is that LCL shipping results in a much higher freight cost per cubic meter. Selling directly from China to individual buyers in the USA is therefore not viable. You will not be able to compete with importers buying container loads.

        Another problem is that furniture is regulated by the CPSC. Product testing on small batches also runs up costs quickly. I suggest that you specialize in one or two types of furniture, rather than buying small volumes of a wide range of different furniture.

        If possible, find a partner in the United States that can manage distribution within the country.

    18. Anne Kaiser at 2:55 am

      Hi Fredrik,

      thanks for your blog… I have a question as well. I’m also thinking about to import funiture from china. I live in New Zealand and It’s quite hard to find any information/regulations for importing funiture into the country. Do you have any experience with New zealand? I found a supplier I’m happy to import from. Have you heard from CLASSIC FUNITURE GROUP LTD/ COCO FUNITURE in Hongkong? They have this term for Products Inspection Policy:                                                                                                  
      Since we provide 36 months guarantee, hereby we kindly require no inspection because our warehouse size limited.  If new customer require to come to inspect goods, we can only provide the random inspection due to our warehouse size limited. Please kindly inform us one month in advance in case of the inspection is needed.

      my question is if that is quite common?

      thanks for your help

      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 5:22 am

        Hello Anne,

        a.) Yes, we have experience in sourcing products for Australian and NZ clients. Most products are regulated by the same product safety standards in both countries.

        b.) No, this is not common. The supplier obviously want to hide something from you. The reason they present is as ridiculous as the fact that they pretend to be a furniture manufacturer in Hong Kong. This is an empty shelf company, nothing else. Stay away or you face a major risk of losing your money.

    19. Fred Mugambi at 10:03 pm

      Hi, I just stumbled on your website. I need house furniture from a good inexpensive company in China. I want the furniture to be shipped to Mombasa Kenya. Do you have any suggestions of good companies I can approach? Thanks in advance.

    20. Mina Raouf at 10:43 am

      I would love to send me an email with a background of your work.

      Thanks in advance,
      Mina Raouf

    21. Zanele at 9:50 am

      Hi Frederick I am in South Africa , I want to buy lounge suite and best bedroom suite for my home in China with best quality ,please get me the reliable suppliers and importers of unique furniture, don’t want to loose my money for nothing .

    22. Areej at 12:10 pm

      Hi Fredrik, I’m agree with Lee.
      I’m in South Africa and I contacted so many chines suppliers ,they sent me quotations and all prices are more than locale suppliers. But after so many quotations it really seems impossible.
      what should we do? how can we get our target prices for same product? Thanks.Stay safe.

    23. Shorya at 8:28 am


      iam starting new company in india for importing chinese furniture of good quality . i will go to china but first would you help me finding a list of good companies to get in touch with before traveling there .

    24. Wallace at 9:42 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      Our company based in the U.S. is looking to buy new office furniture for our new office for about 50 employees. Here is a list of what we need:

      21 cubicles, 28 benching solutions, 7-9 L-shape desks, 2 U-shaped desks, 1 large conference table.

      Is sourcing from China for these furniture cost effective? If so, are there people in China that can help us do quality assurance, custom and shipping?

      Thanks in advance for your advise.


      1. Fredrik Grönkvist at 9:28 am

        Hello Wallace,

        No, if this is only a one time order, I don’t think the reduced cost motivate the increased risk.

    25. Vineet Goel at 7:13 am

      Hi Fredrik,

      Thanks for all the information you provided in your blog.

      I have a furniture showroom in New Delhi, India since the last 35 years. We have been selling home and office furniture quite successfully all this while. Now, we wanted to expand our product porfolio and add few Chinese Furniture products like Sofa-cum-Beds, Study Tables, Chairs etc, which are ready to assemble here in India.

      Therefore, would request you to guide me as to which province and area to travel for all these products.

      Thanks and regards

      Vineet Goel

      1. Kelvin at 5:50 pm

        Hi Vineet

        I am writing on behalf DY Furniture, a company which focused on modernized furniture to be used in bedroom, living room, kitchen and office. DY Furniture currently holds a production line which involves 500 employees and 60,000 square meters factory area which receive multi-million of business each year from retailers and dealers all over the world. Satisfaction received so far has been overwhelming.

