List of Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in India: Our Top 6 Picks

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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers India
About to import hand sanitizers from India but still looking for a manufacturer? In this guide, we list several India-based hand sanitizer producers, offering alcohol hand sanitizers, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, herbal hand washing gels, and many other products. We also provide company information, such as their history, main products, ISO certificates, and location.

Listed Companies

  • Kavit Polybind Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cossmic Product Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bo International
  • Indoden Sanitizers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Radix Hi-Care Products
  • Kripa Pharma

Buyer’s Guide

  • Liquid Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Gel Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Foam Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Spray Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
  • Antiseptics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer


We have selected the suppliers in this list based on their product scope and claimed certification. We don’t endorse any of the suppliers in this list, nor are we affiliated with them. We provide this supplier list as a free resource.

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Scams: Beware of scams involving medical products. The risk of payment fraud and delivery of non-compliant and/or inferior products is high at this time.

Export Bans: Some countries, including India, enforce export bans on hand sanitizers and other medical supplies. Export bans enforced after you have placed an order can result in a total loss – or severe delay.

Before you order

Here are our recommendations for importers planning to order medical products.


It’s currently a seller’s market for many medical products, with more demand than supply. Expect higher unit prices for more products.


The Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) requirements are also higher than normal. Some suppliers don’t accept orders valued less than USD 100,000.

Payment Terms

Some suppliers may insist on a 100% prepayment, before starting production. We still advise that you only pay a 30% deposit and 70% balance after quality inspection and lab testing.

Product Compliance

Medical devices and equipment are regulated in the United States and the European Union. Such regulations are there for a reason – to ensure that the product is not worthless (which is a risk) – and will not go away due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. You must request and verify test reports and other compliance documents (e.g. DoC) before placing an order.

Kavit Polybind Pvt. Ltd.

Kavit Polybind is a manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of chemical cleansing products. Since the inception in the year of 1996, the company has been offering a wide range of personal, household and industrial cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizers, detergents, disinfectant floor cleaners, laundry soaps, car wash shampoo liquid and some chemical cleansers like CDEA, EGMS, and CAPB.

Main Products

  • 10 ml pen-shaped hand sanitizers
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers
  • Combo pack hand sanitizers
  • Moisturizing Vitamin-E sanitizers
  • Bleaching powder
  • Disinfectant floor cleaners
  • Anti-fogging glass cleaners
  • Toilet seat sanitizers


Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1990
  • Location: Gujarat, India

Location: G512, Titanium City Center, Nr.Sachin Tower, Shyamal Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Cossmic Product Pvt. Ltd.

Cossmic Product is an FMCG manufacturing company from India, which was established in the year 2011. Cossmic manufactures cleansing products including hand sanitizers and furniture smudge removers.

Cossmic has more than 10 models of hand sanitizer products, marketed under the name of “Wiz Hand Sanitizer”, which are suitable to be used for household and outdoor purposes. Customers can order the products in customized volumes of 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 5 liters.

In addition, Cossmic also manufactures antiseptic wet wipes that are collectively or individually packed in pouches, and small packs of liquid sanitizers of 2ml, which are easier to carry and use.

Main Products

  • Wet wipe sanitizers
  • Pen-shaped bottle hand sanitizers
  • Fruit scented hand sanitizers
  • Foaming sanitizers
  • Gift pack sanitizers
  • 100% viscose fiber wet wipe


Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2011
  • Location: Mumbai, India

Location: Room 1, 3rd floor, Hi Life Mall, Sir P M Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai, India

Bo International

Bo International is an Indian manufacturer and exporter of hygienic products, skin-care products, and make-up products. Bo International was established in 1990 in Delhi, producing organic beauty care products made in natural, additive-free ingredients and materials.

Bo International offers household and portable herbal and alcoholic hand sanitizers, with minimum order quantity from 2000-5000 pieces, depending on the individual product.

Other than that, Bo International supplies a wide range of cosmetic and skin-care products such as facial moisturizers, eye creams, eyelash adhesives, makeup removers, herbal toothpaste, coriander essential oil and other floral oils, which are popular in the markets of the US, Canada, and Australia.

Main Products

  • Tube-shaped medicated hand sanitizers
  • 70% alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Herbal hand washing gels


  • ISO 9001

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 1990
  • Location: Delhi, India

Location: A 91, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi, India

Indoden Sanitizers Pvt. Ltd.

Indoden Sanitizers is a manufacturer and supplier of personal and household care products like hand sanitizer and floor cleansers and was established in 2016 in Delhi.

Indoden produces 4 kinds of 30ml hand sanitizer products, which are floral-scented and unscented. According to the information on Indoden’s official website, its products are proven to be effective in inhibiting bacteria like Escherichia coli (E Coli) and Staphylococcus Aureus and could last for 3 hours after each use.

Main Products

  • Lime scented hand sanitizers
  • Rose scented hand sanitizers
  • Unscented hand sanitizers


  • ISO 9001

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2016
  • Location: Delhi, India

Location: D-2, 9th Street, Jain Mandir Wali Gali, Brahmpuri North East Delhi, India

Radix Hi-Care Products

Radix Hi-Care Products is a professional manufacturer of chemical cleansers, which was established in 2007 in New Delhi. The company specialized in producing an antiseptic disinfectant liquid that is applicable for medical and personal uses.

