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Yiwu Fair 2017: Everything Visitors Must Know

Yiwu Fair

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The Yiwu Fair is one of the largest trade shows in eastern China.

Located just a two hours by train from Shanghai, the Yiwu Fair has suppliers in virtually all product categories, including electronics, textiles, children’s products and more.

In this article, you will learn how to get to the venue, how to obtain an invitation letter and get free admission by getting your trade badge in time.

In addition, I will also explain why you should consider hiring an interpreter, before arriving in Yiwu.

When is the Yiwu Fair held?

The Yiwu Fair, or China Yiwu International Commodities Fair as it’s officially called, is held yearly in Yiwu City, Zhejiang province.

Since 1995, the Yiwu fair has been held twice per year, in May and October.

How do I get to the Yiwu Fair?

The Yiwu Fair is held in the Yiwu International Expo Center (义乌国际博览中心). There are few, if any, international flights to Yiwu.

Instead, you can either fly to Shanghai or Hangzhou, and take the high speed train to Yiwu.

It will take you 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on where you get on the train.

Despite being a fairly small city (at least by Chinese standards), there are plenty of international hotels in the city.

You can take a taxi directly from the train station, but keep in mind that local taxi drivers don’t understand English. Make sure that you print out your hotel address before you arrive.

To get to the venue, show your driver the following address:

English: International Expo Center, No.59 Zongze Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China (Post code: 322000)

Chinese: 浙江省义乌市宗泽东路59号义乌国际博览中心综合楼三楼

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Case Study: How We Helped a Customer Launch a Watch Brand in 4 Steps

Suggestion: Watch the 10 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

Lanna Watches AB (Sweden) contacted in October 2016. In this Case Study, you will learn how they used the Starter Package 2017 to develop and launch their first product.

All the features and functions mentioned in this Case Study are included in the Starter Package.

Note: The process in this case study can be applied to any product category, not only watches.

All companies and names mentioned in this case study have been altered. The case study is based on email records, images and protocols.

1. Prepare Product Specification

Before even sending a first email to a supplier, the customer created a product specification. This exact process is outlined in Part 1: Create Product Specifications of the Starter Package.

a. Download template and create spec sheet

As all suppliers make products according to the specifications, John (co-founder of Lanna Watches) had to be sure that all technical details were covered. To make sure that they get their specification right, they followed the process in Part 1: Create Product Specification (Above).

To speed up the process, they used Template 1A: Product Specification Sheet, to list all technical details and quality requirements.

b. Research all applicable product regulations (using Module 7 of the Starter Package)

As Lanna Watches AB is based in the European Union, which is also their primary market, compliance with all applicable product regulations is crucial.

Failing to ensure compliance can result in the goods being seized by the customs authorities, something that would be disastrous to a small startup like Lanna Watches.

The problem, for John and his partner, was that they have no clue which regulations apply to Watches in the EU. Luckily for them, the Starter Package includes an entire module for product regulations, in the EU and US, for all the products we cover.

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