        We are currently looking to expand market to southeast Asia. If you are interested in developing the market and walking to success with us together, please reply and I shall forward more information to you. Last but not least, feel free to let me know if you are interested in particular kinds of furniture.

        I look forward to hearing from you soon!

        Thanks and regards,

    26. Michael at 7:47 am

      Hi Fredrik,

      I have just stumbled across this page whilst looking for furniture importers.

      I’m looking. At setting up business in NZ for Replica designer furniture. I’ve been put in contact with a few indian suppliers but wondering what the quality/availability of good quality replicas are in China. Any info would be appreciated.


      1. Kelvin at 5:49 pm

        Hi Michael

        I am writing on behalf DY Furniture, a company which focused on modernized furniture to be used in bedroom, living room, kitchen and office. DY Furniture currently holds a production line which involves 500 employees and 60,000 square meters factory area which receive multi-million of business each year from retailers and dealers all over the world. Satisfaction received so far has been overwhelming.

        Please let me know if you are interested in knowing more from us

        I look forward to hearing from you soon!

        Thanks and regards,

    27. eddie at 6:15 pm

      Hi Fredrick !
      You have been very useful to all questions asked in past from many people, I hope you can help me also
      I am about to order about 100 patio chairs and 40 tables from manufacturer from China to be shipped to USA , port of Miami. Total amount of purchase is about $ 6,000
      What shipping cost,taxes and custom fees I should expect to be . Or basically how much FOB should be
      Thank you kindly !

      1. Ellie at 9:44 am


        For shipping cost,taxes and custom fees,you can contact with shipping forwarder,they will quote you in details.

        For FOB price,it depends on the item you need.

        If you will keep buying them,then it is better to you to attend a fair to find a supplier as a partner.
        If just one shipment,you can check it in some B2C platform,such as alibaba,madeinchina,evcc,tradekey,,etc..



    28. Elaine at 10:58 pm

      I’m looking into purchasing an executive desk and chair for my office from China. Do you have any suggestions on how I can go about doing that? Your help is greatly appreciated!

      Thank You!

      1. Kelvin at 5:32 pm

        Hi Elaine,

        I am writing on behalf DY Furniture, a company which focused on modernized furniture to be used in bedroom, living room, kitchen and office. DY Furniture currently holds a production line which involves 500 employees and 60,000 square meters factory area which receive multi-million of business each year from retailers and dealers all over the world. Satisfaction received so far has been overwhelming.

        Please let me know if you still need desk and chair from China. I can offer you more information on that.


    29. Anulakshmiraj at 8:03 am

      Hello sir, I would like to import furnitures from CHina to CHennai, India. I would like to get your advise in this regard. Thanks & regards / Anulakshmiraj

    30. Devina at 6:14 am

      Hello fredrick, this is really informative. Thanks for that.

      However i wish to know if you already know some serious suppliers from there so that u can contact directly for the import of some personal furniture for me, without visiting China. Thank You

    31. Gerard at 3:20 pm


      I would like import some low-medium end furniture into Malaysia. But i do not have much more information and knowledge about this.
      Can you please help to advise.

      Best Regards,

      1. ChinaImportal at 3:51 am

        Hi Gerard,

        We will get in touch with you

    32. Tommy at 7:27 pm


      Lets say I am meeting with a company that has their frames and upholstery made in China. They want to meet to discuss pricing. I am an American based company. Just to have an idea of what they may be used to paying, per chair, what should I expect?

      1. ChinaImportal at 5:20 am

        Hi Tommy,

        It’s impossible to estimate a price without a product specification, and pricing data, from a number of suppliers. I suggest you read this article:


    33. Ali at 11:51 pm

      Hi – I’m looking to import Morden design furniture items such as Coffee table, chest of drawers, small dining table with 4 chairs, bed side tables etc., into UK for online biz can you please recommend some good manufactures also I’m very interested to make a joint partnership with a Chinese firm/individual to accomplish local formalities such as QC/inspection can someone please recommend?

      1. ChinaImportal at 4:09 am

        Hi Ali,

        We will contact you later today

    34. Amit at 6:22 pm


      We are importing a wooden mall kiosk (furniture item), made from wood and steel, from China.
      We would like to know the import duty, and the fumigation charges for the same.


