[Case Study] Ahera Osia Fitness Wearable

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When we met Rudy Bottin here in Hong Kong late last summer, he only had a product concept on paper. Only a bit over 7 months later, he has successfully developed a working prototype of his fitness technology product.

In this case study, Rudy explains how he went from idea to delivered product – working with one of our partner manufacturers – and the challenges faced along the way.

Indiegogo Campaign

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[Case Study] SonicBeer: The Device That Makes Your Brew Taste Better

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We’ve been working with Ivan De Miguel, from Spain, for about a year now. Back then, Ivan only had a concept, for an innovative electronic device now called SonicBeer.

Today, after developing his prototype in Shenzhen, he has finally launched his product on Kickstarter.

In this interview, Ivan explains how he came up with this idea, and the challenges he faced along the way.

Ivan, please tell us a bit about yourself

I’m originally from the Basque Country, a region in northern Spain. I studied Biology and Biomedical Physics, with electromagnetic fields and its impact on live systems.

I also participated in the maker and biohacker community, co-founding various associations, and organizing conferences.

I got into various entrepreneurship programs to research about using Ultrasonic technology in fermented beverages, which lead me to develop a product called SonicBeer.

You have a unique product. What exactly is SonicBeer?

SonicBeer is a minimalist and elegant beer enhancer, revitalizes the beer. Let me explain how this work.

“As we drink the beer the foam disappears and with it the aroma and flavor. The beer foam is the natural defensive layer that protects it from oxidation and retains volatiles.

That’s why for all those beer lovers who value the small details we have created SonicBeer.

We use technology to generate ultrasonic waves that excite the carbonated volatile components inside your beer by cavitation breaking some of the intramolecular interactions, generating foam with aromatic compounds in just a few seconds.

Now you can experience a better beer tasting experience with original foam, aroma, and feel.

The technology itself is related to the “cavitation effect” of the ultrasonic waves into carbonated liquids. Ultrasonic waves create small vacuum bubbles or voids in the liquid. Continue reading [Case Study] SonicBeer: The Device That Makes Your Brew Taste Better

[Case Study] The Body Positive Dolls: Shaping up the Toy Industry

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body positive dolls

Only 6 months ago, the Mirror Movement was only an idea. As of today, they just launched their very first product on Kickstarter.

They signed up for the Starter Package in March this year, just before they ordered their first prototype.

In this case study, you will learn how they made it this far in only a few months, and how Simon Stokes and his wife are about to, quite literally, change the shape of the doll industry as we know it.

First question. How did you come up with this product idea?

My wife is passionate about helping reduce the impact of negative body image on young people, after revealing her own 20 year battle with an eating disorder.

This passion spurred her on to develop the Mirror Movement in November of 2017, a movement for mothers with food and body image issues that also have daughters.

After overhearing our daughters playing in the bath one night, our eldest daughter commented on how beautiful Barbie’s body was.

This alarmed my wife, after all, Barbie’s body is unattainable and unrealistic and she began thinking about the lack of size diversity in our children’s world. This led to her coming up with the idea of a doll range that highlighted the varying shapes and sizes that we come in.

These body sizes are based around the shapes of fruit; you can’t have a fruit salad with one fruit, nor can you have a society that only promotes one body shape.

And this is the first product you’ve launched?

Yes. For the past 25 years I have been working as a teacher, teaching abroad and in Australia. It wasn’t until my wife, who was also a teacher, had the desire to follow her passion to create the Mirror Movement, that the direction of our lives took a turn.

I never imagined that we would be learning how to develop and sell products. It has been an exciting, yet challenging time, but one where i have learned a lot. Continue reading [Case Study] The Body Positive Dolls: Shaping up the Toy Industry

[Case Study] Launching a Watch Brand on Kickstarter: By Reinder and David from DR.W.

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Kickstarter watch

DR.W. signed up for the Starter Package in late 2017. Today, they have successfully developed a new type of watch that can be used as a wristwatch and a pocket watch.

