• Alibaba.com Super September: What Importers Must Know

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    Super September

    Buyers and sellers have long relied on trade shows, both in the US and in Asia, to meet new suppliers (or customers), spot trends, and find new product ideas. As we all know, that all came crashing down in 2020. For the time being, your only option is to source products online.

    That said, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to Alibaba.com Super September, you can actually get some of that trade show experience delivered to your home or office. It’s probably as close as you’ll get to a real virtual trade show.

    Click Here to Visit the Alibaba.com Super September portal

    Keep reading, and learn what Alibaba.com Super September is all about and how you can join in.

    This article is sponsored by Alibaba.com and written by Fredrik Gronkvist at Chinaimportal.com

    What is Alibaba.com Super September?

    Alibaba.com Super September can best be described as a virtual trade show. That has been attempted by a number of traditional trade show organizers, with mixed results. That said, Alibaba.com has taken this concept further as it already has the largest supplier and product databank, while they also extend offers on their services.

    Let’s look into the details:

    Live Product Demos

    Live streaming really took off in Mainland China a few years ago in the B2C e-commerce world. That said, live streaming also works in the B2B world. As part of Alibaba.com Super September, more than 18000 live product broadcasts are scheduled to take place.

    Highlighted Products

    One of the key features of trade shows is to see new products and get an impression of the latest industry trends. As you already know, Alibaba.com is the world’s largest supplier databank. For some, it can even be overwhelming to find the right product – which is why Alibaba.com Super September highlights more than 2000 new products.

    Waived Fees

    Alibaba.com started out as a supplier directory but has evolved to become so much more. Today, Alibaba.com is already an end-to-end trade platform that enables you to not only find suppliers – but also pay your suppliers, book shipping, and arrange quality inspections.

    Alibaba.com Super September also offers discounts on these services:

    1. New buyers can save up to US$60 on transaction fees;

    2. All buyers can save up to US$200 on Logistics by placing orders through Alibaba.com Freight

    3. Enjoy 20% off third party inspection service fees on site

    These discounts alone could end up saving you a few hundred dollars.

    How can Alibaba.com Super September benefit my business?

    Alibaba.com Super September is the closest you’ll get to a real trade show in 2020. If you’re looking for new product ideas or new suppliers, it’s the place to go.

    Is Alibaba.com Super September free for buyers?

    No, it doesn’t cost anything to attend Alibaba.com Super September. All you need to do is to log in or create a free account on Alibaba.com.

    How long does Alibaba.com Super September last?

    The online event lasts until September 30th.

    Ready to get started?

    Go to the Alibaba.com Super September portal now to get started:

    • Find new products
    • Find new suppliers
    • Get price quotations
    • Watch live streams and product demo videos
    • Get discounts on shipping and quality inspections
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