• List of Sourcing Companies in Australia: Top 6 Agencies

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    australian sourcing companies

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    Sometimes it actually makes sense start looking for a sourcing agency closer to home, rather than trying to find the right partner in China, Vietnam or India. In this article, we list some of Australia’s leading sourcing companies.

    You will also learn how you can benefit from working with a local sourcing company, rather than one that’s based overseas.

    What are the benefits of working with an Australian sourcing company?

    Most Importers may assume that a company that’s located in the manufacturing country is always superior to one that’s headquartered at home. That said, the opposite is more often the case.

    While a sourcing company based in China or Vietnam can disappear with your product designs and supplier network by tomorrow, an Australian agency is far easier to hold accountable when something goes wrong.

    Further, sourcing companies based in Australia, or those based in Asia but with Australian ownership, tend to have a better understanding of the following:

    Further, all Australian sourcing companies have representation in Asia, be it through partners or a directly owned subsidiary or representative office.

    Sourcing Company Overview

    Hornet Group

    Hornet is a reputed Australian sourcing company specializing in product sourcing, manufacturing, and importing from China. It was founded in 2005 with offices in Australia and China.

    Hornet focuses on sourcing quality products and outsourcing manufacturing from China directly. They also offer services related to product development, modification, and testing.

    They are involved in the custom manufacturing of the following products:

    • Electronics
    • Homewares
    • Fabric
    • Toys
    • Packaging
    • Stationery
    • Building supplies
    • Bags
    • Pumps and machinery
    • Optical frames
    • Components
    • Spare parts
    • Finished product
    • Custom Packaging

    In addition, Hornet offers a variety of comprehensive services to its clients:

    a. Product sourcing and custom manufacturing that includes product sourcing, partner research, price negotiation and factory liaison, manufacture management, product development, testing and modification, import advice, translation advice.

    b. Factory tours and inspection for product quality assurance that includes standard factory legitimacy and registration audits, manufacturing checks, social audits, environmental audits, management audits, quality control testing, pre-shipment inspections.

    c. Providing a team member for factory tour guidance/purchasing tour service.

    d. Logistics and warehousing that include organization of mixed container loads, stock consolidation, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, legislation management, and clearance paperwork.

    Address: Hornet Import & Export Group Pty Ltd, Suite 1A Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway, Gordon, New South Wales, 2072.

    Australian Sourcing Group

    Established in 2010, the Australian Sourcing Group (ASG) mainly specializes in procurement management and also focuses on product development. They have offices in both China and Australia.

    Unlike most other companies in the industry, ASG also owns and operates manufacturing facilities in China. It caters to custom sourcing requests, retail production, and packaging of products. ASG is involved in the sourcing and importing of a number of different products. These include:

    • Fencing products and crowd control barriers
    • Security fencing and pool fencing
    • Storage Cages
    • Spigots for glass fencing, glass material, insulations, and solar panels
    • Roto-molded products
    • Furniture and containers
    • Fabricated buildings and stock panels

    ASG also offers a wide range of supply chain support services for its clients such as:

    • Research related to manufacturing sources in China
    • Price Research
    • Provides samples for inspection by their buyers
    • Inspection before shipping products to clients
    • Offer product designs prior to production in case they have to manufacture
    • Work with Chinese, Australian and international import regulation authorities
    • Manufacturing of products and components
    • Development of new products
    • Manufacturing of new products according to design given by clients

    Address: Level 4 1 Southbank Blv, Southbank, Victoria, 3006, Australia

    Strategic Sourcing Australia

    Founded in 2005, Strategic Sourcing Australia is a leading company involved in product development, outsourcing and manufacturing. They have offices in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Pakistan, while the company’s head office is in Australia.

