How we can help your customers manufacture products in Asia

+ From Idea to Product in 6 steps

We take your customers from creating a product spec to samples, production, quality check and shipment.

+ Supplier Sourcing

We help you customers match suppliers in China, Vietnam & India, based on their quality requirements.

+ Online Platform

Tutorials, templates, quality checks, lab tests & freight booking from one Dashboard. 

Who is this for?

Websites and blogs

+ Ecommerce websites

+ Business website

+ Blogs

Service Providers

+ Quality Control

+ Compliance & Testing

+ Makerspaces

+ Other: IP, Design & Legal Services

Logistics Companies

+ Freight Forwarders

+ Customs Brokers

Affiliate Commission Overview

Starter Package: Startup

Our Price: $279

Your Payout: $60

Starter Package: Business

Our Price: $479  

Your Payout: $120

Starter Package: Enterprise

Our Price: $979  

Your Payout: $260


How do I know if we're qualified? 

Any company and/or website owner that receive product development and manufacturing requests can ask to enroll in our affiliate program. We will then contact you to discuss the details.

How do I send prospective customers to

You can forward their email directly to us via email. We will manage everything from there. In most cases, we schedule a free consultation to better understand their needs. 

How do you attribute a customer to our company?

We will create a 10% discount that you share with potential customers. This code is then used in the checkout by your customers, which enables us to track which customers can be attributed to you.

When do you pay the commission?

We pay the commission 60 days after we've received the order.

How can you pay the commission?

We normally pay via PayPal or via telegraphic transfer.