Globalsources Electronics Show 2019: Highlights & Photos

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A little over a week ago we attended the Globalsources electronics show at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong. I had the honor to host a presentation and Q&A session covering electronics regulations in the United States and Europe. Unfortunately, there is no video recording available – but we have plenty of photos to share from the booths.

Asia World Expo

The Globalsources shows are held at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong

Fredrik Gronkvist Chinaimportal

That’s me going on a rant about product safety standards for electronics

It’s a big trade show with more than 3,500 boots

Wireless speakers

Wireless earphones

A wall of headphones

We should get a few of those for the office

One trend is Chinese suppliers showcasing that they operate factories in neighboring countries, including Vietnam and Myanmar. Price is one factor, but the US-China trade war is definitely accelerating this trend.

Neon fans

PC gaming pads

Computer cases

More headphones

Plenty of PCBA suppliers at the show

Cables and power banks

Suppliers that showcase their compliance capabilities are often worth paying a visit

These used to cost a fortune, but not anymore

E-bikes in every shape and color

You can even try out the electric vehicles at the show


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