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Buying Private Label Products in China: A Complete Guide

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Importing Private Label Products from China is a shortcut to success. How hard can it be to just pick a product, send over a logo file and start selling something on Amazon? Well, as I explain in this article, reality is a lot more complex than what many importers may think.

Keep reading, and learn why private labelling is not really what it seems to be in China, and why it can be more complex to get an ODM product right – compared to a custom designed product.

We also explain what Startups and SME’s must know about Intellectual property issues, printing specifications – and how much you should expect to pay a logo print! Yes, this is by far the most comprehensive guide on private label imports written.

What is Private labelling?

A private label product is manufactured by Company A, but with the brand name (i.e., logo and packaging) of Company B. In theory, Company A (the producer) provides a ready-made ‘product template’, to which other buyers can apply their own brands.

The benefit of private labelling is that you can create a branded product, without investing into all too much time and money in product development – and tooling. Hence, you can launch a product much faster.

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Buying Product Packaging from China: Price, MOQ & Design Options

product packaging

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Product packaging is part of your brand DNA. Getting the ‘unboxing experience’ right can have a serious impact on your sales.

However, getting the packaging right when importing from China can be a challenge. In this article we explain everything Importers must know about product packaging when outsourcing production:

1. Buying custom designed packaging or supplier standard packaging

2. MOQ requirement

3. Design and material customization options

4. Price examples

5. Barcodes, packaging labels and regulations

Do I need to find a packaging supplier on my own?

No, you generally don’t need to source a product packaging manfuacturer on your own. Instead, manufacturers work with specialized packaging suppliers, from which they order on a regular basis.

I recommend that you work with the your manufacturers packaging subcontractor, as long as you don’t intend to create a customized packaging.

If you do, however, it makes more sense to work directly with a packaging manufacturer, that will produce a certain number of boxes that are sent to the ‘main supplier’. Continue Reading →

Importing Pet Products from China: A Complete Guide

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Are you planning to import pet toys or accessories from China? In this article, you will learn what you must know about pet products manufacturers, applicable regulations and how to find the right supplier on or

This is covered:

  • Pet Products Manufacturers in China
  • How to find suppliers online
  • Product regulations
  • Quality control
  • MOQ Requirement
  • Trade shows

Pet Products Manufacturers in China

As in all industries, Pet Products Suppliers in China are to a varying degree specialized in a certain subcategory. Continue Reading →

Importing Cosmetics & Personal Care Products from China: A Complete Guide

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Buying cosmetics, beauty and personal care products from suppliers in China can be extremely lucrative – and we’ve seen a surge in interest from Startups all over the world in recent months.

However, venturing into the cosmetics and personal care space can be complicated. Many of these products are strictly regulated in practically all developed markets, such as the US, Europe and Australia.

In this article, we explain what ecommerce sellers must know, before importing beauty and care products from China, including the following:

a. How to find the right manufacturer

b. Mandatory safety standards and labeling requirements

c. How to sell cosmetics and beauty products on Amazon

d. Trade Shows in Mainland China and Hong Kong

e. Questions & Answers

Beauty and Personal Care Products Manufacturers in China

The beauty and care industry is very diverse, and include everything from chemical processing plants and R&D facilities, to smaller workshops and manufacturers producing makeup accessories and other related products.

In China, you can find manufacturers within the following categories:

  • Hair extensions
  • Wigs
  • Hair Salon Equipment
  • Makeup Tools (i.e., Brushes)
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Care
  • Lip Treatments
  • Electrical Beauty Equipment (i.e., Hair removal lasers)
  • Nail Art and Equipment
  • Cosmetic Bags
  • Jars and Packaging

Manufacturers in the beauty and care space are primarily located in China’s most developed provinces, including Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Some factories have sales offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but most companies located in the two cities are traders – without their own production facilities.

How do I find the right manufacturer?

There are only two supplier directories that really matter; and There you’ll find thousands of manufacturers and trading companies for all sorts of beauty products.

When you source suppliers in this space, you must look for the following:

  • Product focus: Are they specialized in your product category?
  • Product compliance: Can they comply with EU and US safety standards?
  • Registered capital: Is it more than 1,000,000 RMB?

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Importing ODM Products from China – A Complete Guide

ODM smart band in Shenzhen

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Today, Chinese manufacturers in virtually all industries can offer a wide range of ‘catalog products’, or ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) products, serving as a ‘ready made template’. You can choose to buy the ODM product as a no name product, or have it branded with your company logo. You can even make small modifications, including the change of colors, materials and functions.

For many buyer’s it doesn’t make sense to buy an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) product, unless an entirely new design is the only way to realize a certain product concept. For many buyers, especially Startups and SME’s with limited budgets, it makes much more sense to buy ODM products. In fact, it’s often the only option. In this article, we explain the top 5 benefits of importing ODM products from China. Continue Reading →

Importing Agricultural & Food Products from China: A Complete Guide

Dried Garlic Factory in Jiangsu

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Importing food is in many ways different compared to general consumer goods, mainly due to regulations in the destination markets. In this product guide, we explain what you must know about importing Agricultural & Food products from suppliers in Asia, including requirements on food production facilities, laboratory testing and food packaging. We also explain what American, European and Australian importers must know about licensing, and inspections.

Approved Food Production Facilities & Quality Management System

A Quality Management System (QMS) is applied to prevent quality issues, by ensuring continuous testing, verification and separation throughout the production process. A QMS can be applied to virtually any type of industry, but QMS certification is rarely required by law. Instead, regulations mostly apply to the specific product, rather than the factory. Continue Reading →

Buying PVC fabrics & products from China – The Ultimate Guide

PVC fabric

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PVC fabrics are used in a diverse range of products, ranging from toys, furniture and handbags to construction tarpaulins. Another very common application is in the advertising industry. Remember that billboard you drove by earlier? It was probably printed on a sheet of PVC fabric.

It’s a rather simple product. However, certain types of PVC plastics contain toxic and cancerogenic substances such as phthalates. In this article we tell you what you need to know when importing PVC fabrics, and other products partly made of PVC, from China. Continue Reading →

Importing Auto, ATV & Motorcycle Spare Parts from China – The Ultimate Guide


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Looking for Auto, motorcycle or ATV spare parts? Chinese suppliers might have exactly what you’re looking for. While this is a product that can be purchased both from manufacturers and “off shelf” from Trading Companies, the industry is infested with unscrupulous and disorganized suppliers. In this week’s article we look into the do’s and dont’s when buying vehicle spare parts from China.

Buying from a Manufacturer

Buying directly from the manufacturer comes with some obvious benefits. The product selection is wider (I explain why in a minute) and the prices are lower due to the lack of middlemen. However, it’s not viable for most small businesses importing vehicle spare parts from China. The reason is spelled “MOQ”, or “Minimum Order Quantity” Requirement. Continue Reading →