• List of Caps and Hats Manufacturers in China

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    Planning to import caps or other headwear from factories in China? In this article, we list cap and hat suppliers in Guangdong, Jiangsu, and other provinces.

    In addition, we also answer key questions about what to include in your techpack, common quality issues and minimum order quantities.

    Where are most Cap factories located in China?

    Most export-oriented cap and headwear suppliers are located in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong. If you’re planning to visit suppliers in this industry you’re quite likely to find yourself in at least one of the following cities:

    • Guangzhou, Guangdong
    • Dongguan, Guangdong
    • Xiamen, Fujian
    • Quanzhou, Fujian
    • Zhenjiang, Jiangsu

    What should I include in my techpack?

    While most factories can present showrooms full of demo products they’ve made for other customers, they still expect you to provide a complete techpack. These files must be included:

    • Design drawing
    • Sewing pattern
    • Bill of materials (fabric, color codes, velcro, and other parts)
    • Care label
    • Logo / Embroidery files
    • Size chart

    While it may seem like a shortcut to send over a reference sample to the factory, that’s rarely the case. We’ve dealt with many cases involving buyer’s that fail to provide clear product information to their factories – something that often results in severe quality issues.

    Potential quality issues

    Here are a few quality issues you should look out for when importing caps and other headwear:

    • Low-quality fabric (if no reference fabric submitted)
    • Wrong Pantone colors (if no Pantone color specified in BoM)
    • Too small or too large (if no size chart submitted)

    Prints and embroideries can also be difficult, and often requires that the supplier remakes the cap samples multiple times.

    What is the standard MOQ requirement?

    Most cap and hat manufacturers set their MOQs on the same basis as other factories in the textiles industry. As such, you must request your supplier to confirm multiple MOQs:

    • MOQ per order (e.g. 1000 pcs)
    • MOQ per product or design (e.g. 500 pcs)
    • MOQ per fabric and color (e.g. 250 pcs)
    • MOQ per size (e.g. 50 pcs)

    HOTSCH Caps

    Based in Tsingtao, China, HOTSCH Caps has been a specialist in caps and hats manufacturing sector since 2003. Their catering services range from custom designing, sourcing, manufacturing, quality inspection to shipping.

    Being a high-end manufacturer, a core team with professional expertise in managing design, technical, sales and customer services is one of the fundamental keys to success.

    Most importantly, having advanced technological equipment and machinery for production makes them competent than other manufacturing companies.

    So if you’re looking for a manufacturer who has extensive expertise and knowledge in the caps and hats production business, provide a wide range of different caps and hats categories. HOTSCH should be one of your considerations.

    Main Products

    • Golf Caps
    • Snapback Caps
    • Baseball Cap
    • Sports Cap
    • Sports Beanies

    Location: Qingdao, China

    Jinhua ChengXing Fashion & Accessory Co. Ltd

    Chengxing is a professional supplier in the caps and hats fashion industry, they have been in the manufacturing business in knitted caps, gloves and hats for daily use and skiing since 2004.

    With technology becoming increasingly inseparable in our everyday lives, more and more individuals are advocating a high-tech lifestyle — living smart using technology in every aspect of your life.

    Other than caps and hats, ChengXing’s Touchscreen Gloves is one of the exemplary products for high-tech living. So even under extreme weather, you can still use your phone without taking off your gloves in these weather conditions.

    Having their own production quality control team, your customers will sure to have a warm winter using their high-end, fashionable beanie hats.

    Main Products

    • Touchscreen g\loves
    • Knitted Gloves
    • Cotton Hats
    • Woven Hats
    • Knitted Skiing Hats

    Location: Zhejiang, China

    Zhenjiang Kimtex Industrial Inc.

    Founded in 2009, Kimtex is a BSCI certified cap and hats professional supplier based in Zhejiang, China. Being specialists in manufacturing scarves, gloves and bandana, they have established long-term business relationships with customers from 30 countries across the world.

    Over the years, they have also participated in different international sourcing trade shows to showcase their premium quality caps and hats products.

    With an international business network and extensive experience in headwear manufacturing business, Kimtex is undoubtedly one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

    Main Products

    • Baseball Caps
    • Beanie Hats
    • Sports Caps
    • Acrylics Winter Bluetooth Beanie Hats
    • Knitted Hats

    Location: Zhejiang, China

    Headmaster Headwear (MFG) Ltd

    Located in Dongguan, Headmaster Headwear (MFG) Ltd has been exporting their high-end headwear products to the US, Europe, Australia, and many other countries.

    If you are looking for caps that have special functions, apart from designing ordinary caps and hats wear, which is a combination of Sports Cap and LED lights technology.

    On the other hand, their services include free samples and guarantees on offering discount or re-working on the product if there are any problems with quality.

    Main Products

    • Children Sports Caps
    • Cycling Hats
    • Fishing Hats
    • Golf Caps
    • Promotional Hats

    Location: Dongguan, China

    Shenzhen Chuangyixing Hatter Co., Ltd.

    With 14 years of experience in the caps and hats design industry, Shenzhen Chuangyixing Hatter Co. is an Amfori BSCI certified manufacturer.

    Shenzhen Chuangyixing Hatter Co., Ltd have also been certified by SGS Group, a world-leading quality inspection group.

    Over the years, they have established a business partnership with customers from 20 countries and regions, as a result, they are familiar with exporting to different countries. In addition, you can also choose to view their official website in 11 languages.

    Main Products:

    • Baseball Cap
    • Trucker Cap
    • Running Trucker
    • Flex Fit Cap
    • Winter Cap

    Location: Shenzhen, China

    Hengxing Caps and Garments Co., Ltd.

    With almost two decades of rich experience in headwear manufacturing, Hengxing Caps and Garments Co., Ltd has been a leading supplier in the field since 2003.

    Hengxing is experienced with exporting their headwear products to North America, Eastern, and Western Europe and many other countries,

    This supplier is ISO 9001 certified, which means that they value their quality control management system to maintain high product quality.

    Main Products:

    • Pom Pom Beanie
    • Snapback
    • Bucket Hat
    • Baseball Hat
    • Sports Golf Hat

    Location: Hebei, China

    Dongguan Kaihong Hats & Clothing Suitcases And Bags Co., Ltd.

    Kaihong is a headwear manufacturer in headwear with a decade of experience in high-quality printing located in Dongguan. Among all the peer headwear suppliers, their headwear provides one of the most high-quality pattern printing.

    Moreover, they also supply headwear such as LED Caps and Bottle Opener Caps. So if you are looking caps with special design, Kaihong should be one of your considerations.

    In addition, their Alibaba website also available to be viewed in 12 languages.

    Main Products:

    • Snapback with High-quality Printing
    • Knitted Hats
    • LED Caps
    • Baseball Caps
    • Bottle Opener Caps

    Location: Dongguan, China

    Where can I find additional cap suppliers?

    Alibaba.com is the go-to place for finding qualified cap and hat manufacturers in China, and other Asian countries such as India and Vietnam. When sourcing cap suppliers on Alibaba.com, I suggest you make your selection by comparing them on these criteria:

    • Main Products
    • Test Reports
    • BSCI or Sedex
    • ISO 9001
    • Registered Capital

    Another option is to attend the Global Sources Fashion Trade Show at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong. Here you’ll find hundreds of suppliers, not only for headwear but all kinds of accessories, footwear, fabrics, and apparel.

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