Keep reading, and learn how they went from idea to supplier sourcing and a working prototype.

At the time of writing, they are also getting ready for their Kickstarter campaign. One reason is obviously to raise funds, but crowdfunding today is as much about funds, as it is about exposure and proof of concept – before a wider product launch.

DR. W. successfully raised €36,770 on Kickstarter

Visit this page to learn more about their product.

Reinder and David, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you did before you started DR.W.

Thank you for the introduction, Fredrik, and ‘hello’ to all the readers.

We are from the Netherlands where we grew up in the same northern region and went to the same university.

We got to know each other about seven years ago when we both started our first job, a traineeship, for a Dutch multinational.

We both had an interest in watches and found out that we had a shared dream of creating our own watch at some time. Although it took some time we are eventually getting there!

design process

So, why did you choose to launch a watch brand?

So we both had this shared goal to create a special watch at a certain moment since we both like watches. Reinder collected many different watches over time. David, at the other hand, was still looking for that perfect watch that he could not find.

We brainstormed about how our ‘perfect watch’ could look like and how we could make it really special.

Eventually, after a couple of years, we were inspired by a real-life problem that Reinder’s brother faced during work. He works in a hospital and is not allowed to wear wrist watches for hygienic reasons.

Alternative timekeepers (for example pocket watches) are limited in choice and also medics might like to wear a wristwatch outside work. Therefore, we came up with a new watch concept that allows you to switch from a wristwatch to a pocket watch (and reverse) in just a few seconds!

Why do we think our watch is made for everyone? Because it is fashionable and it will fit basically every dress code.

Because it will suit all practical occasions, including hygienic restrictions. Because it is a timepiece representing the history of the watch. And, last but not least, because we believe it looks great! Switch your style in just a few seconds! Continue reading [Case Study] Launching a Watch Brand on Kickstarter: By Reinder and David from DR.W.

[Case Study] From Idea to Product Launch: The Story Behind TheDrawBag.com

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john k founder of drawbag

The life of every product begins on the drawing board. While most products also stay on the drawing board, that is not John had in mind for his product, The DrawBag.

In this customer success story, John explains how he managed the process, from finding the right supplier and making product samples, to design patents and trademarking.

I believe this product will become really big, so don’t forget where you read about it first!

(And btw, you’ll get something extra at the end of this article)
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Case Study: How We Helped a Customer Launch a Watch Brand in 4 Steps

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Suggestion: Watch the 10 minutes video tutorial before reading this article

Lanna Watches AB (Sweden) contacted Chinaimportal.com in October 2016. In this Case Study, you will learn how they used the Starter Package 2017 to develop and launch their first product.

All the features and functions mentioned in this Case Study are included in the Starter Package.

Note: The process in this case study can be applied to any product category, not only watches.

All companies and names mentioned in this case study have been altered. The case study is based on email records, images and protocols.

1. Prepare Product Specification

Before even sending a first email to a supplier, the customer created a product specification. This exact process is outlined in Part 1: Create Product Specifications of the Starter Package.

a. Download template and create spec sheet

As all suppliers make products according to the specifications, John (co-founder of Lanna Watches) had to be sure that all technical details were covered. To make sure that they get their specification right, they followed the process in Part 1: Create Product Specification (Above).

To speed up the process, they used Template 1A: Product Specification Sheet, to list all technical details and quality requirements.

b. Research all applicable product regulations (using Module 7 of the Starter Package)

As Lanna Watches AB is based in the European Union, which is also their primary market, compliance with all applicable product regulations is crucial.

Failing to ensure compliance can result in the goods being seized by the customs authorities, something that would be disastrous to a small startup like Lanna Watches.

The problem, for John and his partner, was that they have no clue which regulations apply to Watches in the EU. Luckily for them, the Starter Package includes an entire module for product regulations, in the EU and US, for all the products we cover.

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