    From textiles to technology, Strategic Sourcing currently sources a wide range of products which include:

    • Industrial machinery
    • Plastic and metal components
    • Fine custom jewelry
    • Industrial textile products
    • Precision mechanical components
    • Sporting goods
    • Custom leather business stationary

    Strategic Sourcing offers a variety of services to its clients such as:

    • A feasibility assessment of the client’s idea
    • Help in designing and development
    • Testing the concept by producing prototypes and models
    • Designing the presentation and packaging
    • Analyzing IP protection strategies
    • Finding and negotiating prices with a manufacturer according to the needs of the client
    • Managing production of low or high volume orders
    • Managing quality control to maintain the standards specified by the client

    Address: Suite 6, 133 Beaumont St, Hamilton, New South Wales, 2303, Australia

    China Direct Sourcing

    China Direct is an Australian Product sourcing agency that has been in business for over nine years. The company is an expert in product procurement and importing.
    It operates from offices in China, which currently employs ten team members. Their head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.

    China Direct sources a variety of products. These include:

    • Steel products
    • Housing products
    • Furnishings
    • Equipment
    • Textiles
    • Plastic products
    • Chemicals

    Other products such as cell phone accessories, rolling advertisement boards, packaging, and electrical control panels

    They also offer a wide range of services to their clients. These are:

    a. Assisted direct purchasing that includes validation of potential suppliers, present the client with samples, negotiate prices on the client’s behalf, perform quality checks, arrange delivery to the client’s doorstep.

    b. Custom manufacturing that includes product availability in China, finding a suitable manufacturer according to the specifications provided by the client.

    c. Supplier management that includes handling the client’s current suppliers and communications on their behalf.

    d. Inspection services that involve factory audits and inspection during production.

    Address: 2B / 11 Donkin Street, West End, Queensland 4101, Australia

    Quantum Business

    Quantum Business is an Australian owned product sourcing company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It specializes in the sourcing and outsourcing of products and services in Vietnam. Quantum Business has been operating in Vietnam for over ten years.

    Their clients include importers, wholesalers, retailers, and contract furniture buyers. They offer a wide range of services including:

    • Locating Vietnamese suppliers
    • Verifying the suppliers’ qualifications
    • Collaborating and negotiating on the client’s behalf
    • On-site evaluations
    • Evaluation of the suppliers
    • Quality control

    Quantum Business helps clients identify and source a large number of products such as:

    • Residential and commercial construction materials
    • Natural stone, tile, granite, and marble
    • Cane, wood, and metal indoor and outdoor furniture
    • Handicrafts, arts, and gifts

    Vietnam Address: Duong N4, KDC PHU HOA 1, TP TDM Binh Duong, HCMC, Vietnam

    Agile Sourcing

    Agile sourcing is an Australian company that specializes in sourcing and procurement of products from India to clients in Australia and New Zealand. The company has offices in New Delhi and Sydney.

    They offer a wide range of products which include:

    • Apparel
    • Bathroom products
    • Fabrics
    • Flooring
    • Furniture
    • Home decorative products
    • Lamps
    • Soft furnishings

    The services that Agile Sourcing offers its clients include:

    a. Manages the whole process of import from India.

    b. Source a variety of products for Australian clients from Indian Manufacturers

    c. Manage all necessary requirements, container requirements, legalities and paperwork, and door-to-door delivery.

    Comparison Table

    Hornet Group


    Strategic Sourcing

    Sourcing from



    China, Thailand, Pakistan

    Australia HQ

    Gordon, NSW

    Southbank, VIC

    Hamilton, NSW

    Main Products


    Furniture, fencing, materials

    Textiles, machinery, components, leather









    China Direct Sourcing


    Agile Sourcing





    Australia HQ




    Main Products

    Home, plastics, other

    Stone, wood, handicrafts

    Textiles, home, bathroom









    Which company is the right for my business?

    Sourcing companies tend to focus on specific product categories, which in turn tend to reflect what’s available in the manufacturing countries they operate in. As such, a sourcing company with an office in India is more likely to focus on textiles and furniture.

    Further, many sourcing agencies can also offer services for products outside their main scope. This may, for example, include supplier research, price negotiation, quality controls, factory visits and more.

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