• It’s Official! Content partnership between Chinaimportal and Alibaba

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    Chinaimportal.com has recently signed an agreement with Alibaba.com to provide non-exclusive and exclusive content to the Alibaba Biz Club:

    Starting on 2016-09-29, Chinaimportal.com will contribute content to the Alibaba Biz Club.

    The Alibaba Biz Club is an information sharing platform by Alibaba.com, where you can find professional content from various service providers.

    On Alibaba Biz Club, we hope that our content can find a new audience.

    In addition, we will at times provide exclusive content to the Alibaba Biz Club, but more on that later

    More information about our role and contributions will be revealed as we progress further.

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    We help startups & brands get quality products made in China & Vietnam

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    • Supplier identification
    • Product samples
    • Manufacturing, quality control & lab testing


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