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    As of August 21st, Globalsources.com is launching a series of Buyer’ Guides, available free of charge on Globalsources industry pages. The Buyer’s Guides are presented in a short Ebook format are rolled out on a weekly basis during Q3 and Q4 2015. Each Buyer’s Guide includes the following:

    • Product Customization Options
    • Supplier Comparison Table
    • Product Guide

    The Product Guides are contributed by Chinaimportal.com and will be featured in roughly half of the Buyer’s Guides on Globalsources.com. As of now, the following Buyer’s Guides are available for download:

    About Globalsources.com

    Global Sources Ltd (GSOL:NASDAQ GS) is a Hong Kong based supply chain media company, founded in 1970. Global Sources operates Globalsources.com, an online supplier directory, combined with annual trade shows in Asia, Africa and North America. It also publish magazines, in both English and Chinese.

    Note: Chinaimportal.com has previously contributed content to Globalsources.com (Link) and Smartchinasourcing.com (Link).

  • (USA & EU)

    We help startups & brands get quality products made in China & Vietnam

    • Product Specifications
    • Supplier identification
    • Product samples
    • Manufacturing, quality control & lab testing


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