Alibaba OneTouch: 4 Ways Importers Can Benefit

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OneTouch Platform

The OneTouch platform is an Alibaba owned platform, helping Chinese manufacturers and trading companies streamlining the exporting process. From their Alibaba account, suppliers can access order financing, manage logistics and export procedures.

In return, Alibaba got access to a wealth of trade information, offering direct benefits to Importers in other countries.

Keep reading, and learn how the Alibaba OneTouch helps both suppliers and their customers around the world.

This is covered

  • What is Alibaba OneTouch?
  • How does OneTouch help manufacturers?
  • How can OneTouch help me as an Importer?
  • What is the difference between Trade Assurance and OneTouch?

What is Alibaba OneTouch?

OneTouch is an Alibaba owned platform, mainly focused on helping Chinese suppliers streamlining the exporting process.

From a supplier perspective, the exporting process can be fairly complicated, as it involves:

  • Order financing
  • Export tax refund (months later)
  • Booking shipments to customers around the world
  • Export licenses
  • Export customs clearance
  • Customs inspections

Order financing and the overall bureaucracy have been more of an issue for Chinese exporters, compared to those in more developed countries.

Unsurprisingly, Alibaba is taking the lead and bridge the gap using technology.

Apart from the obvious benefit the OneTouch platforms offer Alibaba Gold Suppliers, there’s something even bigger.

The OneTouch platform helps suppliers transition from old fashioned export receipts and company seals – to an all-in-one digital export dashboard. This in turn gives access to Chinese export data, in a way that has never been done before.

For example, Alibaba is already using the OneTouch platform to set Trade Assurance limits.

How does OneTouch help manufacturers?

Alibaba OneTouch is helping Chinese suppliers in several ways:

a. Order Financing

Suppliers often must pay their material and components subcontractors, long before their export customers have paid the order in full.

In other words, cash flow is tight when the suppliers money is tied to a never ending cycle of material procurement. Thanks to OneTouch, suppliers can use these funds to further invest in themselves.

There are of course banks already offering financing services in Mainland China, but they are not always that friendly to smaller exporters.

b. Export VAT Refunds

Exporters receive a VAT refund, around 3 months after the export date. Factory prices are calculated based on this refund, meaning that the supplier may actually take a temporary loss at first – only to recoup 3 months later.

For smaller factories, this results in a 3 month funding gap. With Alibaba OneTouch, that gap is reduced to 3 days.

c. Export Process

Alibaba OneTouch helps exporters manage the export clearance process, and even enable suppliers without an export license to sell internationally.

This increase the number of potential suppliers, for buyer’s in the United States, Europe, Australia and other countries around the world.

d. Shipping

Some freight forwarders are specialized in certain international routes, for example Mainland China to Germany. When a customer from a new country comes along, the old forwarder may not be able to offer shipping services.

Rather than forcing suppliers to work with multiple forwarders, OneTouch takes care of this for the suppliers.

How can OneTouch help me as an Importer?

While this is a supplier platform, it offers some direct, and indirect, benefits to Importers:

1. You can now buy from suppliers without export licenses

2. It can shorten the delivery time

3. can offer detailed supplier exporting data, helping you to identify qualified manufacturers – while steering clear of scammers.

4. More effective order financing could potentially help suppliers reducing the deposit, from 30%, to 20% or even 10%. At least for returning customers, that have proved to be reliable.

However, Alibaba OneTouch cannot manage the import customs clearance process or collect import duties, VAT or other taxes in the country of destination.

What is the difference between Trade Assurance and OneTouch?

Alibaba OneTouch is an online platform that helps Chinese suppliers with everything from order financing to export clearance and logistics. This allows Alibaba to gather detailed information about the transactions made on the platform, such as:

  • Products
  • Order value
  • Destination

Based on this, Alibaba can then assess the suppliers trustworthiness, and offer a higher maximum order value covered by Trade Assurance. This further helps the supplier to attract new customers.

In addition, the supplier must use OneTouch for Trade Assurance orders valued more than US$5,000.

It’s all part of Alibaba’s drive to make international trade more transparent for everyone involved.

