Amazon PPC Software: Q&A with Rick Wong from SellerMetrics

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Rick Wong from SellerMetrics

Rick Wong is the founder of SellerMetrics, an Amazon PPC Software. Having worked in some of the world’s largest financial institutions in Canada, he ventured into Amazon selling in 2017 and sold his Amazon business 4 years later.

He currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife and 1 yr old daughter, on days that he is not in his office you can find him playing golf with his friends or watching the newest show on Netflix with his family.

In this interview, he explains how Amazon PPC software can help you as a seller to reach more customers. He also introduces his latest venture – SellerMetrics.

Rick, tell us a bit about your background and experience selling on Amazon

My experience selling on Amazon began 4 years ago when I took a half-year sabbatical, having worked in financial services in Canada for 8 years I thought it was time to explore. On my trip to Southeast Asia, I met an Amazon seller that was traveling while running his Amazon business at the same time. This chance encounter really opened my eyes to this field.

When I got back from my trip, I went into a rabbit hole of consuming Amazon selling related content and spent my days and nights just watching and reading about this niche. After spending months reading, I decided to finally take the plunge and make my first order on Alibaba.

After a bit of success with my first order, I decided to move to Hong Kong to be closer to the supply chain, and I have been in Hong Kong since then.

Fast forward to March 2020, I built an Amazon native brand selling 25 SKUs in the consumer electronics space that is supported by 5 full-time employees.

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Why did you decide to launch SellerMetrics?

I decided to sell my Amazon business at the beginning of 2020 largely because I wanted a new challenge, the deal closed that summer.

Although I did sell my Amazon product-based business, I do believe in the continued dominance of the Amazon marketplace, and I know I still wanted to be involved somehow. The Amazon PPC space has always fascinated me, maybe because I am a data geek at heart.

To help with my own PPC operations I created some automation scripts on the side, this was in 2016 when there were few if any Amazon PPC software was available. So the genesis of the Amazon PPC software idea was quite early, but due to financial and time constraints, I was not able to follow through with it.

Ever since I started selling on Amazon there has been Amazon PPC software, but none I would say are tailored well for the Amazon seller in terms of price, functionality, and transparency. For example, some are priced fairly but are missing key features.

While some software is just a black box and cannot begin to explain how the bid changes work for you to be comfortable with.

So at the end of 2020, I decided to hire a developer to start building SellerMetrics, an Amazon PPC software, that can 1) Automate all critical Amazon PPC optimization workflows 2) Support all the new Amazon ad types, and 3) Fair tiered flat-rate pricing.

What kind of Amazon seller can expect to benefit from SellerMetrics?

There will be 2 main benefits that Amazon sellers can expect from using SellerMetrics is the time saved and the improvement in ROI, as in the increase in sales relative to your PPC spending.

We basically automate all the main optimization workflows such as daily bid adjustments, negative keywords, and new search term discovery.

On top of all that we have a unified account feature that allows you to optimize all your accounts across marketplaces all at once.

For a medium-sized seller that sells on multiple marketplaces, it can save them up to 10 hours a week.

Our bid optimization algorithm has been thoroughly tested on actual selling accounts in multiple categories. In most cases, the users can experience a 20% increase in ROI after the first month of using the tool.

The bidding algorithm also mimics the Amazon seller’s product launch cycle, we have different bidding strategies such as growth, moderate, and optimization.

How does SellerMetrics differ from other Amazon PPC solutions out there?

Two features make us stand out from the crowd.

First, it is the unified feature that I have mentioned previously, we are able to unify and centralize all your metrics in multiple marketplaces. This means that all your campaign/keywords level metrics across all accounts can all be shown on one screen. You can make bid changes to all the accounts under your Amazon login in one go.

When I was a seller I had to manage multiple Amazon advertising accounts across the different marketplaces, the more accounts I managed the more time I would spend on Amazon PPC and it seemed that my optimization efforts were duplicated every time I would toggle in and out of an Amazon advertising account.

So SellerMetrics solves the pain point of multiple Amazon PPC account management that the seller has to go through while scaling out to other marketplaces.

This is a completely new workflow solution that is not being done by any competitors that we have seen.

Secondly, most PPC solutions either fall into either the too automatic or too manual category. Not all campaigns are a good candidate to be completely automated, and at the same time, some campaigns should be automated, particularly the really mature ones where optimization is only maintenance work.

SellerMetrics allows the user to manually change bids on keywords while allowing the users to set which campaigns they want SellerMetrics to automate. This level of control on a campaign level is another thing that sets us apart.

Are you primarily targeting Western sellers or Chinese sellers?

Our primary target at the moment is Western sellers at the moment. We would like to eventually launch a Chinese version of our software and website to service the Chinese Amazon seller’s market and take advantage of our proximity to the Chinese Amazon sellers.

During my time in Hong Kong, I went across the border to Shenzhen quite regularly before Covid and met with a lot of Amazon sellers.

The Chinese sellers have the same pain point in terms of Amazon PPC management, so we know SellerMetrics can serve them.

But at the same time, we are cognizant that it is a completely different culture and tech ecosystem across the border so it will take time and effort.

Where can our readers go to learn more about SellerMetrics?

Feel free to visit our website

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