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Image Collection From the October 2016 Global Sources Summit


In early October we held a presentation at the October 2016 Global Sources Summit for online sellers. In a most generous gesture, they have shared a collection of photos from the summit.

Before you dive in, I want to mention that you can already sign up for the April 2017 summit in Hong Kong. The next summit is held between April 17 -19 2017, and you get US$50 off when using the code F2G50. You can follow the links below to get your ticket, or learn more about the past summit:

And here comes the images: Continue Reading →

It’s Official! Content partnership between Chinaimportal and Alibaba

alibaba-partnership has recently signed an agreement with to provide non-exclusive and exclusive content to the Alibaba Biz Club:

Starting on 2016-09-29, will contribute content to the Alibaba Biz Club.

The Alibaba Biz Club is an information sharing platform by, where you can find professional content from various service providers.

On Alibaba Biz Club, we hope that our content can find a new audience.

In addition, we will at times provide exclusive content to the Alibaba Biz Club, but more on that later

More information about our role and contributions will be revealed as we progress further.

What is your single biggest challenge with importing?


I’ve been based here in Shanghai for years. I guess it happens to everyone, but the longer you stay in an a certain industry, the more disconnected you may become from the perceived challenges, of your customers.

In other words, what’s obvious to me, may not be obvious to you.

So, let’s get to it.

What is your biggest challenge with buying from China today?

It could be related to suppliers, shipping, IP, quality assurance or compliance. Anything. I want you to tell me this time.

Why do I ask for your favor? Because we really need to start listening more to you, our audience.

I hope this can, in turn, help us to produce the products and content that you really want (rather than making guesses and providing what we think you want).

I would be very happy if you’d send me an email on

I’m not here to sell you anything (this time), and I will read and respond to EVERY single email.

Have a great weekend!

Best Regards, Fredrik Gronkvist


Compliance Guide: Apparel – Contest Winners Announced!


Earlier this week, we launched the Compliance Guide: Apparel & Textiles – the Essential guide for ensuring compliance with American and European Union apparel regulations, including:

  • Substance restrictions
  • Flammability restrictions
  • Testing requirements
  • Labelling requirements

Meanwhile, we also announced a contest, where our readers had the opportunity to explain how the Compliance Guide: Apparel & Textiles, would help their business. Now it’s Friday, and we have three winners!

Hi – I’m a Mumpreneur starting my first small business and I’ll be importing a textile product into the US and later into the EU.

Having looked at the samples on your site I can see this guide will be my BIBLE to ensuring my products are labelled correctly and meet all the relevant compliance processes which will save me THOUSANDS against my stock being stopped at customs or even worse with a future customer claiming against my business.

Sites like ChinaImport are an invaluable resource and provide more information in their cost effective guides than the “gurus” provide for their extortionate fees. So glad I found your site ;-)

Angela Beach

We’re currently importing textile products into the US and know the amount of work involved in pulling all of the legal and regulatory requirements together to ensure compliance.

Now we’re planning to branch out to the EU, soon to embark on the same daunting process for that market. These compliance guides will be just what we need! Love this blog. Such a great resource.


Hello, my name is Eugene and my family is starting up a business selling a new jeans design we came up with. The compliance guide would help us ensure that our product meets regulations and quality specifications.

This is something very integral to the success of our business. Thank you for the opportunity!


To our winners: Expect a Digital download coupon code to be delivered later today, by email. To the rest of you, have a nice weekend, and better luck next time :)

Compliance Guide: Apparel Is Out – Get A Free Copy This Week Only!


Are you an EU or US based apparel importer? Then keep reading, because we have something to tell you. By the time you read this, we have just launched our very first Compliance Guides:



This week only, we give away 3 Digital Download Coupons, enabling you to get your copy for free! However, before we tell you how to get that free copy, we’ll explain why you should care to begin with.

How can the Compliance Guide: Apparel & Textiles Help Me?

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Chinaimportal in content partnership with


As of August 21st, is launching a series of Buyer’ Guides, available free of charge on Globalsources industry pages. The Buyer’s Guides are presented in a short Ebook format are rolled out on a weekly basis during Q3 and Q4 2015. Each Buyer’s Guide includes the following:

  • Product Customization Options
  • Supplier Comparison Table
  • Product Guide

The Product Guides are contributed by and will be featured in roughly half of the Buyer’s Guides on As of now, the following Buyer’s Guides are available for download: Continue Reading →

China & Hong Kong Trade Fairs Autumn 2017: A Complete Guide

Trade Fairs Autumn 2015

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Starter Package: All Categories

There are hundreds of trade fairs held annually in China – primarily in the southern Guangdong province, and Hong Kong. However, in terms of scale and quality of the attending suppliers, the number that really matter to overseas buyers can be counted on one hand.

Trade fairs are not permanent, but held on specific dates, and focus on one or more selected industries. Keep reading to learn which Trade Shows, in Mainland China and Hong Kong S.A.R , that you should visit during Spring and Autumn 2017.

China Sourcing Fair (Global Sources)

The China Sourcing Fair, arranged by the American B2B media giant, Global Sources, is held in October. While these fairs are not as big as the Canton Fair, the quality of attending suppliers is high. Another reason to visit a Global Sources fair is that they offer much more than just fair booths. Continue Reading → featured on Bloomberg TV

Alibaba Group is going public this Friday on the New York Stock Exchange. That’s big news, as the Alibaba IPO is expected to become the biggest ever – raising around US$25 Billion. As we are not in finance, we’re not qualified to say anything but the IPO itself.

However, as leading experts on product compliance and supplier sourcing in China, we do have a few things to share on buying from suppliers listed on This week, we did get the opportunity to share our views with financial journalist Mia Saini, on Bloomberg TV. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to New York this time, but watch the video and learn why buying from Alibaba listed suppliers takes a lot more than simply pressing a “buy now” button.

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ChinaImportal @ China Sourcing Fair: Garments & Textiles by Global Sources

Fredrik Grönkvist

Two weeks ago, I spent some time in Hong Kong, attending the “China Sourcing Fair – Garments & Textiles“. The fair was organized by Global Sources, the leading business-to-business media company – aimed at connecting Chinese suppliers with importers in the rest of the world.

It’s the first time I’ve represented at a major event like this one. Apart from talking to other people in the industry, and drinking overpriced beer in Lan Kwai Fong, I also held an hour long presentation on “Buying Small Volumes from China”. In case you didn’t attend my presentation, you can download it here.

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