This is what you get

+ Sponsored Article

We write and publish a permanent article / interview to our knowledge base (100,000+ monthly readers), covering your products or services.

+ Marketing Emails

We send one or more marketing emails to 10,000+ subscribers, covering your factory, products or services - to drive high quality leads back to you. 

+ Article Banner Ads

We place your banner ads in articles related to your products or services, to drive qualified leads to your contact form - for 30 days.  

Who is this for?

Suppliers in China, Vietnam & India 

+ Manufacturers

+ Trading Companies

+ Wholesalers

Service Providers

+ Quality Control & Sourcing

+ Compliance & Testing

+ Sourcing & Logistics

+ Other: IP, Design & Legal Services

Trade Shows

+ Trade Show Operators

+ Tours & Other Services

Ad Packages


✔ 1 x Sponsored Article

✔ 1 x Newsletter Ad

Price: $590

Medium [Best Value]

✔ 1 x Sponsored Articles

✔ 1 x Newsletter Ad  

✔ 1 x Dedicated Email

✔ 3 x Article Ads: 30 Days

Price: $990


✔ 2 x Sponsored Articles

✔ 3 x Newsletter Ads  

✔ 2 x Dedicated Emails 

✔ 6 x Article Ads: 60 Days  

Price: $1790

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Our Audience

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Sponsored Articles

Q: Do you include a link to our website in the sponsored article?

A: Yes, include a (nofollow) link in the sponosred articles.

Q: Can we select topic?  

A: Yes, you can select and suggest topics that you want us to focus on.

Email Marketing

Q: What is the difference between a dedicated email and a newsletter ad?  

A: A dedicated email is exclusively focused on 1 company, while a newsletter ad is limed to a text section in our weekly digest email.

Q: What is your normal open rate?

A: Between 25 to 29%.

Q: How many dedicated emails do you send out each week?

A: We only have one email slot each week, which is on Thursdays at 10 AM. Hence, you should book your date at least 1 month in advance before you want to send your email.  

Article Banner Ads

Q: What is a banner ad?

A: It's image ad inside an exising article, linking (nofollow) to your website or contact form. 

Q: On which articles do you place the banner ads?

A: We place them on relevant articles on our website. If you are a Watch manufacturer, for example, we will place them on articles relevant to watches. If you are a quality contol agency, we'll place them on articles related to quality control.