      Amit B

      1. ChinaImportal at 11:04 am

        Hi Amit,

        Which country are you based in?

    35. raj at 1:28 pm

      i am trying to import furniture’s from Canada, Can please tell me the procedure.


    36. Sohail A. at 1:26 pm

      Hi Fredrik,

      Thanks for your blog… I have a question as well. We are the Interior deisging company based in UAE & would like to recommned our Residential clients to purchase from China. Recently we have done Project & bought furniture from YUWI . Went their with Client for window shopping. for future would like to select the specific furniture to suit our individual clinet needs, prior to going to China & buy from manufacturer Could you suggest better way to locate good design furntiure to select from. prior to visiting China.

      1. ChinaImportal at 8:27 am

        Hi Sohail,

        You should have heard from a sales rep by now

    37. susan from Office Chairs Online at 12:42 pm

      very informative post.i have interest for importing Chinese furniture of good quality.and i think it will be perfect place for me.Thank you.

    38. Declan at 11:12 am

      Hi fredrik

      A very interesting post. I am very intreagued with the idea of importing furniture from India or China to Poland. I have been looking on line at the different agencies willing to help but finding it hard to establish an honest agency that will do as they promise. ( I have read some nightmare stories. Ideally I am looking for old rustic or reproduction furniture and a FCL. I am even willing to travel out before hand just to take a look. I have been in contact with yiwu amanda import export company have you heard of them ? Any advice/ help would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks


      1. ChinaImportal at 2:06 am

        Hi Declan,

        No, we have not heard of them. We sent you an email last week so you should have received it by now.

    39. Elena M. at 10:55 pm

      Hi Fredrik,
      Do you know anybody in USA who is importing furniture from china ?
      Like living room, dinning .. I need for my house and I found on alibaba.com beautiful furniture that I like but I need someone to share the container!
      Can you help me? It’s not urgent but I need the info!
      Thank you!

    40. Gab at 3:54 am

      Hi Fredrick,

      I am an individual looking to start a modern furniture business here in Brunei, will be also be travelling to china some time in April. I would like to ask if you can provide me with guidance as to which location I can start with. Im looking for suppliers who are able to cater to small orders with a wide variety of products. I am aware that I will face competition from the big guys here in our local market who order in large quantities. Therefore I am also looking for manufactures who do customisation. Thank you in advance to you and your team.

      1. ChinaImportal at 3:43 am

        Hi Gab,

        If you’re going in April, you should visit the Canton Fair in Guangzhou. Just search “Canton Fair” here on Chinaimportal.com and you’ll find a couple of guides that will help you.

    41. Makgotso at 8:56 am

      Hi I’m looking to buy furniture in China but the pics I’m being sent are not my style at all. I was wondering if I can send you pics of what I’m looking for and you can help with sourching right suppliers. The last thing I want is to go to Foshan and not find what I want. I was there last year and I couldn’t find most things I wanted.

    42. Ananth at 7:30 am

      I’m looking to import furniture items such as Coffee table, chest of drawers, small dining table with 4 chairs, bed side tables, wall shelves etc., to India for online sale. Could you please recommend some good manufactures? I’m also interested in joint partnership with a Chinese firm/individual to accomplish local formalities such as QC/inspection can someone please recommend?


    43. Birchi at 8:18 am

      Good post wedding planners purchasing furniture and to save money. Thank You very much for writing such a good article for wedding furniture suppliers and manufacturers they are offering for the furniture market. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good course. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them. there is no any other ways to get customers than posting the wedding photos.

    44. Radhika Patil at 2:49 pm

      Thanks for sharing great blog loved to read more from you.

    45. Aurelien at 5:18 am

      Hi Fredrik.

      As usual, you again wrote a very informative article.
      I cannot agree more with you about all the points and the need to be careful and clear with your suppliers.

      Concerning the Fire Retardancy Regulations, there is no requirement of fire retardant treatment (that can be more dangerous actually) in EU for domestic use:


      Continue. Best regards !
      Aurelien Hivonnet
      CEO Asiaction Furniture in China

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