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  • 20 Responses to “Alibaba OneTouch: 4 Ways Importers Can Benefit

    1. Hasan at 2:45 am

      Hi. My supplier has failed factory acceptance test more than once. I have a LC established on Onetouch. What assistance I can expect from one touch

      1. Hasan at 5:34 pm

        Hi anyone out there who can provide some advice on this?

      2. sana at 12:37 am

        Hi Hassan

        Please how did you resolve the problem?
        because my supplier want me to establish an LC with onetouch , normally it should be established with supplier directly . i don’t understand this process ?

        Thank you for your help

    2. aleš gutwirth at 4:03 pm

      good day
      what does it mean ?
      Method of export – convenient delivery
      what is the difference for the buyer?
      OneTouch export agency from convenient delivery
      thank you aleš

    3. Jesus Hurtado at 11:37 am

      When preparing a $7000 order, the supplier has splitted it in 2.
      They say “Because if each order amount on alibaba is more than $5000, we have to do seperate declaration, if less we can do off line declaration. It means we can do declaration of your all orders by once, it will be convenient for us as well as to prepare all shipping documents.”
      It seems related to this OneTouch service they want to avoid for some reson?
      I prefer just one order so it seems easier to manage( I can hire only an inspection process in Alibaba)
      Maybe I am worrying to much and don’t bother having multiple orders.
      What is your opinion? should I push to gather all items in one order

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 12:32 pm

        Hi Jesus,

        This sounds strange… and risky. I don’t think you should allow this as you certainly don’t want any issues with the Chinese customs. If Alibaba is asking for additional paperwork due to a 5+ k USD customs value then they have good reasons for doing so.

    4. Alihusein at 4:29 pm

      Hi Mr. Frederik Gronkvist,

      I wish to bypass local freight forwarders and book for Shipping Slots on Maersk Line and other Shippers so as to make my CIF more competitive through Alibaba.

      However, my Port of Origin is not Chinese, and through Alibaba I am only being limited to Ports out of China.

      Please advise on how I could go about booking for other ports worldwide. I am from Kenya and looking for Ports of Origin being Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Djibouti et al.

      Thanks Regards.

    5. Dehane at 2:26 pm

      Not for importers !!
      Am importer from my brother in china ,and am in Africa
      The difference between classic import and one touch ?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 7:01 pm

        Hi Dehane,

        Correct, this is for exporters in China

    6. André PIEWE at 2:27 pm

      HI Fredrik,
      I want to buy plastic extruder from Qingdao Shengda Extusion Machinery Co., LTD
      we CFR terms.
      It is reliable company?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 7:15 pm

        Hi André,

        I have sent you an email

    7. Yange Henry Terzugwe at 4:04 pm

      I want to buy PM Generator and PM Motor + Motor controller from this supplier Tai’an Sunshine Power Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. Kindly help verify the authenticity of the supplier

    8. David Fricket at 2:01 pm

      Hello, I tried to buy a GSB 26 sewing machine from Jamgu Southocean but the transaction could not go through. Error message said Trade Assurance could not be placed and some remark about Onetouch. I am confused please explain if possible. Thank you

    9. Kumar at 1:37 am

      Hi Fredrick,

      now i going to order metal scrap the amount USD 4500/Tonne.
      since 1 tonne,me and supplier agreed do through alibaba. The price
      include the shipping cost, since they include the shipping cost it will
      the cif term. but as buyer i still not comfortable with the supplier shipping.
      Do i still can choose the onetouch service,when place the order,as onetouch regulation
      the shipping service will handled by alibaba( onetouch). Feel more secure.

      Please advice, Thank you

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:41 pm

        My advice: Don’t buy metal scrap from China.

        China is an importer of metal scrap – not an exporter. Plenty of scams going around.

    10. Hiram Rodriguez at 7:56 am

      good morning,

      My supplier in China is sending me a large pcs of equipment. We are wondering how are the delays going to affect our business transaction.. They are using ONE TOUCH portal.. Should I be afraid or how much delay are to be expected? Many thanks for your feedback

    11. Philip at 7:08 pm

      Does it mean any exporter/Supplier who uses ONE TOUCH is genuine and reliable?

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 5:34 pm

        Hi Philip,

        It’s more complex than that I think.

    12. Kathy at 3:34 pm

      Nice ways for importers!

      1. Fredrik Gronkvist at 3:45 pm

        Hi Kathy,

        OneTouch is for exporters, not for importers.

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