Radix is presently manufacturing a wide range of products under third-party manufacturing contracts for household, personal and industrial uses. Their product lines include antiseptic rubbing liquid, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, and glass cleaners.

Main Products

  • Antiseptic rubbing liquid
  • Household disinfectants


  • FDA
  • GLP
  • GMP
  • ISO 9001

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2007
  • Location: Delhi, India

Location: 27 Ashoka Chambers, 5-B, Rajendra Park, Pusa Road, New Delhi, India

Kripa Pharma

Kripa Pharma was established in 2008 as a pharmaceutical company, primarily manufactures and exports healthcare, personal care, and home care products.

Kripa has a diverse product line, including hand sanitizing gel, mouthwash, nasal spray, first-aid spray, and other healthcare hygienic products.

For hand sanitizing gels, Kripa offers 4 sizes for customers to choose from in volume 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml.

Main Products

  • Hand sanitizing gel
  • Nasal spray
  • Breath spray
  • Mouthwash
  • Pain relief spray


  • GMP

Company Information

  • Year of Registration: 2008
  • Location: Uttarakhand, India

Location: Mahaveer Industrial Estate, Opp. Reliance Petrol Pump, Bareilly Road, Motahaldu, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Hand Sanitizer Buyer’s Guide

Based on its active ingredient, hand sanitizers can be roughly divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic types. Further, hand sanitizer products in the market are often seen in the form of liquid, gel, foam, and spray. The following guide briefly discusses the pros and cons of each of their own type.

Liquid Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Alcoholic hand sanitizers generally contain alcohol or isopropanol as the active ingredients that kill germs and bacteria. The content of alcohol in the hand sanitizing product usually ranges between 60% and 95%, which is considered by FDA to be effectively killing germs and bacteria, including coronaviruses, MRSA, and Ecoli.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are considered to be more potent and rapid in killing germs and bacteria, compared to alcohol-free hand sanitizers. However, alcohol-based hand sanitizers could be worrisome to some consumers for its risk of flammability, intoxication, and damage to the users’ skin.

Gel Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Experiments have been done to exam the efficiency of liquid hand sanitizers and gel hand sanitizer. In general, liquid hand sanitizers fare better than gel hand sanitizers.

Scientists proved that liquid hand sanitizer in liquid form reacts more rapidly compared to gel hand sanitizers. On average, it took the liquid ones 15 seconds and the latter the double of the time to act.

In addition, liquid hand sanitizers leave less residual substance on hands and are generally more effective in terms of killing germs and bacteria, compared to gel hand sanitizers.

Foam Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Some believe that foam hand sanitizers are more economical compared to liquid or gel ones, for the airy and incompact texture of the products. In addition, foam is more clinging to hands and will not easily drop, which could cause damage to the floor or the carpet. Therefore, we have witnessed the gaining popularity of foam hand sanitizers in recent years.

However, some argue that the incompact texture of the product might jeopardize its efficiency in killing bacteria and germs.

Spray Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Similar to foam hand sanitizers, there are some arguments regarding the economic efficiency of spray hand sanitizers. Some argue that spray is wasteful compared to liquid and gel since the drops might miss your hands or be deflected into the air when spraying, some hold the opposite opinion saying that spray is more cost-effective, for the liquid is condensed by the nozzle and thus delivers fewer doses, although this might lead to the dilution of active ingredients.

No quantifiable experiment has been made to testify each of the arguments, we suggest the buyers choose the products based on their own judgment.

Antiseptics Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-free sanitizers often contain benzalkonium chloride, as its main ingredient in killing bacteria and viruses.

As mentioned in the previous sections, non-alcohol hand sanitizers are proven to work less efficiently in killing bacteria and germs, compared to its alcohol counterpart. On the other hand, such products are not as flammable and toxic to the human body compared to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Nowadays, in order to attract customers with different tastes and demands, hand sanitizers are supplied in different scents such as lavender, lemon, orange, or cinnamon.

In addition, sanitizers of different volumes are also available in the market to meet the needs of different customers. Commonly seen ones include 5 ml, 10 ml, 30 ml, and 50 ml hand sanitizers are suitable for outdoor, household and industrial uses.


European Union

In the European Union, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are treated as cosmetic products when such products are not marketed as “anti-bacterial”, “anti-viral”, or have other similar properties, and should be regulated by the EC Regulation 1223/2009 on Cosmetics.

On the contrary, alcohol-based hand sanitizers that are advertised as “anti-bacterial”, “anti-viral”, or claims of similar meanings, are regulated by the Biocides Product Regulation (BRP) (EU) 528/2012, which evaluates and test the active ingredients used in sanitizers, such as ethanol, propanol, chlorine, chlorhexidine, and other substances.

The regulation requires the products to be safe for the human body and be effective in killing germs or bacteria.

United States

The FDA established standards for alcoholic hand sanitizers, in the form of liquid, gel, spray, foam or others, requiring such products should contain 60%-95% of ethyl alcohol or ethanol, or 70%-91.3% isopropyl alcohol as the active ingredient.

Also, such a product shall be produced according to the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements.

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