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Clothing Manufacturers in India: Factories, Prices, MOQ & More

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The clothing and textile industry in India is almost as old as the country itself. In this article, you will learn everything ecommerce businesses must know about importing clothing and other textiles from factories in India:

  • Clothing & Textile Product Categories
  • Top Indian Textiles Factories
  • Sourcing Indian Suppliers Online
  • Textiles Trade Shows in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore

You will also learn if Indian suppliers are cheaper than those in other Asian countries, and a summary of the 5 step process that will take you from techpack to delivered product.

Overview of Clothing & Textiles Made in India

The Indian textile industry is huge, and only second to China.

More than half of India’s textile exports are cotton based, but you’ll also find a large number of suppliers offering the following types of textile products:

  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Jute
  • Wool
  • Silk

As in other countries, Indian textiles manufacturers are specialized. Continue Reading →