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How Will The Shipping Buyer’s Guide Help Me?

  • Shipping Procedures Explained: We give you the “what” before we show you the “how”. Understand what Incoterms mean for you, the difference between FCL and LCL, container volumes, freight documents, packaging, insurance and much more. The Shipping Guide provides a quick and clear explanation of what you need to know about shipping products from China.
  • Minimize Shipping Costs: Freight costs are one of the main challenges to businesses importing from China. You can save hundreds of Dollars by understanding how shipping costs are broken down. We show you practical, tested methods to keep freight costs as low as possible.
  • The Inside Story On Licenses, Permits & Shipping Restrictions: Do you understand all the regulations governing wooden packaging, shipping batteries and mandatory import licenses? If not, that’s ok. We clarify all the relevant import licences, permits and restrictions so that your business stays on the right side of shipping governance.
  • Understanding Import Duties, Taxes & Fees: When you import products from Asia your goods are liable for import duties as well as taxes and other charges. We show you the easiest way of calculating and paying what import duties taxes and fees you’re liable for so you can ensure your shipments are quick and compliant.
  • Step-By-Step Guide: The shipping and customs process is complicated and confusing. This type of complication means time away from doing what you do best. Our step-by-step guide makes the shipping process clear and easy. We break everything down into a series of simple, manageable tasks, explaining exactly what you need to do at every stage. We show you what you need to do before, during and after your cargo is shipped, freeing you up to focus on your business.
  • How to Ship Product Samples Via Air Freight: Even though most of your cargo will be shipped by sea, Air Freight is still a valuable resource for high value consignments like product samples and documents. We explain how and when you can benefit from Air Freight by getting small but vital shipments quickly.
  • Finding Freight Forwarder And Avoiding Scams: The Shipping Buyer’s Guide includes contact details for a list of recommended freight forwarders. These are trustworthy companies that will help you get your products where they need to be. We also give you some advice that will help you avoid unqualified freight forwarders and common shipping scams.
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Buyer’s Guide: Shipping, Taxes and Customs
Chapter 1. Shipping Overview
  • Incoterms: Common Incoterms, comparison table, pricing and recommendations
  • FCL and LCL: Comparison and recommendations
  • Containers: Types and volumes, ordering by container volume, Container tracking
  • Shipping Costs: Primary and secondary costs, examples of costs (April 2016), estimating shipping costs, reducing shipping costs
  • Freight Documents: Bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, arrival notice, country of origin certificate, compliance documents
  • Restrictions and Regulations: Permits and licenses, wooden packaging materials, batteries and battery operated products
  • Export Packaging: Common cargo transportation damages, packaging materials, samples, freight remarks, pallets
  • Insurance: Cost, filing a claim
  • Common Frauds: How, the scammers exploit the bill of lading, how buyers are being scammed by freight forwarders, the help offered by local port and customs authorities, what sort of entities are behind these scams, how you can protect yourself from shipping scams
  • Air Freight: Product samples and documents, air cargo, cost calculation, air freight companies
Chapter 2. Import Duties, Taxes & Customs Procedures
  • Customs Value: Unit cost, insurance cost, freight cost (to Port of Destination), tooling costs, paid product samples and paid services (i.e., design services paid to the supplier)
  • Customs Duties
  • Product Classification
  • Other Taxes & Fees
  • Anti-Dumping Duties
  • Case Study: Customs & Tax Calculation
Chapter 3. Shipping and Customs Checklist
  • Introduction
  • Process Guide
Chapter 4. Contact Details
  • Relevant Authorities
  • Freight Forwarders
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“We have worked with Chinaimportal for several years now. The team helped us to source and audit our suppliers, set up secure, fair and lasting contracts as well as handled all the logistics around our import needs. In short, a highly professional partner when it comes to importing from China.”
Kevin Ackermann,Director,
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“I worked with Chinaimportal to assist me in the sourcing and auditing process for my first order from China. I was first exposed to Chinaimportal through the excellent information they put on their blog regarding the product sourcing and development process. I am excited about growing my eCommerce business and I plan to use Chinaimportal for my future sourcing efforts.”
Davidson Hepburn,Managing Director,
Gold Tiger Holdings

Sweden Sweden

“We have avoided serious supplier related risks, and been guided through each step of the procurements process. Thanks to this, we, as jewelry designers, can focus on what we do best: working on new designs and getting them out on the market.”
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When possible, we share the information we have, which in most cases can guide the customer in the right direction. That said, we do not engage in extensive research, or the practical steps of the product compliance procedures.

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